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Monday, December 10, 2007

This week in Morning Musume

This Week in Morning Musume for November 30- December 9 Edition.

This week in Morning Musume returns in it`s standard edition size. With the year coming to an end Morning Musume`s schedule is also slowing down ,in fact the entire month is scaled back compared to November .The only major news worthy appearances between the November 30 -December 9 time period was their tour ending shows in Tokyo and their FNS Kayou Matsuri 2007 appearance .

On the fifth Morning Musume and other H!P artists were part of the FNS Kayou Matsuri 2007. The FNS Kayou Matsuri is traditionally one of the most viewed ,single night year ending music programs in Japan ,with a line up selected by invitation only , an audience of around 27-30 million tune in each year to watch the nations top 28-38 music artists or groups perform . As with their upcoming, Kouhaku Uta Gassen appearance, these invitation only events signifies to everyone watching that you are regarded by the music industry as one of their elite performers.
With Morning Musume celebrating their Tenth Anniversary , this years FNS Kayou Matsuri performance was a medley with all current and active former Morning Musume members involved . Morning Musume`s Internet Program series for Yahoo Japan, Gyao and Biglobe also continued to air .

Kusumi Koharu who often appears on Oha Sta in support of her anime , made her most recent appearance on the 3rd. Kusumi`s anime is a major product producing industry all on it`s own, as her popularity with young girls who maybe a little young yet to understand Morning Musume as idols continues to rise . Anime has always been an important and lucrative revenue source for Japanese music artists and it is no surprise that Morning Musume, who are in a genre built on TV image and product sales over CD sales is becoming more active in that field .

Mobile Musume

December 1st Takahashi Ai released her journal entry. Takahashi reflected on the just completed tour as being the birth of a new Morning Musume .Takahashi admitted that the group had some uneasiness about making this first step in their future, but the staff and fan reaction quickly helped those feelings fly away.

For 2008, Takahashi says they plan to show everyone that they are not a newborn Morning Musume anymore, but the Morning Musume and that they are powerful. She also wants to continue bringing out their individual personalities and help everyone learn about them more.

Random News
Oricon`s special on Morning Musume`s trip to Korea and Taiwan was the 5th highest read article on Oricon for the month of November. Their Barks article series also ranked in the top five on their web site for the month. The Kindai Magazine featured Morning Musume on the cover and had features on all the current groups in H!P .H!P is a regular feature in Kindai Magazine. Finally, Morning Musume as part of their partnership with Nintendo released their likeness in Mii format for downloading.

Morning Musume Mii

This editions related videos
FNS Performance
FNS Performance

Oha Sta and the product business that is Kirarin Revolution
Oha Sta

December 9th Haromoni@

Regular National Weekly Scheduled Programs
Morning Musume`s weekly scheduled programs are the same every week.
Haromoni@ (Sunday Mornings)
Uta Doki (Airs nightly in a five-minute segment as a promotional ad)
Kirarin Revolution (Friday Evenings)
Robby & Kerobby (Sunday Mornings)
Young Town: Takahashi Ai & Michishige Sayumi (Saturday Nights)
FIVE STARS: Tanaka Reina (Wednesday Nights)
Say Hello Love: Mitsui Aika (Thursday Afternoon)
USA-chan Peace: Michishige Sayumi (Thursday Nights)
GAKI-KAMEI: Niigaki Risa & Kamei Eri (Saturday Nights)

Upcoming National Events
11th: Morning Musume will be on NTV 130 Million Choose Best Artist of 2007
15th: Takahashi Ai and Tanaka Reina will appear on a wild life educational variety show
21st: Morning Musume will make an appearance on Music Fighter
31st: Morning Musume will be on the most watched year ending show in Japan Kouhaku Uta Gassen


Magi-Kat said...

That sounds great! Thanks for the news, Gaki.

...I wonder how many people are going to go for the Mor-Mii *is bricked for the bad pun* Musume, along with who's going to be the most Mii'd member. Fascinating.

Radicalpatriot said...

Thanks for your always-excellent report. I would love to see the Oricon article; is there a URL for it?

Anna said...

^_^ Nice once again~

Their Best Artist was really awesome. ^_^ Costumes not so bad either.

Gaki said...

Radpat go to my first edition at the bottom is a link Oricon special .That will take you to it .

Anna : Thanks ,It was not a lot to work with this past week .

Anonymous said...

It would be nice if there were links...

Gaki said...

Anon -
what item would you like a link to ?

Rob said...

Anyone know what is happening with Goto Maki? Information on her has trickled to nothing. Even her old blog entries have been deleted. It seems there is more going on than just the scandal with the brother.

Gaki said...

Goto has graduated from H!P and currently is out of showbiz. She left Oct 30 or 31

Rob said...

Thanks Gaki, but I was wondering if anyone has recent information. Her complete cut off from the outside world seems too extreme for the circumstances as they stand.

Gaki said...

Rob, Agencies own talents blogs and traditionally close talents blogs at the end of a contract or the day of a suspension. Given how other agencies have done talents ,I would say that was the last day of her contract .

The day after it closed her brother`s case had assault charges added . He could end up getting 10 yrs in prison in all. His first trial is on the 19th.

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