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Monday, April 02, 2007

Tsunku comments about Kago Ai

Tsunku attended a press conference in Harajuku, Tokyo. Because of his producing of comedian duo Ogiyahagi's debut single. What transpired there, and why he is producing a comedy group's song I don't know (well, the song was supposed to be released as a tune to some commercial also). My focus is that he finally talks about Kago Ai. After the "no comment" from Tsuji Nozomi, finally Tsunku himself comments about Aibon.

Oricon's version. Also in Yahoo! News.

"It is regrettable, because I was looking forward towards the comeback. Whether she will return to the entertainment biz (in the future) or not, I will give support from a different parental love, and a teacher's heart. But rules are rules. We will take it (seriously)."

Actually, I don't quite understand that second last sentence => "芸能界に復帰するかどうかは別として親心、師匠気分で応援はしていきたい". "別として親心"?? Can anyone help, please? Malmeingehr, if you are reading this, I need your help please... Onegai shimasu~~ m(_ _)m

Nikkan Sports's version is a bit different. Where he was quoted:
"Rules are rules. Whether it is her or us, we have no choice but to accept it."

Sports Hochi has a different version. Also in Yahoo! News.
"It is regrettable, although we* have worked hard on the comeback. Aside from the return to the entertainment biz, will continue to give my support from a producer's parental love in an important way/sense."

* I'm not sure Tsunku is referring to himself or Aibon. So I'm don't know if it was a "we" or a "she".

I know that there are always some discrepancies in the news reports depending on the reporter. But this time the differences are significant to me..... because I understand them with totally different meanings.

I mean....
- Who decided on the termination? UFA? Tsunku? Or both?
- It sounded as if Tsunku wasn't part of the decision making.... Or was he?
- Does he want to take Aibon under his wing (TNX) after this?
- Was the comeback forced on Aibon or not?

So what's next... oh yeah, Flash (a men's magazine) have released their topic titles, and will talk about "the background history of the man who destroyed Kago Ai". This dude will be hounded with news till the end of the year, it seems.

This is not going anywhere... when will all this END??

In the comments section, Malmeingehr pointed another version of the news clip. Additionally, added a link where a video stream of the interview can be found, and a full transcript of the interview... Well, just Tsunku's part at the final 45 seconds of the video.

Credit: Image taken from Oricon.


paul.thomas said...

Have you read this new post on Hello!Online

If the comments are true, I am more than a little upset/dissapointed as to how Aibon has not only treated the fans but also the other members of H!P, the fact that she has continued to smoke goes to show how she feels about the whole situation.

I know everybody is saying that this guy destoyed her career, but from reading that post, it would seem that the only person responsible for destroying her career was herself...if she hadn't of been caught with him, no doubt we'd have another somking scandal sooner or later

Anonymous said...

i think he just means, if she ever decides to get into singing again, he'll support her in spirit and want her to do well because he feels like a parent and teacher to her even though if she does try a comeback it will no doubt be with some other agency

Anna said...

I think if Aibon wants to sing again she'll appear one day. It may be too soon now. I'm glad Tsunku is so positive. o_o

Malmeingehr said...

"~は別として" is similar to "~はともかく".

P.S. NTV has yet another different version.

"Not as producer, nor do I mean this is my parental love, but I feel like I were her master (and she were my apprentice), so I would like to keep supporting her, in a general sense."

P.P.S. "原宿" is "はらじゅく".

Xacur said...

Yes, it's cool to see Tsunku positive, after reading only negative posts and sensationalist press it's kinda "calming", I guess.

jim hak said...

I think he's being vague on purpose.

He's treading on tenuous ground. He can't go against the firing, or suggest Kago did it to get out of the contract. When you consider most of their talent is underage, if it seems like either they can't look after or control the girls, or that their contracts are so difficult to get out of that it takes a scandal to break them, no parent will sign their kid up!

Malmeingehr said...

A video streaming archive of the press conference is available here. The following is the complete transcript of Tsunku's comment on Kago.

REPORTER: どうですかあのモーニング娘。の…

TSUNKU♂: はいはい。

REPORTER: メンバーの中で一人…

TSUNKU♂: はいはいはい。

REPORTER: やっぱり心配でしょ? ああゆうことがあったわけで…

TSUNKU♂: そうですね。まああの~ま、残念ですけどね。まああの、復帰に向けて勉強していたってかね、頑張ってたんで、まああの期待はしてたんですけども、ま、結果的にはちょっと残念だなっていう気持ちはありますよね。はい。

REPORTER: これからやっぱり、もし何かあったらフォローしてあげようとか…?

