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Monday, May 28, 2007

Niigaki Risa featured on Friday tabloid

No... not in a scandal or anything. ^_^

The Friday tabloid features upcoming photobooks frequently. Last week's issue has a Niigaki Risa 3rd solo photo album "Isshun" column on page 9. And here's how it looked like:

[ Translated inset texts coming up ]

And here are more pics:

Gaki-san is still as thin as ever but looking great. I know a lot of girls who would kill to have a figure like hers.

Also, she's been having that wavy hairdo for some time now, which makes me to wonder if that is currently the latest trend amongst youngsters in Japan.
The PB is shot in Okinawa so we may see lots of Gaki-san bikini shots, and "wet-shots". A must-have!

(Heh! I'm definitely showing the Gaki-san fanboy side of me lately. ^_^)

And finally, one observation:

As you can see, Kamei Eri had used the SAME bikini on her photobook.

Either the photographers recycle their models' clothes often, or the GAKI*KAME combination pair are so intimate that they don't mind sharing their bikinis and undies. Woohoo~~~! ^_^


craig said...

Dear lord the urge to pull those stringy bits is overwhelming LOL

Xacur said...

Wow, that photo with the white bikine killed me. Gakisan looks really sexy, she is absolute gorgeous.
In the photo near the rock she still have a childish face.

"(Heh! I'm definitely showing the Gaki-san fanboy side of me lately. ^_^)"
With the graduation of Yossie, Risa is my favorite in MM ^^, its because she is so expressive and funny

BTW: Risa means laughter in spanish, hehe

paul.thomas said...

Risa does look good.
I've noticed the reuse of bikinis before, I'll have a dig through some of my PBs just in case I'm going mad though

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