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Friday, November 30, 2007


I would like to clear up one minor thing,in regards to Jin`s formal apology earlier.
This article was the first part of a three or four part series into a myth on English fan sites that Morning Musume was at the point of ending or in a state of panic over the Mikan sales numbers . I was brought on staff for my back ground reasons to help Jin take HNPH to another level of reporting , first hand and on the ground so to speak .That is still my intention ,however over my surprise of the premature release of this article ,I was put in a undesired position.

The mistake that Jin is referring to , is a mistake caused by e-mailing .There are a number of sources involved in this series development ,both public and private . Due to the large amount of information involved in this series, a good number of e-mails are being exchange by all parties involved. Jin was given a series of e-mails with some numbers related to the downloads part of the article .Jin mistakenly took the numbers that was requested to be checked with his sources and then returned to me ,so to ensure that all parties were being informed of the same data and made them a part of the uncompleted article . The so-called modifier that has some of you up in arms was never intended to be a part of this article series. It was part of an ongoing investigation to support evidence that Mikan`s sales were likely higher then what was listed by Oricon , due to the influence of digital download sales as reported by the RIAJ and numerous media outlets world wide on the fact that Japan leads the world in digital download sales. .This downloading trend has also effected Oricon economic structure,a fact that Oricon had released after the article was posted and was also planed to be used as a supporting factor. The so-called modifier was not the final number involved in this investigation and played a very small role in the overall story, that it`s outcome would have not been effected by the conclusion of the investigation .In other words the so-called modifier served only as an industry difference between the types of sales , generated by the RIAJ own sales report and not the outcome of the story . Jin mistakenly in the rush of e-mails thought that was the final numbers or that the information sent to him was intended for publication with the article.

There was never any intent to mislead any readers or other Bloggers that may have wanted to use the story. The error was simply an e-mailing error of miscommunication and an unfinished article was placed on the site by mistake without all parties involved in the story agreeing to or knowing of the release until after the fact.

The intention of first article of this series was never planed to be centered on Mikan or modifying numbers. Instead it was to be just an opening piece to a much larger look at the future of Morning Musume , with the hope that it would help end a growing myth in English speaking fan communities that Morning Musume or H!P were in a panic over the sales or the future of Morning Musume . A belief that is not supported by the nation of the artists involved in the story.



Rimino said...

No problem guys. I (we) appreciate your effort. A formal apology was (personally) not necessary, I wasn't offended at all, but it is appreciated.

Keep up the good work :)

Skyline said...

No worries fellas. When working on something the apparent size of what you guys are doing, not to mention having just been brought on-board and working out the kinks there, it's understandable that this kind of mistake would happen. I also understand your wish to apologize, but as with rimino, I didn't feel as if I was owed any apology.

Gaki-san2001 said...

No need for any apology. You inspired a nice debate and I got much more out of it... We really appriciate your effort and thanks very much for all the work!

momusuforever said...

Sorry I haven't read you blog yet. I have a very important exam tomorrow. (Then what am I doing right now?! ... (;--)

Just one thing, you mentioned that it is a myths among only (or mostly) English speaking fans that MM's running out of their time. This I really couldn't agree. For at least 2 videos from youtube, I heard Japanese people talking in the same tone: Currently I could only locate one here:
Note what the guy said at 6:57...

The other I couldn't find. It was among one talk shows about Gomaki brother's case. And the host mentioned something like, lots of female idols/idol groups are now waiting for MM to end. So that their era can begin...

Sigh, These videos made me really sad.

Gaki said...

Just a personal feeling

Personally I don`t understand all this talk of this is the end .

There is more evidence from the agency that things are just fine, and getting bigger .Then ending.

08 brings NGP agency started by Tsunku for the sole reason to create MM & H!P rivals as he said that there were no other groups on MM or H!P level in the genre

With no rivals Tsunku feels they need to create rivals for MM and the other H!P acts .

Spending money to start an agency and a group just to be MM rival. Why would they need a rival if (insert name in what ever U.S. City) is so clued into the inner workings of UFG/H!P and MM revenue books in Tokyo knows that MM is done .

H!P now has several regional offices that are training talent . Some are rumored to be training for MM .