TSUNKU♂: そうですね。ただあの~まあ、あの…何て言う…芸能界復帰がどうのこうのってのはまあちょっとあの~まあ…置いた、置いたとしてもですね、まあプロデューサーとしても親心という意味ではないんですけど、まあ、ある種師匠気分ではいるんで、大きな意味でね、え~応援はしていきたいなとは思ってます。はい。

REPORTER: でもやっぱりもったいないという気持ちは?

TSUNKU♂: そうです…ただまあ~あの、ルールはルールなんで、まあやっぱそこはね、あの~きっちりと、お~受け…止めていかなければいけないなと。それは我々もそうだし本人もそうだと思います。

Mick a.k.a. jinryuichi said...

Yeah, I read the post H!O, Tom. But there are still question marks all over the place. I mean, smoking scandal... yeah, she had history, but there are still ZERO photos to prove that. Maybe it's the relationship scandal only that exists. Maybe the smoking part is only made-up, and included along with the relationship scandal to put the nail in the coffin of removing Aibon entirely.

Thanks to the others for comments. What I'm wondering now, is whether Tsunku is involved in the decision making of firing Aibon, or not. Too many information is still concealed from the public, which makes the entire situation appear fishy to me.

A big "Thank You!" to Malmeingehr for providing us addiontal news sources and the effort of providing the full transcript of the interview.

My, my, my.... from the looks of it, seems like there is more to the story that we know.

Judging from Tsunku's grim expressions when questioned, and the way he takes a deep breath when asked "will there be some follow-up action if something happens"... maybe... and only maybe, Tsunku is probably may also be a victim of circumstances. And like Aibon, have no choice but be bound by the set regulations made by UFA.

After all, if my understanding of their business is correct, Tsunku is only a producer, and though he may have recruitment and scouting command, he may only possess limited(if any) authority of talent management over Hello! Project artistes. (Unlike TNX, where he has direct creative control over his artistes)

...... OR he is just acting. And washing his hands clean from the incident.

Just guessing here.......... hmmm~~~ (-_-;)

Anonymous said...

I've been wondering what your opinion of aibon is considering all that has happened within the past few weeks, jin-san, i mean, of course you were upset by the news, but are you upset at kago or at the circumstances that led to her demise?

Mick a.k.a. jinryuichi said...

@Anon... You can read my previous post and comments for that.

In summary, I still find the whole fiasco a bit too fishy to pick sides. I'm disappointed that Aibon is fired. But who's to say that it's entirely her fault? UFA on the other hand have their duty to guard their business interest. But are they overdoing it? Like Yaguchi Mari's case, there are questions that I think we will never have answers for.

It's just another showbiz tragedy. Unfortunately, it happened to UFA and Aibon. (T.T)

On the brighter side, the latest news is that the GM of Rakuten Eagles have considered taking in Aibon to join his club as a one of their cheerleaders. ^_^

Malmeingehr said...

Tsunku is only a producer, and though he may have recruitment and scouting command, he may only possess limited(if any) authority of talent management over Hello! Project artistes.

I think so, too. It's absurd to blame Tsunku for everything.

By the way, have you ever heard about Naoki Yamazaki, the chairman of Up-Front Group? The following link will be of interest:

Mick a.k.a. jinryuichi said...

Thanks for me link, Malmeingehr. (^_^)/
Interesting collection of information indeed.

I haven't read all of it yet (I'm still at work, spending my lunch break surfing), but from what I read so far, seems like Yamazaki-san is behind all final decisions made within Hello! Project/UFA projects. So it may be true that Tsunku isn't as powerful as most people think.
Interesting about the parts where Yamazaki-san is connected to some of the artistes.

But why is it that he can influence/finalize decisions made for UFA, UFW and other stuff? I mean, sure he's the chairman of UFG... but are they not different business entities?

The trend of Asian businessman? Hmm.... (-_-;)

Well anyway, thanks again. I get to reading the remaining ones when I get home.

Peace (^_^)v

Radicalpatriot said...

Note the timing. Aibon jettisoned what was left of her career right after the Chinese experiment was announced. That might have been the last straw as she probably felt her idol days were over for good; might as well smoke, drink, or do whatever else she wanted and enter the world of sadulthood.

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