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Friday, May 25, 2007

H!P HNPH News - Yasuda Kei in Theater and Tsuji Gives Sugiura a Go-Ahead

Yasuda Kei Promotes Her Latest Theater Work

There were many comment given by various celebrities regarding Tsuji's case. Even Hello! Project's own Yasuda Kei. Yasuda appeared for a press conference in Osaka, promoting her latest theater work in "Youkihi no Kanbouyaku" ~ 楊貴妃の漢方薬 where a tragic life story of Yang Kwei Fei, the concubine of the last emperor of Tang Dynasty in China. The play will be performed in HEP HALL in Osaka until the 29th this month. When asked, Yasuda commented about Tsuji, by saying that she didn't think Tsuji would surpass her (by getting married). Furthermore adding that although Tsuji have to apologise for the trouble caused in her work, Yasuda hopes that everyone, as previously said by Tsuji herself, to "watch over Tsuji warmly".

Tsuji Nozomi Gives Permission to Sugiura Taiyou to be Gay!

Don't be scared, I'll explain. ^_^

Tsuji Nozomi have recently appeared on the news again. Tsuji's husband (Gah... I can't believe I've just typed 'HUSBAND' there T^T ) Sugiura Taiyou attended the private screening of the movie "Academy" that he also a part of. This movie is a production directed by Gavin Young. In short, it tells the story of trials and tribulations of a few aspiring dancers when joining AAA (that's "Australia Art Academy", not the other AAA ^_^). The movie will open in theaters on 2nd of June. Here's the interesting part - Sugiura plays the part of a gay student falling in love with a fellow male classmate. Tsuji's comment as quoted by Sugiura -> "Since it's a guy, it's OK. I'll allow it.". Sugiura added that everyone should catch the movie and see the "boy's lifestyle" as presented in the movie.

Oh, another thing.... Leah Dizon, who guest stars in the movie was also at the event, and she presented Sugiura a bouquet, which he accepted with smiles. Maybe being gay is OK, but THAT's a No-No!

Endnote: I almost mistyped the post title... Use your dirtiest imagination and you will know what I mean. ^_^


Anonymous said...

The only thing I can think of is "Tsuji Nozomi Gives Sugiura Taiyou a..". But that'd be too wrong :P

Samai said...

Ooo don't look to shock! i'm sure Tsuji has already put that theory into practise...

Anna said...

XD All very interesting!

Rikki said...

"husband"? Did they get married? I knew they were engaged, but when did they get married? If they are not married he is her fiance, not her husband.

Mick a.k.a. jinryuichi said...

I know, Rikki. It's just a figure of speech. Even Sugiura refers Tsuji in the articles as his "bride". ^_^

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