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Friday, April 06, 2007

Hello! Project Shinjin Kouen Concert..... Surprise, Surprise....

Moving on! Well, I have to... otherwise this blog may turn into a Kago Ai vent-site. Been busy these days, I have a lot to write, and made many drafts. Unfortunately, by now most of them drafts have outlive its spice, and is outdated news already. Oh well... ^_^

Last week's Hello! Morning gave us a surprise news. Tsunku announces that there will be a concert on May 13th, tentatively titled Hello! Project Newcomer's Performance or "Hello! Project Shinjin Kouen - ハロー!プロジェクト新人公演".

The Official Site - 第一回 ハロー!プロジェクト新人公演 さるの刻・とりの刻

The performers are:
Hello! Project Eggs
Mitsui Aika - 8th gen Morning Musume
Qian Li (Rin Rin) - 8th gen Morning Musume
Li Chun (Jyun Jyun) - 8th gen Morning Musume
The Possible
Arihara Kanna - C-ute

... Much to the surprise of Jyun Jyun, of course. Because she just got off the plane, and was told that she will be involved in a concert in a couple months time. Hehe!

It's split into two performance times named "Saru no Koku" and "Tori no Koku", literally "Monkey's Time" and "Chicken's Time" respectively. Don't ask me why. ^_^

Note that it says there "First Round", meaning that there will be more concerts like this coming up. I think it's a very good idea for a concert. At least the Eggs won't be stuck to being just backup-dancers for other H!P concerts all the time. Although I am only familiar with Fukuda Kanon(for her pedoliciousness) and Korenaga Miki(for her athletic ability in Gatas Brilhantes futsal team), it seems that I have overlooked the Hello! Project Eggs all this while, without knowing that there are good looking girls in there.

The set list for this concert of consists of many past Hello! Project songs, including Morning Musume, H!P Shuffles, Matsuura Aya, Pucchi Moni... etc. The Possible are the only ones with their own singles to perform. The performers list will be updated soon.

But guess what? Surprise number 2... guess who else is also in it?
Performers Profile List

That's right, ladies and gentlemen... Kikkawa Yuu is inducted into Hello! Project Eggs!

So after she failed to join Morning Musume in the Happy 8 Auditions, and after I speculated that she would be a Ayaya ver 2.0, it was decided that she join the Hello! Project Eggs instead.

Why, she even have a nickname - "Kikka". Check her profile.

I guess all Kikka fans now can rest easy, because we will finally be able to see her as a performer on stage. What a pleasant surprise, though I heard stories of her joining H!P before. I thought that she may be forming a new unit with some others, but I didn't expect she would be an Eggs member. *sigh* How I wish that Satou Sumire is involved in it as well.

On the side note: For those interested to know, Satou Sumire is currently involved in a musical Freddie the Leaf as noted in the musical's official blog and her personal blog - Sumire Melody.

The official site of Shinjin Kouen concert also have a rehearsal diary, where the performers tell their experience and show some photos.

Yup, that's Kikka there with the "Love" T-shirt. Seems like the girls have gotten along pretty well!

However... Mitsui Aika is in this concert as well. I wonder what Mittsi and Kikka is thinking and how are they feeling right now? One is a winner of the 8th gen audition and joined Momusu, while the other is a audition dropout to be inducted into H!P Eggs. Will there be a battle of pride between the two? Is there a feeling of uneasiness between them? Does Mittsi have sense of superiority over Kikka? Will Kikka repeat the history of Fujimoto Miki's career path and be included into Momusu later on?

Personally, I think the scales are quite even. Since they're both relatively new to showbiz and H!P, and they both suck at dancing. (^o^)/

Best of luck to all girls and I hope the concert is a great success!

Peace ^_^


Anna said...

I so want to see that newcomers concert. o_o

I was especially happy to see 'kikka' back! :3 Make Tsunku wrong by showing what you got. xD

It seems like we can catch up with people by the internet now. Meaning we can see what Sumire has been up to with her blog. xD

pengie said...



Radicalpatriot said...

Ditto, great idea, especially for the underappreciated Eggs. Yes, and Yuu! Yuu who? 8th gen again, sneaked into the Eggs lineup. Another wrinkle. And can Aika handle a solo shot? Hmm.

Mick a.k.a. jinryuichi said...

@Anna... Yeah, that concert looks promising. ^_^ I think Jyun Jyun will have the biggest headache among all of them, since the Eggs are already familiar with most of the songs, in their past concerts. As for Sumire, well... I think she's moving into the theater scene. In fact, she's participated in one before auditioning for Momusu. :(

@pengie... My sentiments exactly! (^_^)b
I was grinning from ear to ear like a fool when I was editing this post. (Thank God I was at home, and nobody else was around)

@RadP... Yo! Long time no see, where have you been? ^_^ What do you mean by "Mitssi for solo shot"?

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy I get to see Yuu again. Damn Tsunku. He likes to keep things quiet and then hit us over the head with things like this..

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