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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Yoshizawa Hitomi Graduates with Smiles... but Not Without Advice to Mikitty

And so both concerts performances today in part of Yossie's graduation have ended. I think it went well without any hiccups. Oricon interviewed Yossie after the concert and here's what it says:

Yoshizawa "Yossie" Hitomi graduated from Morning Musume today at the final day of "Morning Musume Concert Tour Spring 2007 - Sexy 8 Beat" concert. Yossie comments at the graduation interview.

Yoshizawa Hitomi, who lead the Morning Musume members as 4th generation leader, performed in her graduation concert on 6th May in Saitama Super Arena.

At the graduation interview held on the last day of the "Morning Musume Concert Tour Spring 2007 - Sexy 8 Beat", she expressed her thoughts about the concert, just like a good leader. "It was a fantastic live concert, full of happy feelings". And added "In those 7 years membership (with Morning Musume), I was drilled/trained mentally and physically. It was a good environment." with a full smile.

In those 7 years of harsh times, she frankly commented that "I was poor in dancing, have thought of quitting. However, I love Morning Musume. And it was important to me, so I did not quit."

Regarding Fujimoto Miki who is the next leader, she gave this advice: "Warm and kind girl. But since she has a harsh way of talking, but if she surround it in oblaat, she will be a good leader". Followed with a supportive cheer "When the leader changes so will the 'colour'. I think that they will continue to sing good songs."

Furthermore, Yoshizawa who did not shed a tear in the graduation concert says " Although I have made a 'declaration not to cry', right now I have no time for tears. I have to remain cool till the end, because if I cried the other members will say 'You cried!'." And with that last sentence she smiled.

NOTE: In Japanese 'oblaat' means the colourless and tasteless gel-like matter which surrounds pill capsules. This word is used to phrase expressions like "keeping your ideas in oblaat", meaning to work within a defined constraint. Yossie is probably advising Mikitty to be careful with her choice of words when she takes on the task as the next leader of Morning Musume. Man, I didn't know Yossie have such deep words within her vocabulary! ^_^

Source from Oricon


 『モーニング娘。コンサートツアー2007春~SEXY8 ビート~』のツアー最終公演後に行った卒業会見では「素敵なライブができて、嬉しい気持ちでいっぱいです」と、リーダーらしくまずはライブの感想から述べた。そして「(在籍した7年間は)メンタル面でも体力的にも鍛えられた。いい環境でした」と満面の笑みをみせた。





Xacur said...

Now, there's no 4th generation member in Morning Musum T_T
Now the leader is Miki ¬¬
Now, we can wait for a new Solo Singer Idol to be Born.
Good Look to Yossie! ^_^

C.J Phua said...

I was feeling the same way u did too man.. Kinda like a funeral*chioy, but still... hais.

Anna said...

Is Miki considered the 6th gen leader? o_o Kind of skipped the whole 5th gen there. LOL.

I like Yossie's costume a lot. It seems like Junjun and Linlin just got an intro. Junjun's broken jap made me giggle a little.

Congrats and good luck to Yossie~

Mick a.k.a. jinryuichi said...

I never got to listen to the concert fan-recordings yet. And honestly I totally forgotten that the Jun2 and Lin2 were going to make an appearance in Yossie's grad concert... :P

Ayumi said...

I forgot about them too!

Yossie didn't cry? Why am I surprised? ^^

I wonder what kind of leader Mikitty is going to be, since I don't know too much about her. Hopefully she'll take Yossie's advice.

hydralisk said...

Mikitty will be a bitch to be reckoned with. The young members won't cross her if they know what's good.

Nah, she'll be just fine. MM has succeeded through many different leaderships such that I wouldn't be worried even if Micchi took the reigns.

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