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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Tsuji Nozomi and Sugiura Taiyou Press Conference - Marriage Announcement

What we've all been waiting(or dreading) for is here!

News from Oricon.

Tsuji and Sugiura, first words on press conference is "Sorry!"

On the 8th of May where the affiliated agencies of both parties have announced the shotgun marriage and the 9-week pregnancy, former Morning Musume Tsuji Nozomi and actor Sugiura Taiyou announced their marriage in a press conference, on the 10th May 4p.m. in Takawa Hotel, Tokyo.

With 14 cable cameras and 100 press journalists watching on, the "heroine" appeared before them, donned in a white dress and a mysterious expression, saying "Although this is sudden, apologies for causing inconvenience and worry to the fans and related personnels. Please watch over us warmly from now on."

The "hero" Sugiura who is 7 years older, revealed that he presented an engagement ring and proposed to Tsuji on his birthday 26th March, adding that "To her(Tsuji) fans and related personnel, sorry for the trouble caused. We have been dating each other, and had the notion for marriage since January this year."

[This paragraph elaborates the history of Aibon's scandal, W, the theatre double cast with Ishikawa and the replacement by Yoshizawa... bla bla bla..]

Furthermore, Tsuji will register into his family when she reach 20 years of age next month.

EDIT: News clip added. All words from their own mouth here. -->

Source from Oricon





 2人は昨年春に出会い、親密交際を続けていた。辻は先月26日、急性胃腸炎を理由に舞台『何日君再来(イツノヒカキミカエル)』を緊急降板。その後、医師の診断で妊娠が発覚したという。代役には石川梨華と吉沢ひとみが務めることで、辻の穴を埋める。さらに結成されたばかりのギャルユニット『ギャルル』は脱退。今年に入りデュオ“W(ダブルユー)”でコンビを組んでいた加護亜依が、2度目の喫煙報道で事務所を解雇されたばかり。自身も 10代前半からトップアイドルを走り続けていたが、最終的には“女の幸せ”を実現させた形となった。



Rikki said...

So he propoased the day after the news broke about Aibon must have been a day of mixed emotions for Nono.
Everyone was wondering what she thought of Aibon. Now we now she probably had other things on her mind.

Shiroguma said...

I'm disappointed in her. I thought she might have learned something from Yossie about professionalism. And now, I just want to kill Ultraman. Oh, Lord... but without scandals, H!P would be boring.. :P

Anonymous said...

Two words: "That's all?!?!"

I was expecting more info like her future with HP & TNX etc but oh well....

Anonymous said...

so how is this a shotgun wedding? dating for a year and proposed almost 2 months ago

Frox said...

... ... ...


Annie said...

Well, I was hoping to find out the future of Tsuji, but I guess Oricon didn't provide that...I hope she's happy with her marriage.

Manna (jeipop) & ChelseA (amerikajinmusume) said...

Anonymous at 5:38 PM , maybe you don't know what shotgun wedding means. I believe what it mainly means is wedlock out of a sudden, unexpected pregnancy. I'm shocked at what Tsuji's done. Her whole career, just like that? Up in smoke (lol Kago pun not intended)? I'm so happy that she found someone, and she has a little mini-Nono on the way, but in all honesty I'm appalled at her actions. So careless. But then again, personal happiness is better. But it was all too fast for my liking. She and he have MILLIONS of fans, and I can imagine some are taking it pretty damn hard right now.

Anonymous said...

yes i was thinking shotgun as in bang!, all of a sudden. but if he proposed two months ago and she just found out she's pregnant, again, how is that a shotgun wedding?

Anonymous said...

It is shotgun because they are only marrying this suddenly because of Tsuji's pregnancy. He proposed to her in March, but people stay engaged for months and months and sometimes years. Tsuji entered into Gyaruru, so I'm pretty certain that she wasn't planning on getting married anytime soon. Though now there is a baby coming along, they are getting married sooner.

Mick a.k.a. jinryuichi said...

Both parties seemed willing, so it's not forced, therefore it's not shotgun marriage...?

Well, what's important to Tsuji, is that she likes what she's doing, though I don't favour the timing, I had wanted to see how her single and her Gyaruru turn out..... oh well...

the timing of the proposal is intriguing too, being so close to Aibon's scandal...

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