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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Hello... long time no see.... ^_^

Hi there~~~ Long time no see....... ^_^

Sorry for no updates and for not informing. But I've been darn busy these days. Guess I should have put up a notice or something but I cannot even find the time to do that.
....... well, that's half the truth really. (^_-) Some of you guys prolly caught me hanging round da 'Tube watching vids.

I've been meaning to find time to come back and post. But work, family and my newfound marital status have caught up to me, that I barely had time to rest. Many thanks to all those who have sent me messages and emails. I'll try my best to answer them all.

Truthfully, other than the busy schedules and chores, one of the reasons that delayed my coming back is the stoppage of other blogs. Apparently this is also like a season of marriages, scandals, kaisans.... AND blogging roadblocks. I love to blog, but I love some competition also. Although I hate to admit it, Some Boys! Blog had been one of those that I consider a friendly rival. Haha! (^o^)/ I hope they come back soon, as I do myself.

Still, this break gave me excellent time to catch up with the Jpop side of things. I realised how much I've been missing, being in the H!P world most of my past few years. It feels great to get connected to my roots. In fact, in addition to coming back to HNPH and my personal blog, I have been thinking of doing a Jpop blog too! ....... Kinda crazy, but we'll see how it goes.

ALSO.... there's a new venture for me and a partner overseas coming up. So stay tuned, and please give your best support... as always. (^_^)v

Thanks for reading and checking back!

However, I'm off to a company trip to Bangkok tomorrow night. So I'll be back after that... hehe~~~! (^_-)
Kentaro-san, I owe you TWO omiyage this time.... ^_^


Anonymous said...

Welcome back.. I've been missing this blog :)

Anonymous said...

Welcome back.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back.

CJ Marsicano said...

Jin, you've been long missed... glad to see you're alive and well.

rob said...

So glad you are back! Sabishikatta!

Garamon said...

Welcome back. :D

Funy Skywalker said...

I've been missing this blog too.
Welcome back. x)

Hotaru said...

Welcome back! I've missed your blog, I'm excited for more posts :D

Julia said...

Yay Jin!!!!! =D

polidread said...

Allrighty, high and mighty !!! :D

Xacur said...

Hi, welcome back jin.
it's good to have you back again ^^

Anna said...

OMG YOUR BACK!!!!! I'M SO HAPPY. :DDD You have LOADS to catch up on. ;] You're like a lost H!P member finally found! <3

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! I dreamt about this blog just last night... But you wrote in my dream that you were going to shut it down q_q Glad your back!

Graham (Aust) said...

Hiiii! Sugoi!
I thought you died or something. Glad to see you're okay. Look forward to more of your blogs. When you get time of course.
Cheers Graham.

kentaro said...

Hi, Mick!! Welcome back!!
I was convinced you don't stop blogging.

Please tell us about trip to Bangkok, and many things you keep in your heart about Hello Project.

And.. I also have some omiyages for you. Please wait!!

Frox said...

Wóó, good your back again.
You made me buy a new mouse, all that clickin' to see if you were back again... ;o

-Frox (:

Richard said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Richard said...

Jin, Welcome back. I hope that everything goes well with you.

Also do you have any thought on where Gomaki is going?

Tomo said...

It's great to have you back!!!
Welcome back ^^
mata nee~

paul.thomas said...

Good to see you back and posting!

Mick a.k.a. jinryuichi said...

hi guys... i'm back from my trip!

to be honest, i didn't really expect anyone cared that i'm back to blogging. So happy to see these comments! ^_^

but.... fate intervenes... my home PC is now a wreck. I was doing some partitioning with my hard disk, and it seems like it's messed up. But there's always the office PC. hehe~~! ^_^

Yeah, i think i DO have a LOTS to catch up. so we'll see how things go.

Peace ^_^

p.s. Richard.... I don't know where Gomaki is headin', it's either she's in a holiday outta the country (which she does often with her family), OR probably she got caught in some 'trouble' so she has gotta lay low. that's my hunch. *shrugs* :)

wu-san said...

Sorry I'm late to leave anything on here. But from one Malaysian to another (had to throw that in XD) welcome back :)

hope ur comp at home sorts itself out.

Mick a.k.a. jinryuichi said...

thanks wu-san~~! hadn't realised that you're Malaysian. :) Please drop me a mail, maybe we can setup a meeting if we're nearby. ^_^

And my PC.... totally screwed. It's my fault this time. Currently blogging from office, which is a hassle cos' I gotta always look over me shoulder. ^_^

wu-san said...

yep :P, I tried to send you a mail but outlook express is giving me some hassle and I need your email address to hotmail you.

I'm living in England at the moment. Otherwise meeting up would be cool. However, I maybe a Malaysian citizen soon enough, as my mother is moving back to KL next year, and the prospect of following suit is tempting, considering I have no real ties in England.

well ganbatte ne with the office blogging :P

andy said...

Jin!! welcome back!! i thought that you already losing interest in H!P..

Please visit if you got some free time... everyone is missing you! ..and I want to let you know that we (Malaysian H!P Uni members) have a plan for a small gathering next month around KL..

Mick a.k.a. jinryuichi said...

@andy... sure, i might just do that~~~ ^_^

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