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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Fujimoto Miki Friday'd Yet Again [UPDATED]

This just in. Saw this on WHG after I logged on.

Article title: Fujimoto Miki "Couple Picture in Passionate Love inside a Car"

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It's bad enough she got caught dating comedian Shouji Tomoharu by Friday and had to resign from Morning Musume. And after she remained non-active post-resignation, she is discovered dating by Friday again.

But it should be no big deal by now, since she is not in Morning Musume. But why repeat the scoop if it was the same guy she's dating? Was it a different guy this time? Was it to report the development of her dating stages with her boyfriend?

There was another article highlighted in WHG where Mikitty supposedly was asked for out-of-court settlement/compensation from an ex-boyfriend. I quickly brushed it off thinking that it can very well be baseless, and could be referring to an old news by BUBKA where some pictures of her with a guy was taken before she went into showbiz. Now... now, I'm not so sure, I wish I have my hands on that article to know more.

EDIT 02:26 A.M. : Okay I found that news article - it's gossip material. May be true, may be not. But it's not Mikitty asking for money, it's her older brother. Moreover, it's more closer to "extorting" rather than "asking". I don't know if this worth blogging about or not. But in any case, it may not be related to this Friday scoop.

EDIT 03:47 A.M. : Okay, found more information and I feel better now. It's the same guy, Shouji Tomoharu.
Apparently, an American car was spotted at the Shibuya station on a weekday (driver is Shouji), and Mikitty was spotted emerging from the busy crowd and entered the car casually. The couple then proceeded to TSUTAYA to buy some Wii games (Shouji bought Super Mario Bros) and then he drove back to his house with her. It was noted that Mikitty's workload has decreased since the discovery of her dating relationship. But she had begun her voice-training to prepare her next job.

And that's it. No big deal.
Gosh... why can't a girl shop some video game in peace? "Passionate Love" my ass! (>_<;)

So there's absolutely nothing to worry about. I know I wouldn't. Give Mikitty a break already. It's not like she's not allowed to date now..... I mean, she's allowed to date, right? (-_-;)
And I must commend her on her casualness, and that she did exactly what she said she would do in her final Young Town Doyoubi radio episode - that she would continue seeing Shouji. That's good ol' vintage Miki-sama for you. (^_^)/

Some pics:


Anna said...

As long as there aren't photos saying so, and everyone doesn't make a big deal out of this, this will just be something of the pass.

Miki needs to watch her back, since I'm sure someone is out there to expose her again.

Anonymous said...

hey shes playing video games with her bf big deal atleast we know shes gna have a fun time playin em

Anna said...

Okay, now that we know what actually happened. SO WHAT.

KuS-KuS said...

You're missing the point here, guys. Thanks to Nacchi any mention of anything related to video games equals wild and passionate nightlong sex. Playstation anyone? xD

As for the news... well, not really news, it's just the confirmation that Miki still dates that guy(who btw should really buy new glasses). I don't see the point of publishing those pics, unless they want to remind people of her scandal to make her hypothetical comeback(IF it was ever considered) more difficult or something like that, but I doubt it's that.

karmen said...

"her hypothetical comeback'
I second that~~remember she is in fact coming back during that music festival~~and maybe it just a warm-up~~like they normally do in showbiz~~

Craig said...

I consider the reporters and/or photgraphers following her as Stalkers and I don't think it should be allowed.

Skyline said...

Someone has to say it, so I might as well... I am severely disappointed with the disparity between the headline and the actual photographs.

Gaki-san2001 said...

She wanted to continue dating with that guy and therefore left MM... So this should be ok.

Anonymous said...

lmao in that picture the guy looks like such a wota

Anon1000 said...

I was curious about this one part

'she did exactly what she said she would do in her final Young Town Doyoubi radio episode - that she would continue seeing Shouji'

Did she say that on her last show? or did she say the show she did after the scandal came out?

Mick a.k.a. jinryuichi said...

You can view her comments here.
It was after the scandal discovery.

paul.thomas said...

Thanks for the post, only just noticed the story on the Friday website I was in a right panic.
Fingers crossed nothing will happen about it.

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