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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Tsuji Nozomi Down with Illness, Drops Out of Theater

Source from Daily Sports Online


Tsuji Nozomi who was scheduled to appear in a musical stage "Itsu no Hi ka Kimi Kaeru" ~ "何日君再来 イツノヒカキミカエル", is forced to drop out of the lineup due to health problems.

Tsuji was double casted with Ishikawa Rika to participate in this play, that tells the story of tribulence based on the life of the late Teresa Teng, a young singer who made her debut after a substitute stint. Yoshizawa Hitomi is being considered to stand-in for Tsuji.

It was not made clear as what the health condition was, but a related personnel revealed that Tsuji was on painkillers, in order to participate in the launch event yesterday for the newly formed unit "Gyaruru" in Tsuchiurashi, Ibaraki prefecture. Since the theater includes many intense action scenes, it was decided that she should not participate.

After Tsuji's pledge to start on a new beginning, following her partner in W(DoubleU) Kago Ai's (19 yrs) 2nd smoking scandal and termination from the agency, she had to retire from stage with regret.

Tsuji have also dropped out of the Hello! Project Sports Festival in 2003 during the 1500m dash, due to hyperpnea syndrome (abnormal increase in the depth and rate of breathing; hyperventilation). Also, due to a leg injury in a concert July last year, she had to miss all performances that follow.

Damn... Why NOW of all times? Please get well soon! I wish you speedy recovery, dear Nono!



V said...

Aww, Nono! D: Get well soon!

Anna said...

I think its due to stress and a lot of work lately. o_o

I didn't no the play was about Teresa Teng. xD She's great. o-o

Get well soon Nono!

arashi said...

Oh no Tsuji-chan! I hope she gets well soon! This really sucks as she was right back on the road to recovering her singing career. If it's a condition that requires painkillers then she should take it easy. It's a shame she had to drop out of the play.

Anonymous said...

Looking at the pics of 'Tsujiji' I can't say I really like the image that she's giving out (lotsa heavy makeup there, sister). But it does seem appropriate for their song.

Rikki said...

Wow. What a tough few months this has been for the 4th generation. What a blow it must be to put in all that time rehearsing and then have to give up the role. I'm glad Yossie's getting an opportunity, I'd prefer she get some other way. I think she'll be too busy touring to rehearse until after her graduation, so probably Rika will do all the performances until then.
The best possible outcome from my point of view: Yossie does a few shows but Nono recovers in time to do some as well.
(Your blog is getting better and better Jin. It's the first one I turn to now when I'm in the mood for some JPop news.)

Mick a.k.a. jinryuichi said...

Yossie will step in for Nono on the 13th onwards, so she still have ample time to prepare, I bet she's already practicing right now. See here for the scheduling times.
You do have a point that Nono could come in anytime after she recovers, but it may not be fair to the patrons who already returned their tickets.

And thanks for the kind words, Rikki. ^_^ But this blog wouldn't be anything without comments from you guys, and it adds a lot to the blog. (^o^)/

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