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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Hyun Young Covers "Renai Revolution 21"

This was on the news yesterday, I had first thought it was a joke. ^_^

Korean actress/singer Hyun Young (or Hyeon Yeong), currently a popular regular on Korean variety show Heroine 6, is probably best known for her movie and drama works back in 2005, most notably "My Wife is a Gangster 3". News has it that she has released her 2nd single and it is a cover of Morning Musume's year 2000 hit single Renai Revolution 21. It's called "연애혁명" but I don't know how pronounce it in Hangul, but the translator says that it meant "Love Revolution". Same thing, eh? ^_^

Extra newsbit: Hyunn Young's first single "Sister's Dream" was also cover song, of "Dragostea din tei" (the "Numa Numa" Song) by O-Zone.

This will be the first time a song from Morning Musume have been covered in Korean. Apparently, Tsunku himself was asked to check on the lyrics beforehand. This single is due to be released tomorrow on the 30th, but reportedly have received pre-orders of 30,000 copies already, not counting physical stores. Man, that's crazy!

There has been talks as to whether Hyun Young has any plans to break in to the Japanese market. Her agency SR Media & Entertainment responded that "It is still to early for that", but added "However, it is a fact that there are many preparations being done, like learning the Japanese language, in order to advance to the Japan or Asian market".

Are there similarities? I don't understand Korean, so I do not know how the lyrics are like. (Can anyone who understands Korean please help us out?) The PV is outrageous but is also funny. Lots of CGs and effects. There were some references to Hello! Project acts in terms of costume. See below:

Hyeon Yeong in two different costumes from the PV.

Hello! Project Summer Shuffle Units 3 Nin Matsuri and Odoru 11.

There is a familiar choreography in the PV at the chorus "Wow-woah Wow-woah Wow-woah Love Revolutiooonnn~~". Look closely, and you will see some 3 Nin Matsuri "Chuu Natsu Party" dance as well,..... including Tanaka Reina's trademark "pistol and a wink". ^_^

Seems like everyone wants to dance , mash and mix with Renai Revolution 21!

This is not the first time Korea has covered Japanese songs, but I find myself siding with the original because... well, mostly it's because I came into contact to the original first, and have listened to it for the n-th time in so many years. (Who doesn't? ^_^)

Make no mistake about it, Hyeon Yeong is one fine lady. I just don't see why her agency decided that she has to "copy" another musical act for releasing a single, while having the intention of breaking in the Japanese audience at the same time.

But then again I guess we could say the same back in the shuffle unit days when the guys in UFW put Abe Natsumi in a yellow one piece, a long wig, dance like a Loch Ness Monster while singing a Japanese Ondo song....... and they still think she's hot. ^_^


The PV

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Images copyright of SR MEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT (Seoul) taken from
Source from Drama Wiki on Hyun Young
Source from Wikipedia on Hyun Young


prodygee said...

That was just plain humor! Brings up the memories! :)

as for one day said...

Makes me think "Wow this must be what other people think when I show them japanese PVs!"

jim hak said...

It's ok, but if you put out a cover as a single, you gotta mix it up a little bit. Change the dynamics or instrumentation or something. I think she's going for novelty hit, cause if it wasn't in Korean, there'd be no point at all.

Altho Tsunku's involvement is suspicious! It's too perfect for his Asian Expansion project.

I don't even know what to think of the video.

Anna said...

xD It's all about expanding now for Tsunku. Maybe that's why MM is so quiet.

INGGO! said...

hahah... that's pretty amusing! the one with the soldiers doing Renai Revolution 21 is a group of Korean soldiers who doesn't have much to do during their spare time. someone said that these guys were court martialed after some officer got hold of the video. what a way to go down. hahaha..

steve said... hieong is really a lady?
(sorry i'm not sure)

Mick a.k.a. jinryuichi said...

@prodygee... are you referring to the PV or the shuffle units part? (-_-)?

@as for one day... Haha! That's a good thought~~~ That hadn't cross my mind before. (^_^)b

@jin hak and Anna... Now that's one interesting point! Yeah, it may be related to Tsunku's Asian expansion project... I wonder if he will recruit HY under his TNX label? (^o^)/

@INGGO!.... court martialed?! Must be tough for them, but I'm thinking that they did not regret doing it. (^_-)

@steve.... Huh...?! What do you mean?

m said...

just wanted to say nice layout

Anonymous said...

Wow I am so lovin' this new layout keep it up!

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