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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

It's Official... Tsuji Nozomi, Gyaru Sone and Tokito Ami In New Unit "Gyaruru"

UPDATED 11:50 P.M.: Thanks for waiting... Have to run off to attend to my wife who fell ill, and in my haste made some mistakes on this post. Fixed the mistakes and added some more info.

For the past week, of shady news and such, magazine clips and speculations, it's official.

In an event and press announcement in Tsuchiura, Ibaraki - Tsuji Nozomi, Gyaru Sone and Tokito Ami will team up in a new Unit "Gyaruru". It's a ganguro fashion-based Para-Para gyaru unit, a trend that is popular in places like Shibuya, Tokyo. They each get a nickname for themselves - 'Tsujiji', 'Amimi' and 'Sonene'. I think you can guess who is who.

Surprise #1[EDIT]: Guess what? Gyaruru will be releasing a new single produced by Tsunku, and fashion coordination will be handled by one Gyaru manager/entrepreneur - Fujita Miho of G-Revo. The single is called "Boom Boom Mecha Macho" c/w "Onna no urutora", and will be released under TNX on 20th June this year.

Surprise #2: Tsuji talks about Aibon. This time she did it properly.


I think Aibon (Kago) did her best when she came to the capital city, Tokyo. It was unfortunate (that the scandal happened). I want to be myself and do "Gyaruru" from the start, and to do my best, as "Tsuji Nozomi".

Influenced by her sister's gyaru style, Tsuji admired her, and said that "I want to walk in the streets with this make-up. Center of the street will be nice. At that time, I want to be called 'Tsujiji' by others". Tokito on the other hand comments that "we enjoy the gap. And the glasses won't be taken off.", Gyaru Sone remarks that "Furthermore, it(the fashion) will keep on changing" with a appealing smile.

See the 3 girls' transformation to Gyaruru's gyaru look from Ranzuki magazine here -->
1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Personally, I don't care much about the gyaru or ganguro fashion thing. It's only natural Tsuji likes it because of her sister (those of us who remember Tsuji's home footage of her family after her addition to Momusu was announced would have seen her sister's ganguro look. ^_^)
What's important is that Tsuji has finally got something going on at the moment. I wonder if she will be allowed to appear in HaroMoni@ after that? ^_^

====================== @@@ ========================

UPDATE 070425 11:04 A.M.:
And the rumours that we have hearing all this while was true. The club tickets, posters and all ... Gyaruru DID perform at Club Pride as reported by Sanspo press.
Hello! Online has some pics, info and a fan recording for listening preview. Get it from Some Boys! if you can't reach it. I think it's great, suitable for a Initial D soundtrack. Heh! :) And Nono... sorry I meant Tsujiji's voice is so distinctive. ^_^

Additionally, the comments from the girls as reported by Sanspo are a bit different. Tsujiji's comment about Aibon:


"It was unfortunate, when Aibon (who was suspended in her hometown, Nara) came to the city (towards working on her comeback), I had thought that we can work together again. (Even now)I have the feeling of doing it(W) again." said Tsuji, with a lonesome expression, but changes the mood with "Will give my best as 'Tsuji Nozomi', to do Gyaruru from the beginning".
Awww~~~ (T-T)


I'm the "be anything" type of person. In MiniMoni I can be very childish, but when I dress in this Gyaruru costume I discovered a candid side of me. When you see me dressed in this outlook, don't call me 'Tsuji-chan', I won't respond to it. Call me 'Tsujiji'.

Cute~~~! (^_^)/

Amimi, apparently the sexiest of the 3 by providing lots of cleavage for viewing pleasure, while she remarks:

I think among the 3 of us I'm the one that changed the most, I enjoy this gap (between my usual image and now). But, I won't take down my trademark glasses.

I like the ending note by Sanspo:

Gyaruru loudly declared in the event, that they want to move on the international level and creating a worldwide Gyaruru Boom, with the words "From Tsuchiura, we will move into Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka. Finally will advance to overseas. We want to go to Hawaii!". The dream that W was unable to achieve, is now fulfilled with Gyaruru!!

====================== @@@ ========================

UPDATE 070426 12:34 A.M.:
Japan Probe has a summary of the Mezamashi TV news report on the Gyaruru's event.

News from Yahoo! News
News from Sanspo
News from eltha
News from Japan-Zone
Single release from TNX


akaoNi said...

Wow, glad to see she's getting back into some official unit and will be working on some music. I'm a lil skeptical of the whole ganguro thing, I'm just not that big a fan of ganguro, and the W PV with a ganguro Tsuji was funny to me in the video but I like the normal Tsuji better! Good job though Tsuji, glad to see finally clear up her thoughts on Aibon also! Hope she does good this year!

Anonymous said...

About surpise #1... according to TNX website, they are produced by Tsunku (it's the only thing I can read there XD )

Mick a.k.a. jinryuichi said...

@akaoni... I don't know about ganguro, but all I want is for Tsuji to be happy, whether it was about Aibon, or about being able to release a single. ^_^

@Anon... Thanks for the reminder. I had to run off to attend to my sick wife, and made a few mistakes.......

Anonymous said...

Is this a temporary thing or a permanent thing?

Anonymous said...

I hope this unit doesn't last long cause i don't think I would be able to handle Tsuji with contacts, very heavy makeup, cheap clothing and blonde hair...

But i'm happy for her though cause the she's growing out of the whole "cute" thing.

Anna said...

What makes me curious is that its from TNX label. O_O

I'm kind of excited and a bit scared of the new girl. The eyes....

Graham (Aust) said...

Most comments so far show happiness for Tsuji and doubt about whether they will like it. I'm the same I guess. I just felt very sad about the whole thing.

pengie said...

OH! I knew I recognized the fourth chick--it's Fujita Shiho, actually, and she has a musical career of her own under the title sifow. She too is known for being a gyaru singer. Her music actually isn't too bad :)

j said...

Is the switch from competitive eating to idol so common it's not worth mentioning? Sone + Tsuji = lot of food songs?

as for one day said...

I've made a fansite about them,

Mick a.k.a. jinryuichi said...

Really? I've never heard Fujita's songs before, pengie. Was it anything like Gyaruru's "Boom" single? ^_^

And not that Gal Sone's competitive-eating is not worth mentioning. She is already famous for that, but the news press are focussed on Nono because of the Aibon saga. I mean, no need to be sad over it anymore, even 'Tsujiji' wants to move on with her life. But yeah, Sone's eyes are a bit scary though... ^_^

Good for you 'as for one day'! I went to your site, it looks good. Hopefully it will expand just as Gyaruru will.

pengie said...

sifow's stuff is a little more mellow pop and not quite as parapara-esque. It's not bad, though some of the songs are a bit vapid and easily forgettable (I hate to say it... but that's just like gyaru, I guess XD)

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