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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Takahashi Ai Sprained Ankle ... But Displays Love

While I was sleeping yesterday, this happened. Damn. There's an epidemic going around here!!!

Takahashi Ai (20 yrs) of popular idol Morning Musume, accidentally sprained her right ankle, during a concert held at Yokosuka Art Center in Yokosukashi, Kanagawa on 28th April.

On the day where 2 performances are held at 2:30PM and 6:00PM, according to the management office, the accident happened on the afternoon performance. Towards the end of the performance, she stumbled on the stage, twirled and sprained her right ankle. She was sent straight to the hospital from the stage, but re-appeared on-stage in good form during the 7th song of the night performance.

Takahashi will also participate in a fan event in Osaka and Tokyo on 29th, just as previously scheduled.

Be comforted though... seems like she's okay now. The guys in H!O confirmed that. Lilangel reports that Ai-chan came back to sing with the other girls, though she didn't dance. While Firefly who attended the emotional concert, shared a great fan-report and witnessed the strong friendship and sisterhood bond amongst the girls in Morning Musume.

In the end, an emotional but exceptional concert performance was delivered. A blessing in disguise? A display of professionalism? No.... That's LOVE, my friends. And Ai is Love! ^_^

高橋 = Takahashi (High Bridge)
愛 = Ai (Love)

Get well soon, Ai-chan. (T-T)b

Source from Sports Hochi

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