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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

HNPH, Lost Months - Prologue and H!P Incidents Flashback

Here's to catch up on old(er) news while I was on a break, I do feel that I need to comment on some of the happenings. Not all of them of course, life goes on, and I'm sure there are more incidents to come.

Commenter anna provided a list for me to look into. Some I know, some I didn't. These I do not know ...

- forming of duet Kira☆Pika, Kusumi Koharu and Hagiwara Mai
(^_^)b~~ Yay! Maimai!!

- Aibon's MOM going nude
(o_o;) Good Lord... please have mercy on me eyes...

- Athena & Robikerottsu, formed with Gaki-san, Mittsi, Sato and Saki
(^o^)/~~~ YAY!! Gaki-san!

- Formation of group 'Buono!', formed with Momoko, Miyabi and Airi
(^_^)/ That's great! Though it seemed like 2nd 'Aa!' with Momoko replacing Reina...

-Berryz and C-ute's recent success
(^_^)? Nice!!... but what is it? Sales? Concert attendance record?

- Melon Kinenbi's infamous PV
(o_o)? What happened...? Did they strip off their clothes?

- Tsunku Jr./NG Project
(O_O;)! WHAT?! So it was true?!

- THE Possible graduated from H!P Eggs
(^_^) Aww.... I was gettin' ready to warm up to them. Wait... they'll still be around, right?

On the negative note, the word "scandal" takes on a wider scope by now, so it will called 'Incidents' from now on. Look at what incidents we have so far ->

- Yoshizawa Hitomi's brother died in vehicular accident.
- Kago Ai discovered working intern, caught smoking again, spent the night in onsen trip with old guy... and subsequently fired.
- Hello Morning has transformed to HaroMoni, changes in concept and style.
- 2 Chinese girls accepted to Morning Musume as "exchange students"
- Tsuji Nozomi got sick and dropped out from theater, later discovered that she was actually pregnant, got married with the father of the baby. Currently on a break till baby is born. It was said that the two were introduced to each other through Yaguchi Mari, though they denied of this.
- Shortly after being appointed as Momusu leader, Fujimoto Miki discovered to be in a relationship with a comedian, and subsequently fir-... err I mean, resigned from Morning Musume. Later, rumours surfaced that Fujimoto and her guy were introduced to each other by Konno Asami in her birthday party.
- Konno Asami returns to Hello! Project to join Gatas futsal and musical group

The above stuff that ones I covered, here are some things what happened during my break.

- Iida Kaori got pregnant and married the baby's father - an acquaintance of Tsunku.
- Abe Natsumi got driver license, promoted traffic safety. but soon after ran down a motorcycle in an accident.

And of course the latest news about Goto Maki ->
- Goto Maki got sick and dropped off from concert tour and afterwards rumoured to be pregnant (after Tsuji's case, 'acute-gastroenteritis' is another word for pregnancy ^_^ ). Then her brother got caught committing crime stealing cables, then Gomaki subsequently announced her resignation. [Edited 12:11 p.m.]

Then, found more stuff from the ever-resourceful WHG. Things like:

- Ex-member of Momusu, Ishiguro Aya divorced, husband Shinya wanted to reform LUNA SEA.
- Low attendance in H!P summer concert in Saitama Super Arena
- The A-Team (Morning Musume 10th Anniversary Team), was jeered in live promos. In Oricon chart, A-Team's 2nd single lost to AKB48 by double sales.
- Gatas music group lost to PERFUME in Oricon chart.

I have no way of confirming these sightings and stats, though. Sales figures prolly retrieved from Oricon which is, of course, not really accurate.

Welp... *stretching arms and cracking knuckles*
... time to go to work!

*Commencing search-and-blog mode* (^_^)v


Anna said...

^_^ Hehe~
Berryz had an awesome album that came out and their 14th single Kokuhaku no Funsui Hiroba is now their best selling single and it's a ballad. I reccomend checking the PV too. It's actually a story! :0
C-ute sold 36k with their newest single Tokaikko Junjou. Must check out the PV too. Very good.

MK's PV. Click. XDDD

Tsunku Jr. as in he's going to take in someone to produce with him when he's busy with his other projects; TNX and H!P.
NICE GIRL Project! aka NG Project! xD Joining forces with Tanabe Agency, Spacecraft, Up-Front Group and TNX.
The Possible and Canaria Club are in the Project and will have auditions for other artists.

I heard the divorce wasn't true. o-O

OH yea forgot about Mai Satoda's new unit! Pabo. It sold pretty well. ;]
Also, a came up with Goto Maki and Tohoshinki (DBSK) doing a duet for Tohoshinki's new album. *coughs: TOHOSHINKI's in AVEX*

I feel like an elf helping around. haha!

Boota Pouncer said...

Yeah that prety much sums it up.
It's been the year of scandals and the younger groups getting the spotlight.

Im starting to think 10th anniversary is bad luck. Im looking forward to the beginning of '08, a new year for a new H!P.

Maybe Morning Musume will be able to drag back some of the fans by then. I want to see more of what they can do with these newer members. If they just keep to that they should be OK o.O;; I hope.

Mick a.k.a. jinryuichi said...

@anna... Then stop being an 'elf' and reconsider my offer! ^_^ Thanks for the additional info. And yeah i forgot Satoda's new unit, it's supposed to be a group of bakas. Hehe~~! :D

@boota pouncer... My sentiments exactly! these bad luck has got to stop. I hear the new auditions for the 9th gen members are coming up. It's about time already, so I am hoping for the best next year. Wow... time flies, huh? ^_^

Xacur said...

Yes this have been a year of scandals, but there have been good news too.
Buono make me to notice of Berryz and ºC-ute, and I think I'm not the only one.
Morning Musume making promotion in Korea and China, that's really something I think, 'cause if they don't sell well in japan, they may start selling in the rest of asia.
They say after the storm comes the calm... or was it...

Tomo said...

Huh, what's that about Tsunku jr. and NG Project? I've been trying to catch all the news, since jins blog was my only H!P news resource and he wasn't there, so I had to try out some other sources. Anyway, I missed that completely!!!
Is there any other information out there?!?!?!

Gosh, seriously - there's so much happing in H!P and around it I hardly can catch everything there is. *sigh*
Jin! Keep up the blogging!!!!!! You're my only hope to catch up on everything...

Hotaru said...

Yep, thats pretty much everything you missed. I don't see how Junjun or Linlin could be considered "Incidents" or "Bad things"...They add a LOT of personality to Morning Musume, which is definitely something they need these days.

Jeff said...

...and Kago Ai moved to New York, supposedly.

Mick a.k.a. jinryuichi said...

@Xacur... it's "calm before the storm". For H!P, it has been a long blizzard already... I also hope the plan to break into the Asian market works well. ^_^

@Tomo... thanks for kind words. :) I'm sure there are many other sources of info that you can go to. Take Hello!Online for example, and my homies at of course. (^_^)v

@Hotaru... sorry, I didn't mean "incident" to be a bad thing. Just something... significant and monumental, to say the least. I adore the Pandas actually. (Is that what they call them nowadays? ^_^)

@Jeff... ah yes... Kago in New York. I wonder if she is buying her mom's photobook. Then again I'll bet she'll be getting a free copy......

Boota Pouncer said...

o.x I really hope Kago doesnt get a copy for her mom's photobook. She already has enough pressure on her to find a new living she is comfortable with.

Anyways 9th generation already @.@ I was starting to forget how fast they put in new members. Tsnuku better get his game plan togather way before hand, go for talent and not cuteness! Goto wasnt much to look at when she first started, but she grew up to be one piece of work o.O;;

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