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Friday, April 27, 2007

Tsuji Nozomi Exits from Theater, Yoshizawa Hitomi Substitutes

Following up with yesterday's news of Tsuji Nozomi dropping out of the theater performance, it is confirmed that Tsuji's condition was a case of acute gastroenteritis (bacterial infection of the gastro-intestinal area). Think stomach ulcer or gastritis but worse. Coupled with vomiting and frequent stomach cramps, and you'll have hell on earth. Believe me, I know... my wife's had it twice within the last 12 months.

Apparently, Nono had complained to the agency that she's not feeling well for the past week. After she was diagnosed with the condition, it is advised that she required 10 days of rest and medical treatment, and thus unable to participate in the theater performance. She is also unable to make it for the Tsuji Nozomi Fanclub event on the 28th and 30th. Currently she is recuperating at home.

Yoshizawa Hitomi will be stepping in, in place of Nono's role in the upcoming theater performance. The play starts next month. And since it was a double cast with Rika Ishikawa, Rika will be playing the role from 4th onwards, replacing Nono on the 7th, 8th, 10th and on the 14th. While Yossie will take over from the 13th onwards, replacing 7 of Nono's remaining performances. Good lord... what a HECTIC schedule!

The agency are accepting all requests for reimbursements of tickets due to the casting change.

Furthermore, Yossie's dinner show with Satoda Mai on the 24th and 25th on May will also be postponed.

I wish Tsuji Nozomi a speedy recovery, and may God watch over you.

......... but not without a few observations, I've been thinking.....

Why was Yossie chosen? I mean, I'm excited that Yossie's the substitute. BUT when considering the height, voice and acting ability.... the differences between her and Nono is way too many. Takahashi Ai would have been a better choice. We've seen her perform on Ribbon no Kishi, she'll do fine. BUT UFA have to go out of their way to push Yossie to act right after her graduation day, and postponed her dinner show schedules. Probably have delayed the schedule of her solo single or whatever new unit the agency have in store for her.

Was Yossie chosen because her graduation event is recent and therefore have more value to attract more patrons? No, that's not it... the tickets have been sold already.

Then why not Ai-chan? She's has something else lined up for her on May? Something BIG?
Maybe, because Ai-chan is still part of Morning Musume, while Yossie will be a solo act by then, therefore may have more schedule time compared to Ai-chan........

........ Sorry for the monologue, just typing along as I think..........

Back on topic..... Yossie's comments:

Due to my graduation on 6th of May, the practice period has become short. I will give my very best with all my might, so as not to inconvenience the co-stars and other related personnels.

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Radicalpatriot said...

This just shows me that Yossi is full of renewed energy as she plans what looks to be a fabuilous solo career.

Anonymous said...

Takahashi's overrated anyway.

paul.thomas said...

Yossie is really amazing, she really is a good example of a leader!!
I can see what you mean with respect to why she was chosen...the only thing I can think is publicity, with a solo career coming up, it's some free publicity that Yossie would of otherwise missed out on.

I really feel for Nono, I hope she's back in good health for the release of her single.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Yossie being chosen had something to do with being a fourth generation member. But maybe its just extra-publicity for her upcoming solo (maybe a unit?) career.

Vikitty said...

Rika was the doublecast of Nono originally, and they look nothing alike, so saying Takahashi should have subbed in is a bit silly. Rika and Nono sound nothing alike. Rika's actually a better actress than Nono *lol*

Xacur said...

Nono T_T
I hope she will be fine soon
I havent seen her look
I don't like that ganguro look ¬¬

Anonymous said...

The particular reason why she is the leading of RNK is that she cant put villain image like MIki and Yossie. The three of them could be chosen but I guess Yossie have more time now

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