When Mikan PV came out Tsunku said this about some members . (I would need to get the link again, if you need proof)

Junjun & Linlin will someday become the face of MM . He said that Eri`s dancing is what MM someday will be like as she is above everybody else in dancing and she will set that standards . He said that Aichan now understands what it means to be a leader and will grow more mature in her leadership duties. He said Risa will someday be the #2 singer in the group, and that she needed to mature more and learn to express herself better .Being sub leader will help her do that .

Reina told an e-mailer on her radio show, what his 12 yr old sister needed to do to get ready for 9th gen tryouts . She said to practice MM songs and look cute and not scared ,so when Tsunku has them,she would get picked . She also told what not to do and mentioned her mistakes .

In interview after interview the two leaders mention that Yoshizawa is the image of MM they want to create and they have so many people yet to touch with MM.

That to me sounds like they are gearing up for a long run, not about to have a clearance sale .

Just one other thing that you should consider.

No Morning Musume means no H!P . H!P was created for and around Morning Musume . Everyone in H!P gains value from MM , not the other way around .

Gaki said...


It`s not what you think it is .It`s part of an interview series with the voice of the Baby King (Yoshimura Takashi) in Haromoni , that has been floating around and was taken out on context . The entire series is a mock joke .

It has so little value that H!P never even released a statement on what Yoshimura Said .

Here is an English site that is talking about the series.

Goto`s Brother
The reporter was giving the agency a public warning .The media labeled MM national idols and the symbol of Idol-ism ,we can give it to someone else ,if you don`t teach them moral values . It`s the same every scandal ,nothing ever changes .

Radicalpatriot said...

Actually, truth be known, the digital-sales ratios cited by the original post were likely on the low side; most industry analysts now concede that instead of six or seven downloads compared to one sale of a hard-case CD, it's more like 10 or 11 or even more than that. And all these numbers are always prone to manipulation and sudden change. The original point remains valid: Hard-case sales of any CD cannot be the bottom line in determining popularity of a given song, and the digital age makes that even more factual.

Gaki said...

RadPat ,
There are a number of reasons why we feel that you are right or close to it , that did not get to be explained in the posted draft
.Recently there is also some question if the Oricon numbers are honest to all acts .

Music journalist Ugaya Hiro in a telephone interview questioned the accuracy of the charts. Ugaya said that Oricon’s charts are unreliable and possibly manipulated. He suggested that Oricon had failed to deal with suspicions that it counted pre-orders of CDs in its rankings.

Industry insiders allege that music companies hype their acts into the charts by pre-ordering CDs, waiting until their song rises in the charts then canceling the orders, by which time they’ve already registered as “sales.” The orders become, in effect, self-fulfilling prophecies.

The subject of the article was Johnny’s Entertainment, the powerful talent agency that has long fended off accusations of dirty tricks. Ugaya felt that Johnny`s had some stock in Oricon and was over reporting their sales and in turn Oricon was under reporting a certain female group and other possible men`s groups sales totals . (Look up the journalist to see the outcome of his investigation)

To add to that Nov 7 or 9 ,I forget the day .Yahoo had a buyers poll after some reviews came out that Mikan should do for MM what Love Machine did in the past,not in terms of sales maybe but in image .

In the poll MM was 1st 45% of who you planed to buy .KAT-TUN was second with 17% .Yet KAT-TUN out sold everyone by almost 3x .

I don`t think it`s not just random chance that every time they have a good song 1-2 days later a Johhny`s artist is announced with a new song coming out on the same day . Oricon numbers in fact have always meant very little to me at all in the larger picture of their standing in the industry .

Oricon also does not even count small chain stores .

the Oricon sales we see are a calculations based on the sales info they actually get from the shops who are in affiliation with Oricon only.

Here's a list with most of the shops that they count:

Gaki said...

Site Update.

The actual planed series is still being worked on ,with the focus that I intended it to be on restored .

I am also working on a new feature called This Week In Morning Musume .It`s a news recap of the week and links when possible to TV,Radio shows, and press events or stories . It`s a sort of in case you missed it item.I will give it a test and if you like it ,we will grow it and add in your feedback as to interest areas .

I will try to have these up soon , I am going through back spasms ,and if you ever tried to sit and type with that ,then you know it`s not a happy event .

Skyline said...

The new feature sounds great Gaki. I don't always have as much time to stay kept up as I would like, so it'll be very useful to me ^_^

Gaki said...

Skyline, My back is better today ,so I hope to have that up within the next 24-48 hrs .I want to recap November and their Trip to Taiwan & Korea .That should get everyone up to date some.

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