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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

H!P Theater Works... and Tsuji Nozomi Finally Opens Up

After Tsuji Nozomi's "no comment" on Kago Ai's scandal back when she was promoting her participation in the anime "Robby and Kerobby" as voice cast for "Atena", AND after Tsunku has told his side of the story.... still nothing from Nono? Not directly, no.

A month ago it was reported by Ikimasshoi that Ishikawa Rika & Tsuji Nozomi will be double casted in a theater play entitled "何日君再来" or "Itsu no hika kimi kaeru", from the title of the same song covered by the late Teresa Teng.

(Ironic, I might add, because the title literally means "When are you coming back again?")

Yesterday, the theater team held a production announcement press conference. Double casts Ishikawa Rika and Tsuji were also present, along with the main casts Kakei Toshio, Kuroki Meisa and Fujiwara Kazuhiro. In the article Rika-chan and Nono shares their experience and hardships encountered in the play.

Rika-chan commented "It was difficult to remember the script, and we have to go through the ordeal of 30-minute warming-up session before the practice. Because of that alone, we're so exhausted everytime.". Nono who plays the same role as Rika says "It was terrible because I couldn't read Kanji characters. Now I am at the stage of knowing the words and deliver them smoothly. But, until the actual performance, I will do my best so as not to fall behind Rika-chan or anyone else. Come and see a 'desperate' Tsuji Nozomi!". (The 'desperate' here means "driven to do one's best", I just can't find the right word for it.)

Additionally, Nono added that "From this theater, I realised the importance of companions, in a way it has become a great stage of love and dreams".

With that statement, after the conference has ended, a reporter asked Nono "Aren't you lonesome now (without Kago Ai)?", to which Nono, though perplexed, replies bravely with "Right now, I want to give my best, above all things".

Nono has "said it" herself - it's time to move on. SHE wants to move on.

For those reading this post who are still grieving over Aibon - have strength. It's okay, to move on... life's like that.

News from Oricon
Headlines in Yahoo! News
Press image and news from Nikkan Sports.
News from Sanspo


Anonymous said...

lol, looks like our 'bakajou' could use a few lessons in Kanji.

jim h said...

Aww...yay Nono. Wait, she can't read?

Mick a.k.a. jinryuichi said...

Yeah, Nono always had problems with Kanji words. You should have seen her struggling in her Curious Nono shows. ^_^

Anonymous said...

I think she should also add in her statement "From this theater, I also realised the importance of kanji"

hehe :p

Anna said...

After so many years she still has problems with the kanji. xD Aw, our lil nono is still nono.

I'm glad nono relizes she has to move one. :d

jim h said...

Actually the "importance of companions" comment could be seen as a dig at Kago, maybe not even intentional. You gotta think Kago is watching...

Radicalpatriot said...

Now I'm really confused.

Rikki said...

Hmmmm. I don't really see how you get that "I want to move on" interpretation out of her answer. She really just dodged the question.

Anonymous said...

Honestly rikki's right, it sounds more like she dodged the question, which would indicate that it's an alternative version of 'no comment'

Mick a.k.a. jinryuichi said...

You can interpret it in whatever way you want, really.

To me, it's not dodging.
In Japanese context, she omitted the "lonesome" part in her sentence. As in -->

"(Rather than feeling lonely), right now I want to give my best, above all things."

To which I interpret it as she's trying say that "Rather than feeling lonely, I want to focus on my work and do me best". Sounds like a "moving on" to me...

Well, you're all always welcome to disagree with what I think. It's just my own opinion. ^_^

Grahanime said...

Gooooooooooo Nono. She must have a lot inside yet to come out. In time it will. Hey how about Tsuji teaming up with Ai Takahashi? Not to replace W. Never be another W. I mean something new.

Vyvy said...

On a side note, remember that Utaban Mini Moni Hinamatsuri episode? Kago had been intending on getting married for a long time. I'm sure she's probably poured out all her dreams and wedding details to Tsuji. She must be glad that Aibon is finally going after her dreams.

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