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Friday, November 02, 2007

New Co-Blogger with HNPH

It gives me great pleasure to announce that HNPH is welcoming its first co-blogger -> anna. She has her own style and opinion, very much different from mine, which I think will be a breath of fresh air.
So please be kind to her, and give your best support.

Peace ^_^


Xacur said...

Cool, anna will be writing in the upper side ^^
Return of Jin comes with good news... I mean, in the blog.
Congratulations to both of you for your co-bloggership

Anna said...

Hehe! Thanks for my own intro post. ;] I just posted my first thing.

:] Thanks xacur.

Garamon said...

Congrats and good luck Anna. From what little I've seen of your writing so far I think you'll be a great asset to the blog. :)

Funy Skywalker said...

Gambare! :)

Tomo said...

congrats!! I'm glad to hear anna gets her chance here. We're up to some really interessting posts now!

Anna said...

:D Thanks gramon, funy skywalker, and tomo. I'll do my best! <3

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