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Monday, May 21, 2007

Be Right Back...

First of all, big THANK YOU for checking back on this site. ^_^

Thought I'd explain my disappearance here.
It seems that life has caught up with me, again. One thing I've learned -> Procrastinating is never a solution, things come back to haunt you no matter what. Right now, I am busy with so many things - work, wedding stuff, apartment hunting, and other things like renewing passport, medical appointments... etc. So tired... so tired.....

Ya know, I hadn't spared the time to sit down and recollect my thoughts about Tsuji Nozomi's announcement to marry Sugiura Taiyou. I must say that the last time I ever camped outside the news sites and searched the net so vigorously for information, was during Kago Ai's second scandal. (And of course, Yoshizawa Hitomi's loss of her brother). A small but conflicting sense of relief though, that Tsuji did not announce her retirement. I had thought that was going to happen.

I made lots of blog drafts but none gets finished, interrupted by various elements (or gets outdated). Will return to blogging in a few days, maybe sooner. In the meantime, you know where else to go for more H!P goodness and news, I'm sure. ^_^

Other than blogging, I hope to get back to my other projects as well, like transposing more H!P songs to play on guitar, mix some short trance tunes, continue doing my digital manga, and compose and arrange J-Pop songs... etc.
Currently I'm involved in a fan-subbing project for the Utaban show on the 3rd of May as translator. It was tough, but heck I had fun doing it, and certainly have learned a lot, and improved my hearing, comprehension and translation skills.

All these while being occupied with a busy life. I'm crazy, innit? ^_^
Someday, I may need to sacrifice some of those projects,

Ooops, time's up... I gotta go now... I'm bloggin' this from office during lunch break. :P

Stay Genki+ and Be Positive!

Peace ^_^


Anonymous said...

Appreciate your work thus far. But honestly, there doesn't seem to be any noteworthy news to blog about anyway lately. Mebbe 'Damn Yankees?' I dunno. Is it just me or is Momusu making fewer and fewer appearances on talk shows? (i.e. Heyx3, Music Fighter, etc) The ones that I've seen them on are Music Station and Utaban.

jim hak said...

Don't apologize for living! You do a great job. Even if you did it less often it's always gonna be good stuff.

Graham (Aust) said...

I always appreciate your news and views. Look forward to more when you can. Keep yourself well first.

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