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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Morning Musume Performs "Kanashimi Twilight" on Music Station

Morning Musume performed "Kanashimi Twilight ~ 悲しみトワイライト" in Music Station live. I must say that I enjoyed the song and the performance overall. But... Gaki-san's hairdo is just... not right. (-_-;)
And the outfits looks like a rehash from "Roman ~MY DEAR BOY~" design.

Video Link

One thing that is just too obvious - Yossie is heavily highlighted in the entire performance. The dance formation put Yossie right in the center at most times. Or more accurately, in HTML terms "absmiddle" (absolute middle). Did the hosts talk about Yossie's graduation during the interview segment? And therefore gave her lots of screentime? Or maybe was it executed on the request of Morning Musume's agency, to prominently feature Yossie, as a precursor to her solo career later on.

I have a feeling that when Yossie goes solo, her genre will be J-Rock, like Aikawa Nanase.

This will be the last single for our beloved Yoshizawa Hitomi as a member of Morning Musume. *sniff* (T^T)


Anna said...

Let's hope the sales will be a good sendoff for her, too.

It's good that Yossie gets so much attention now. She never really got any (probably since moonlight era). I love the dance moves too. O_O Let's hope people will actually buy this since it seemed like a lot of other good artists were there too.

Here's the link to the talk+perf on ms:

Craig said...

If this isn't the YODC clip of the week I'll be very surprised.

Langdon Alger said...

I am in the process of uploading it RIGHT NOW =)

sniper said...

lol her reaction to happy summer wedding was funny, but it was nice of her to be in the center since she usually is at the back.

Radicalpatriot said...

Can't really shed tears for Yossi's graduation because, judging from this video, she's being set up for either one hellacious solo run or a team effort with one or two others, a la Rika.

Tomo-chan said...

The song is great!! o_O I kinda like it more than the previous ones. the outfits, the dance... really nice! ^^ hopefully they'll have a good pv to that song.
we'll see what yossie will do in her solo carreer. I hope it won't be like rika's "solo" attempt.

Mick a.k.a. jinryuichi said...

@anna... Thanks for the link. (I downloaded it from the torrents also ^_^) It was a short talk, I wish it was longer. Let's see how it will fare in the charts.
@craig and langdon alger... NICE! Hehe~~! (^_^)b
@sniper... Or at the sides. ^_^
@RadP and tomo-chan.... Arrgh! I really hope it will NOT be like Rika-chan. Solo is best, Aikawa Nanase/Yaida Hitomi style.

Anonymous said...

wow takahashi is super hot in that

paul.thomas said...

I love the song, it's superb! The positioning of Yossie in this clip is the same as the PV

I would really like her to move into a Rock style, it would be a great move and suit so much!

Xacur said...

Just today I was trying to put my head in something else, and I decided to watch the MTG world championship.
In the finals the two guys were japanese and one of them had a shirt with the name "HITOMI YOSHISAWA" wrote in there like that. When comes the time to sideboard, between his cards, he has some photos of Hitomi too.
And I thought that MTG could distract my mind from MM, but I think world is trying to tell me something.
Hehehe ^^
BTW, the video is really cool and Yoshisawa looks great.

@Anon: Yeah, takahashi is so hot in that video ^^

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