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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Morning Musume Champion of 5 Titles in Female Group Category

Received news of this since last night, but I waited till it's official so I can source properly. I was so excited that I dreamed about it in my sleep. Woke up this morning and posted this in my pajamas... and battling three blue-screen-of-death in the process ^_^

Happy Golden Week everyone! And what a way to start the Golden Week and the month of May with some happy news~~~!

Following up with their notable historical record in November last year, Morning Musume strikes again with another. Oricon announced that with Morning Musume's latest single "Kanashimi Twilight"'s reported sales of 54,000 copies to date, Morning Musume have officially surpassed Pink Lady as the best selling artiste in the female group category, with a total of 11 million and 85 thousand (11.085 million) copies in singles sales, edging Pink Lady's record of 11 million and 37 thousand (11.037 million) by 46,000 copies.

It was also noted, that Morning Musume now have 5 record-setting achievements in their portfolio.


Achievement (Female Group)Date AchievedRemarks
#1 in Acquired Consecutive Years August 2001Six #1 singles.
Total nine #1 singles in 6 consecutive years from 1998 till 2003.
Total Top 10 Acquired November 200216 Top 10 Singles.
Total 33 Top 10 singles to date.
Top 10 Acquired in Consecutive YearsFebruary 200421 consecutive Top 10 Singles.
Total 33 consecutive Top 10 singles to date.
Total #1 Acquired November 2006 Total 10 #1 singles acquired.
Best Selling Female Group (current)May 2007 Total sales of 11 million and 85 thousand (11.085 million) copies currently.

It is now officially not an exaggeration, nor a marketing gimmick, to crown Morning Musume as the No. 1 female group in Japan entertainment business.

Source from Oricon
モーニング娘。、ピンク・レディー超え! 女性グループ5冠!


 これまでシングルの総売上枚数、女性グループ歴代1位は、ピンク・レディーの1103.7万枚。先週4/30付までで、そのピンク・レディーとの差は 0.6万枚と、新記録樹立まで目前に迫っていたモーニング娘。だったが、今週、通算33枚目のシングル「悲しみトワイライト」(25日発売)が5.4万枚(順位は2位)を売り上げたことで、ついに同記録のトップに立った。

 モーニング娘。は、すでに「連続1位獲得年数」(達成:2001年8月)、「通算TOP10獲得数」(2002年11月)、「連続 TOP10獲得年数」(2004年2月)、「通算1位獲得数」(2006年11月)のシングル4部門で女性グループ歴代1位となっており、これで女性グループの5冠王に。シングルの主要5部門はモーニング娘。による独占となった。  本作は、5/6(日)のさいたまスーパーアリーナ公演をもって同グループを卒業する、吉澤ひとみのモーニング娘。ラストシングル。売上は、発売1週目にして、今年2月の前作「笑顔YESヌード」の累積5.3万枚を上回る好セールスとなった。

Morning Musume Surpasses Pink Lady! 5 Crowns in Female Group

This year, in advancing their 10th year anniversary since debut, Morning Musume has established a remarkable record in this year of turning point. In the Weekly Singles Ranking of the week beginning 7th May, Morning Musume achieved the No. 1 rank in the female group category with the total sales of 11.085 million copies.

So far, Pink Lady was the top selling female group in total singles sales with 11.037 million copies. Until last week's 30th April, Morning Musume drew near of establishing the new record with a difference of 6000 copies. However, with their 33rd single to date "Kanashimi Twilight" (released on 25th) with amounting sales of 54,000 copies (Ranking 2nd) seized the top spot.

Up till now, Morning Musume was the top female group in history with 4 different categories of singles achievement with "Total #1 Acquired in Consecutive Years" (August 2001), "Total Top 10 Acquired" (November 2002), "Total Top 10 Acquired in Consecutive Years" (February 2004) and "Total #1 Acquired" (November 2006), with this (record of top selling female group) they are now 5-time champion in female group category. With this, Morning Momusu have monopolized* the 5 major singles categories. This will be the last single for Yoshizawa Hitomi with Morning Musume when she graduates from the said group on 6th May in Super Saitama Arena performance. This single have exceeded this year's February single release "Egao Yes Nude" which garnered total favourable sales of 53,000 copies in its first week.

NOTE: * "monopolized" sounds a bit negative. Actually, the meaning is closer to "sole possession" or "reign supreme", but I did not want to sound bias.

Yoshizawa Hitomi's Comments:


I am exceedingly happy in all honesty!! I'm filled with the feeling of wanting to celebrate this with the many fans who have supported Morning Musume. Thank you all very, very much. From here on, we want to be a group that is loved by all in the world. Next target - 10-Time champion!!

I wish I could go get some beer to celebrate, but I have to go to work. Maybe tonight... (^_^)/

Congratulations Morning Musume!

Source from Sanspo
Source from Sponichi Annex
Source from Daily Sports Online


Almond said...

Just a note that it doesn't include any album sales, so that number is for singles alone. Which I find more impressive since some of their albums sold extremely well.
Side note, LOVE YOUR FREAKING BLOG. It's the only one I read regularly XD

Julia said...

'Tis awesome indeed! I'm quite excited about this, especially since I've been thinking lately that Momusu's 2007 is shaping up to be better than there 2006. They just seem so damn great lately.

HANABI.1984 said...

This is great! With the better material they've been releasing and the expansion into the rest of Asia, Morning Musume. can be even more successful. And more than 11 million singles?! That's crazy! ^_^

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