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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Tsuji Nozomi Marriage Press Announcement on the 10th

So how is everyone taking the news about Tsuji's pregnancy and love affair? So far, so good...? Man, I'm thinking about it the whole time in the office.

Here's more development:
Source from Sports Hochi

Tsuji-chan Marries, Couple Interview on the 10th
Tsuji Nozomi (19 yrs), former member of popular idol group will marry actor Sugiura Taiyou (26 yrs) soon, this is confirmed by the agencies of both parties. Tsuji who is 9 weeks pregnant, will suspend all upcoming talent activities. The date for marriage ceremony and registering is undecided. An interview for the couple will be held in the city on the 10th, announcing the marriage.

CJ Marsicano noted in that Ikimasshoi found out UFW have confirmed the marriage situation to FujiTV. Cj also noted a collection of reactions from prominent bloggers here and here.
Ray of AmeWota also have a roundup of blogger reactions here and here.

More news on Hello-Online, where Tsunku was quoted with "She's been doing a good job as a singer until now, but after meeting the love of her life, she will be able to gain new experiences!"

Oricon also reports, and added Tsunku also said "Please give her(Tsuji) your best support". Also in the news, is Tsuji's current activities, where she will withdraw from the newly formed Gyaruru. Furthermore, adjustments will be made to find a replacement for her voice acting role of the character "Atena" in the anime "Robby and Kerobby".

Up Front Works have made it official news and Hello! Project as well. Tsunku has made his comments too and congratulates Tsuji. Basically, it's no different from what we already know. Except that the person that introduced Tsuji to Sugiura was noted merely as a "mutual acquaintance" instead of *coughcoughyaguchimaricoughcough*. Looks like the management is not taking it as serious as I thought.

.... like I said. So far, so good..... Peace ^_^


arashi said...

It appears to me that UFA, etc. knew they were dating so the announcement of their marriage and Tsuji's pregnancy was less of a shock than Kago's sneaking around. I could be wrong though.

I'm happy for Tsuji and wish her all the best!

Anonymous said...

Well it doesn't seem like they're gonna kick her out of UFA or TNX (asides from retiring from gyaruru). Otherwise there wouldn't be a press conference, no?

KuS-KuS said...

About Yaguchi introducing them, was it a joke or is it true?

Vyvy said...

I wonder if Kago will be at her wedding...

Anna said...

I'm glad to see this unexpected news is being taking care of in a good orderly fashion.

Sad to see Nono withdraw from Gyaruru

hydralisk said...

It's the way that the management is reacting that surprises me most. "After meeting the love of her life she will be able to gain new experiences!" What the flip? Are you or are you not running a Japanese idol business, man? I'll bet the reactions from fans are a good deal more mixed.

Anonymous said...

Sorry but this has to be said(if you don't mind me posting this on your blog)...

When i went around to some Tsuji forum they're all like "well i'm glad she's happy", "I bet the baby would be cute". wth?Hello~ do you not care? this marks it, she done.

Seriously, do you know how I found this out? I was looking at a W video when i scrolled down and saw some random guy posted "didn't you hear? Tsuji is 2 months preggers" so I was wtf? and didn't believe it until i saw it was posted 14hrs ago, so rushed here to find it was true, first thought was to laugh.

But then I realised how this just happened outta the blue and to Tsuji the person your least likely to expect. The person who wears bows 2x bigger than her head, dressing up like a 12 year old, is having unprotected sex with this guy!

My point basically is why the hell is she going around acting all "kiddy-like-cute" on camera even at some extend worst than Sayumin (dress wise)! Talk about being fake it's really dishonest! I mean, can you actually believe that on Haromoni@ she was pregnant there!? It's disgusting...she has fallen so bad in that "cute" image instead of something mature for her age(I think this would have been more excepting if she atleast acted mature on camera). It's like watching a 12 year old..she spoiled her image imo, she'd be better off just quitting showbiz forever, because I just can't imagine Tsuji giving birth then coming coming back to a childish idol group, she has a baby to look after!, and it's just plain dumb because the audience/fans are aware she has a baby and a husband ,but yet she's just avoiding it and pretending to be a child again, Tsuji is really immature did you not see her photobook and the way she acted on hello morning and Haromoni@?! now compare that to all the momusu members...

