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Sunday, May 06, 2007

And Yossie Graduates Today

Yoshizawa Hitomi, currently leader of Morning Musume, graduates today at Super Saitama Arena. Two shows today, one on 2:30 P.M. and another on 6:00 P.M.. The current time in Japan at time of post is 12:00 noon. Only a few hours more.......

Honestly, I don't feel like blogging today. Feeling a bit... down, I guess. I did find some interview stuff 'bout Yossie though. So maybe tonight, I'll post something up. I'll let this afternoon have its moment of silence/rest...... kinda like a funeral, ya know? ^_^

But that's exactly how I am feeling, ever since Yossie announced her graduation on January. Four long months counting down till today, is tiring. Not like she'll be gone forever, I mean, she still got solo work. But, how much attention is she going to get compared to graduated "aces"(namely Abe Natsumi and Goto Maki)? I will be collecting me thoughts and talk about Yossie tonight.

Right now I'm dead tired, and in need of rest. Drove back to hometown on Friday night, for my wedding photoshoot. Spent a whole day doing just that - changing costumes and smiling for the camera. Damn tired.
The weirdest thing - I was thinking of another girl half the time. (Shh~~~ don't tell my wife. ^_^) But in commemoration of that girl, I went through the wardrobe and found the closest match I can. My wife got something that fits the theme....... And so, here's the result =>

Mr Moonlight - Wedding Couple Version.
There's no orange blazer in the wardrobe, so I settled for the white coat. (And no bigger picture, sorry. Don't wanna give you nightmares. ^_^)

This is for you, Yossie. Happy Graduation~~~ (T^T)b


Anna said...

I kind of feel a bit down today, also. xD Next weeks Haromoni@ is going to be a Yossie grad + Junjun and Linlin special ep.

Cute photo btw!

Shiroguma said...

It really suits you. Kind of like a prom pic.. ^.^
Yossie grads today... T..T

Xacur said...

Good Bye Yossie, Good Bye 4th generation.
See you for ever.

Anonymous said...

argh..i wanna be there..beside yossie. i just wanna know what is going on over there.

Cookie Holiday said...

Haha, loving the tribue their that's damn good.

I think (wlll know)that I'm in the minority when I say Yossie's graduation doesn't bother me much at all. Momosu has chanegd so much over the past 2 years or so that I think leaving the past behind will be a good thing. Not only that, I've not been as keen on Yossie since the older members left, the interaction she had back then was much better (just take a look at how well she responded to the older memebrs on the last couple of episodes of Hello! Morning if you want proof). Still, I'm not exactly happy about it though, it will be interesting to see her olo stuff anyway.

Julia said...

Nice tribute picture, there! =D
Ahh, I'd forgotten it was today. 8nin #3 time? Wonder when JunJun and LinLin will come along for 10nin #3. Aish, 10nin #3, what a thought. Hopefully they'll pwn 10nin #2 a bit, because 2005 and 2006 just weren't the greatest years in Momusu, but 2007's pretty damn good for them so far. That's how I see it, anyway.

Mick a.k.a. jinryuichi said...

LOL @ "Prom pic"... I've never been to a prom before. :P
I could have included the tie to complete the effect, but the photographer won't let me. ^_^

And yes, Julia... H!P's 2007 has been full of surprises and news so far, I hope this this will go on till... well, as long as possible. ^_^

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