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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Abe Asami Joins Gyaruru!

Thanks to Anna for the heads-up. You rock! (^_^)b

Apparently we have a new member for Gyaruru. And that person is Abe Asami, the younger sister of Morning Musume 1st generation member Abe Natsumi.

In the comments section of Tsunku's official site, he mentioned that he was keen on continuing Gyaruru, that based their gimmick on the Gyaru theme, and was catching on to the masses.

It all started when Tsunku watched Asami's performance in a theater show called "Out of Order" on March and was captivated with her comical but mature act, though he didn't recognize her under the make-up and outfit at first look. He was going "EH~~~!" when he found out who it was. After further research, it was known that back in the high school days, Abe had previously been scouted by another agency while she was shopping in Shibuya. And guess what? She was sporting Kogal fashion! The scouter, of course, was not aware of Abe's identity at that time, and had scouted her with the intention of producing for Kogal starlet that looks like Abe Natsumi. (Yeah, that could have been a cool AV production, innit? ^_^)

After Tsuji's withdrawal, Tsunku thought that it was a good idea to include Abe in the mix. After all, who could have a better credibility to play a part in Gyaruru, than ex-Kogal Abe herself? Abe said that it brings back bitter-sweet memories of her youth, after looking at herself in the mirror wearing Kogal fashion again.

And as is the theme, where competitive eater Gyaru Sone is "Sonene" and Meganekko idol Tokito aMi is "aMiMi" (yeah, I just recently realised that the official spelling for Tokito aMi is with a lowercase "a"), Abe Asami was named "Abebe". Sonene will take the place of Tsuji as leader of Gyaruru.

Tsunku also added in his comments that he had thought of canceling the release of Gyaruru's debut single "Boom Boom Meccha Maccho" because he didn't want an incomplete work to be released and thought that it would be disrespectful to the fans. However, with Abe's addition and her positive participation in the recordings and jacket photoshoot, brought the potential in Gyaruru back to surface again. With that, he was convinced that this will be an attractive single. Lastly, he expressed his regret regarding the delay of the single release to the fans, staff and record stores.

As for me, I didn't expect that it would be Asami. What a surprise indeed!
I knew her as a mainstream J-Pop singer-songwriter, and is fairly well-known for her unique style. Also, I think Tsunku did a good job at following up, whether Asami was deliberately a backup plan or not, the timing was just fine. Plus, end of the day, we get to listen to "Meccha Maccho" and all is right in the land.

Gyaruru will hold an "in-store" event on debut day on 20th June in Tokyo record stores. A free live show and a hand-shake event wil be held on 30th June, at Shibuya C.C. Lemon Hall in Tokyo.

Sorry Yakkun... ^_^ (But then again.... never say never. )

News from Sanspo
Comments from Tsunku's official site
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UPDATE 1:11 P.M.
This just in.

Tsunku's message in TNX official site, similar with his comments on his own official site.
PLUS, messages from Gyaruru members in TNX. See front page and click on the second button under 'News & Topics'.
Or more specifically go here.


Messages from Gyaruru Members

To the fans that have supported Gyaruru, to company staff that have worked with Gyaruru, and lastly to the members "Sonene" and "aMimi", I truly apologise for causing trouble and worry with my sudden withdrawal.

Although it was a short period working as "Tsujiji", it was fun being able to put on the Ganguro make-up, curled hairdo and fashion that you normaly don't wear. I have heard that we have a new member joining, Asami-chan. I am looking forward to the power-upped and reborn Gyaruru with Asami who will take my place, together with Sonene and aMimi, As former Gyaruru leader, and though I'm going to be a "yanmama" (Young Mama), I will support Gyaruru more passionately than anyone else.

Tsuji Nozomi

Firstly, congratulations to Tsujiji for the marriage and baby! Although it was unfortunate that we were not able to work together, we wish you happiness for always. Next, welcome to Gyaruru, Abebe! Starting with our CD release event, let's all go "BoomBoom" on it (^O^)/!

Tokito aMi





まずはCD発売イベントに向けて、Boom Boom 行きましょう(^O^)/!



paul.thomas said...

I heard about this last night, I was literally falling asleep at my PC when all of a sudden I got a PM on Skype with the news, woke me right back up!!
It's good to see Asami back (literally as far as I knew she'd just vanished) and I'm glad she'll be releasing music again, I've no idea what she's been up to in the 3 years since her last album (I'm guessing by your post acting), but I'm really glad she's come back to singing, she has a great voice!

Xacur said...

I didn't know Asami Abe.
She don't look like natsumi? or is it the make up?
Well, I've never liked the ganguro look or the fashion thing and since Nono is not there anymore... well, that's a relieve for me ^^ I thought that I was going to follow this group hehe ^^U.

V said...

Yanmama... Am I mistaken or is that a terrible pun on yamanba (more extreme style of ganguro fashion)? XD Good luck to both Nono and Asami, either way.

Anna said...

H!P seems to be getting a bit too werid lately. There's been reports saying Maki Goto will be starring in a new movie which is like R-rated.
The H!P Kids are getting all the photobooks lately. Morning Musume are keeping a low key for now, since I'm thinking they are wanting Junjun and Linlin more time to train to debut on the next single. No hope for a Yossie single as long as Nono is on leave. Berryz Koubou werid new single title, too!

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