Im sorry to say but Tsuji isn't exactly intelligent...If she were(which I highly doubt), she wouldn't have gotta her self in this mess. It's obvious that she knew she was pregnant(period issue) so she told the guy and to save her embarassment she tried to soften the news up by saying she's getting "married". There wouldn't be no wedding if there wasn't any baby..Doesn't take a peanut to work that out!

In the next days expect announcement comfirming Tsuji retirement...

Anonymous said...

First of all, congratulations are in order for Tsuji, for her upcoming marriage and also for, if not a rumor, bundle of joy she's about to receive. Of the younger members of H!P I'd probably have to say that shes the closest to having a 'motherly' aura.. no concrete proof, just a feeling...

What I don't like about people ranting on about her being this idiot and non-intelligent being directly linking to her being pregnant. Yes, she's bakajou, yes she's crap at kanji but intelligence is NOT defined by how well you do on tests. Granted, back in the early days she did seem to be a little/very 'slow off the mark' but it has clearly been the case that this was something thats only seen in her years in MM. There seems the be a disliking of the idea of an Idol like Tsuji having sex.. its funny as it was the same with Mari and shes pretty big now.. and tsujis not even in MM (or any other 'cutesy group' anymore. And in case some people haven't realized contraception is never has a 100% success rate.

In direct retort to the poster above, yes she has a cutesy character, but shes had that since the beginning of her career. Its obvious that shes tried to change that with the recent gyaru group although she's unfortunate that haromoni@ required her to wear sheep ears. I seriously doubt that she found out she was pregnant before this point. The formation of the gyaru group probably took a month (assuming that it was something directly after the acknowledgment of the 2nd kago scandal meant that W would never return) and the majority of women discover that they're pregnant after around 6 weeks at the earliest. This also most likely also rules out the reasoning for anon's 'disgusted' rant. And so what? even if she knew she was pregnant, can she not act cute? from the haromoni@ ep, I wouldn't have thought she was acting like a 12 year old... yeah, she DID want some food but you see that from yossie as well and shes a pretty mature 22 year old..

The chances are though Tsuji will probably have to retire, although I hope it would only be temporary. I'd have liked to have seen her keep her position in the keroro movie, where the consensus view is that early pregnancy means you can;t lift a finger, but i assume that the reasoning is more PR related due to keroro's target audiences.

Vyvy said...

Living here in Canada, when things like this happen, it's not really much of a scandal anymore. Celebrities aren't the smartest people here.

I must agree that it was irresponsible for Tsuji and her boyfriend to have sex unprotected. He may be old enough and possibly mature enough to be a father, but is Tsuji ready? Did they really think of all the consequences?

How Tsuji acts on TV and concerts probably isn't a direct correlation of how she is in her private life. She'll act the way in which UFA wants her to, and the way that will keep her fans happy and business flowing. So maybe Tsuji is mature enough to be a mother. MAYBE.

I have friends that had babies in their early 20s, and the fathers didn't stick around. Atleast they're sticking together and taking responisbility for what they've done. And that in itself is very mature. (or forced... >_>)

Having a baby doesn't mean she has to retire. She will definitely be on hiatus for awhile.

I'm not sure if Tsuji has found the love of her life, but I'm sure they will stay together for the sake of their coming child. Utada Hikaru got married at such a young age, and she's divorced, but if they had a child, I'm pretty sure divorce would never be an answer.

