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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Goto Maki - Shotgun Graduation

Look what God dropped on me just when I am coming back to blog... ^_^

OK... Let me get my head straight...

Goto Yuuki (Goto Maki's brother) was arrested for a theft. He became a suspect of a crime job in July this year, for stealing of 80 bundles of electric cables belonging to a construction site, worth 1 million yen, in Edokawa, Tokyo. Whilst trying to transport the goods out in a rental truck, someone spotted the act, called the cops and the gang fled, leaving the cargo behind. Apparently it was a repeated crime.

Gomaki, subsequently, announced her graduation (or should I say resignation) from Hello! Project. The fact was made official by UFA themselves, and Tsunku sents his best wishes and support to her in his blog.

Gomaki blogged about her graduation. But only snippets were in the news. The webmaster of Gomaki's blog has banned my country's IP, and due to heavy traffic the site was constantly inaccessible. Fortunately, I managed to acquire it using a feed reader.

Goto Maki's confession from her blog

from 後藤真希オフィシャルブログ by ごとうまき






Roughly translated (Cos i don't have time now, but we get the general idea)
Important Announcement by Gomaki
Yesterday, I graduated from Hello! Project on 28th October. Sorry for the sudden announcement. From the time I joined Morning Musume, this has been my 9th year (in showbiz). I have grown up through many emotional encounters.
In the middle of it, little by little I am able to picture the things that I really wanted to do. I've decided to graduate, so that I can once more create my own time carefully.
Although, I do not know what will happen from now on, but I will pursue the things that only 'Goto Maki' can do, reevaluate my music style, absorb many things, change things with my own means, and move forward in a stable way.
I was going "What should I say to everyone?", and have been troubled about it. Because of everyone, I am here and you can be smiling. I cannot express in words how thankful I am. Thank you, thank you very much.
From now on, I still want to be with you all, because you are what supports me. I will give my best, not as a member of H!P, but as Goto Maki, as myself.
Please watch over me, Goto Maki from now on.

Stories are about that Gomaki's leaving was planned earlier. But "how early?" I ask. Last year, beginning of this year.... or at July, where the crime was reported?

... And so Yuuki steals some cables, Gomaki gets the boot?!

Unfortunate coincidence? Or fear of crime association?

I need more catching up. Anyone can cue me in on this?


Vyvy said...

Hmm... I don't think that Yuuki was the REASON that Gocchin left. She was already absent from the next H!P concert roster.

I think that she had planned to leave for awhile now, Yuuki just happened to be an excuse to leave now.

Mick a.k.a. jinryuichi said...

I agree... though I still question the abrupt dismissal, and the timing. Something's not right. Hopefully Gomaki was not involved in the crime at all.....

Anna said...

I'm pretty sure it isn't the reason too. I think this was planned when How to Use Sexy was going on. (Maki's 4th album) This was probably a last goodbye, but couldn't drop the bomb on them since Maki had her personal issues came up.

Also if you would like to catch up on other H!P stuff here are some things you might want to check:
-Iida Kaori's pregancy
-Abe Natsumi's accident
-Aibon's mom going nude
-Miki retiring from MM. (left behin d somewhere now)
-Ongaku Gatas
-Athena & Robikerottsu
-Berryz and C-ute's recent success
-MM going to Korea and in Taiwan now.
-Melon Kinenbi's infamous PV
-Tsunku Jr./NG Project
-THE Possible graduated from H!P Eggs
-Lots of H!P Kids PB
-MM 10th anniversary album

I think I got all of them. If I remember any I'll tell you. ^_^

Rimino said...

I'm gonna miss Maki, but I hope this helps her in her ambitions, whatever they are.

So glad your back Mick. I thought you had died or something lol. Really missed the blog!

Rob said...

Looks like H!P sees her more as a liability than an asset. Don't expect to see a 2009 Gomaki calendar.

Mick a.k.a. jinryuichi said...

@anna... Thanks for the list! It was really helpful~~ ^_^

@rimino... I'm still alive~~! ^_^ Actually I'm also looking forward to see if Gomaki can write her own songs.

@rob... The A-Team DVDs are still out and posters stuff still have her face. I guess she left in good terms... i hope...

Xacur said...

I think Yuuki's arrest was just asign for Maki to leave H!P now.
I don't think she will continue with UFA after her contract expires 'cause I don't think she is looking for more Idol style career.

And that Aibon's Mom going nude... really sad fact, I've been very sad reading H!O W's thread.

Nice having you Jin writing abot H!P again ^^.

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