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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Friday'd! Fujimoto Miki & Shouji Tomohiro Love Scandal

Alright now... here's what I found.

A front cover of Friday with headlines highlighting current Morning Musume leader Fujimoto Miki in love relationship with a man named Shouji Tomohiro. Forget the cover girl, it's the yellow texts on the right that I'm worried about. Man, there is absolute havoc Japanese BBS right now!

I don't know much about Shouji, he could be well-known in Japan, I think. He is one-half of manzai comedian duo Shinagawa Shouji. Can anybody who knows more about this please step up, slap me and tell me that this just a hoax? Please~~~

So now........ I'll be waiting to see if:
1) Major news sites/papers acknowledging this scoop
2) UFA/UFW acknowledging the news

Either one of them leads to the other, so only then we'll know if it real or plain speculation.

Some info:
ADDED: Friday Article titles - Page 9 "「モー娘。」藤本美貴、庄司智春「3日連続通い愛」現場"
Japanese Wikipedia entry on Tomohiro Shouji
Here's a bunch of videos of him on Youtube, if you are curious to know how he is like.


Anna said...

I never heard of him. My god! This better be fake! T_T

Xacur said...

The last relevant news I heard about H!P was a scandal, and before that, another scandal.
Can't be relevant good news?
It seems like it's gonna keep happening once in a while.
I don't like Fujimoto but I don't want her to get fired or out of Momusu because of this.

Craig said...


mclep said...

HP project and morning musume is done....the beginning of the end.....

Anonymous said...

First off I could care less that MM girls date.
I mean come on their human too.
And you can't make them just sing and look cute.
Their human and their need for a companion is only human as well not banning them from growing up.
HP need to get a life.

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