I feel sad for Tsuji that she's kind of set her life in a certain direction now. There is no going back. I'm not sure how many boyfriends she's had, but I hope that she dated around enough to know that this guy is the right one. I'm Tsuji's age and I've been dating my b/f for two years, and we've been friends since we were 10 and I'm still not sure that I'd want to commit into marriage.

UFA seems to be taking this very lightly. In terms of how bad the scandal is. I would think getting pregnant is worse than being caught smoking, and at an onsen. What kind of lesson is Tsuji teaching to all her younger fans? 'It's okay if you get pregnant as long as you get married after'? As for Kago, after the first smoking scandal, instead of suspending her, I would have done some kind of anti-smoking program with her, showing kids that it's wrong and it's bad for you. Admitting you made a mistake kind of thing. Suspending an artist doens't stop them from smoking... nor teaches their fans about it. They should also promote abstinence or protected sex now too. They already messed up with Kago, but they can make amends with Tsuji.

lol, can you imagine Morning Musume's next single about using condoms or something like that.. >_> probably a song that's like "I love you, but i'm not ready"

I really hope that Japan doesn't become as stupid as the media is here in North america. Where it's cool to smoke week, and sniff crack. And that having a kid before you turn 20 is okay. A lesson can be learned from these's people's mistakes. The younger generation doesn't really listen to their parents on these matters anymore, but the media can definitely do something about.

Radicalpatriot said...

I'm not sure why but I'm extremely happy for her. Extremely!

Anonymous said...

Yossie and UFA are pissed at what's been going on with Tsuji thus far, FYI

Anonymous said...

why would the UFA be pissed? They have posted on their website wishing her nothing but the best, plus Yossie wouldn't have a say in the matter any way since she's not the main vocal representative any more, she should be happy since shes taking over Tusji's role in that play, not like she has anything else better to do - lol maybe she could replace Tusji in her ganguro group haha the realm of possibility.

any way good for Tusji if she's found some one she's loves, not may get that luxury ^__^

Mick a.k.a. jinryuichi said...

Wow... the opinions seem to vary depending on how we view this issue. Don't worry about posting long comments here, be it positive or negative. It adds a lot to the post and discussion. ^_^

By now, I reckon that most of you have been to H!O to read the news reported by Nikkan Sports? (If not, then please do.) NS has listed my concerns for Tsuji's future, which I think is in grave jeopardy.

Personally, I don't mind her having a boyfriend, or getting married. In fact, I think she'll make a good mother. BUT, the timing was not right.

Her characteristics and cutesy demeanor aside, or whatever reason drove her to have unprotected sex (even if she loves Sugiura), it still does not change the fact that she messed up the schedule and time of everyone and everything around her.

Gatas' new league, Gyaruru, upcoming concerts/performances, the theatre, participation in animes, bookings for appearances in variety shows, posters, flyers, photos, notices, single CDs, merchandise... etc. All of these are affected, and it involves a great amount of money and reputation. If you were UFA, show producer, or the retail vendors, would you not be upset as well? Would you not have a big headache that you are forced to rotate the talent rosters, make adjustments to the pre-scheduled shows and participations, postpone soon to be released merchandises... all because one of your talents have developed a special condition?

It's good to be supportive for Tsuji. I know I am too. But make no mistake about it, her career is in danger.

However, one thing that got me guessing - Tsuji was not fired on the spot. Instead, a press conference was arranged to announce the union. This is related to my next post which I am going put on hold until we see how the results of the announcement turn out tomorrow.

Brace yourself, Tsuji could also be announcing her retirement at the same time. If not, then we are looking at a new idol era that Tsuji has sparked. Keep your fingers crossed.

Peace ^_^

Anonymous said...

You can go to to read up on why Yossie and UFA aren't too happy about these latest developments

Anonymous said...

"There wouldn't be no wedding if there wasn't any baby.."

thats right he probably did that to assume that tsuji is his only xP
he thinks like this..

"Sex->Baby 0.o in that case Tsuji is mine forever! xD"

peace ^^

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