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Monday, April 30, 2007

Thoughts on Haromoni@ 2 - Lesson Learned

After an observation of the first two HaroMoni@ episodes, and comparing with the 3rd and 4th episodes, I noticed big improvements.

Now it's more organized and more focussed. Instead having the Morning Musume girls running around aimlessly and randomly doing things, we have a proper controlled variety show.

As a result we have this --> The 10 running features/gags of HaroMoni@:
1) Proper intros with previews - Finally, the producers realize that they need to keep the viewers tuned in from the start with proper intros, instead of diving right into content.

2) Segmentation of trivia and discoveries - Proper organization of the show presentation and making use of CG's to highlight events and discoveries. I still don't understand the cabbage-guy interludes though. Must be TV Tokyo thing...

3) The girls continue to give out ad-tissues and promote the show - Well, I guess it's important to advertise themselves.

4) Less music clips used, but longer duration for each clip - So that it's less distracting

5) More interaction with the King - The girls pay attention to his lectures, and also try and guess the mission item beforehand with him.

6) Gaki-Discovery - Niigaki Risa the one to spot interesting stuff for the show. (at most times)

7) Catchphrase - Repeat "The King's Orders are Absolute" at the beginning of the show.

8) The King crack lame jokes - He's just.... trying to be funny.

9) Takahashi Ai is the King's favorite subject - Special attention and favoritism is given for Ai-chan, the baby-cart pusher.

10) Designated Special Investigator - Kamei Eri for impromptu reporting. Special Assistant (or victim) Fujimoto Miki is often dragged into helping. ^_^

Also, I think the producers of the show have probably limited the amount of money allowed for spending, having learned their lesson of allowing the girls to walk into any restaurants freely in the previous episodes. The kind of food they stop to buy are always below 1000 yen. However, knowing the girls, this will be exploited very, very soon. ^_^

In the middle of watching the show, I find that the girls are given many opportunities to test their skills at on-location reporting. Impromptu interviewing at a passer-by, and walk-ins to enquire stuff... etc. In HaroMoni@, Morning Musume are not idols, but TV talents. A way of allowing the girls to learn an extra skill? Or a strategy of attracting non-wota viewers?

Overall, I find the whole documentary variety show that HaroMoni@ has become, much more enjoyable. Probably it's because I enjoy watching documentaries and culture shows. I think HaroMoni@ will turn out alright..... Though I still think that the narrator's giggling and overall deliverance darn annoying.

As for their TV ratings, they are safe at the moment, it'll survive just like any other variety show on the TV Tokyo programme schedule. Just that it doesn't stand out in crowd, that's all. Not yet anyway.... ^_^

Coming up... a summary review of HaroMoni@ episodes 3 and 4.

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radicalpatriot said...

It just seems more organized. How does one find Haromoni episodes online?

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