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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Tsuji Nozomi pregnant?! And is getting married??!!

It's true. Tsuji Nozomi IS pregnant. Two months. And now she is getting married on 17th June.

It is known that on the 7th, Tsuji Nozomi (19 yrs), former member of popular idol group Morning Musume will marry Sugiura Taiyou (26 yrs). Tsuji is currently 2 months pregnant. The couple have been going out since 2 years, and apparently at the end of the same year they have been witnessed to frequently visit each other's home. Though Tsuji have formed a new unit "Gyaruru" on April, she dropped out of the theater "Itsu no hi ka kimi kaeru" which is opening on the 4th, with the reason of acute gastroenteritis.

Source from Sports Hochi


The news scans here. -->

UPDATE 2: The news in video, so you know how her boyfriend looks like. -->

SOOoooo... is that why Tsuji is moved to TNX label? Because Hello! Project cannot tolerate this kind of things?
Two pregnants pregnant, eh? That's February, so meaning they had sex on Valentine's day? Oh, wait... that's also when we got news about Kago's comeback on February... so the couple decided to have sex to celebrate the news or what? This reminds me a lot about Ishiguro Aya's case.

Sorry for ranting... I can't take this at the mo. Actually, I don't mind her having a boyfriend or anything, but the timing is just not quite right. Think about it ... the concerts, the theater, Gyaruru, Gatas Brilhantes, fan club events... etc. She has affected everyone else's schedule. Just like Kago...

So now... The Tsuji-Kago twin-effect have proven true. Maybe the two of them should have been in better control from the start...

I need to go to work now.


Anna said...

Could explain why the illness and I kind have noticed she's gotten a lil more plump than usual. O_O I may just be overthinking.

T_T What has this world become?

I'm starting to rethinkg UFA a bit... and the H!P girls..are they really that careless now?

Xacur said...

What about that?
And UFA knew that?
I can't understand that.
BTW, Mick, the way you say "...they decided to have sex to celebrate..." isn't it a bit rude?, well it's just my opinion.

Man! it's just amazingly... strange... is it a Joke or what?

pengie said...

The official H!P announcement is up. I'm racing to translate/ make some sense of it.

Ayumi said...

I did think it was odd that an H!P girl suddenly went TNX... maybe this was why?

The Two Top will always be the Two Top. If Nono is cancelled from UFA like Aibon was, the two of them will be the first to do so. Maybe Nono and Aibon sort of planned this... in an odd way. here's my scenario:

Aibon came back mid-January, right? Aibon and Nono met, divulged secrets of their boyfriends, and stated that one wouldn't continue without the other; at least not under the UFA label. Nono and her boyfriend had started becoming more serious. Shortly before Aibon got caught with whats-his-name of SOMA, Nono got pregnant. Aibon got cancelled from UFA, and not too long after, Tsuji realized she was pregnant and is now in this situation.

I don't know how much sense that made. I'd draw you a storyboard but I'm a bad artist XD.

Congrats to Nono... and cheers to the power of the Two Top.

PS - With no offense to Nono, do you guys remember the Bakajo Kimitsu Test or something close to that? The W girls were at the bottom... makes me wonder.

pengie said...

Okay, scratch that--this is the thing from the other day about her gastro...whatever. I need to look more carefully at dates.

Maybe we will see W reformed after this. Hehe.

Vyvy said...

looks like Tsuji is living out Kago's dream. Well, atleast he's a lot better looking than the Soma guy... >_>

Mick a.k.a. jinryuichi said...

@anna... yeah, I HAD thought the illness thing was a little suspicious. I knew a doctor who mistook my friend's pregnancy condition for a gastritis.
@xacur... I'm not trying to be rude, xacur... actually it's much closer to the truth. anyone who can read the newspaper clip above will know what i mean. Will explain below...
@ayumi... Nice attempt on the guess, ayumi... though it was different from what the news reporter's findings.
@pengie... Damn, you got me jumping there! ^_^

Mick a.k.a. jinryuichi said...

You're just in time, vyvy. I was about to talk about Tsuji's boy...

I'm at work now, I don't have time to share much at the mo, but here's a short summary -->

Mari Yaguchi have acted in a drama series "Sentou no Musume", also in that drama is Sugiura Taiyou younger brother - Sugiura Taiou. And that's how they knew each other. Apparently, Tsuji was feeling down because of Aibon's scandal, and Sugiura was the one who to comforted her... in other words, have filled up the gap in her heart at the time of sadness. That's when love seeds have been sown.

End of the day, I don't care if Tsuji have a significant other. Or any of the girls in H!P have secret boyfriends. But she should have been more careful... if she really need to have sex, then she could have used the condom. Mostly I blame the guy for this.

I need to get back to work... I got a dateline to meet. Have a nice day ahead.......... :(

Vyvy said...

It's kinda of not fair though... Aibon is caught holding hands and it's like the worse thing ever. Tsuji is found pregnant and most people are quite happy for her... and I don't hear any news about what UFA is going to do. Are they going to fire her? Or is she going to get a better chance than Kago?

Xacur said...

@vyvy: I see this more like they are getting use to it.

fcpremix14 said...

My best friend called me just to tell me this news. Thanks for the summary though Mick.

I don't even know what to think. There's seriously some cause-and-effect thing going on between Nono and Aibon.

kfgnmoisrtn AHH FORGET THE LOGICAL TALK...WHY THE F*CK IS THIS HAPPENING?!!!!ntgoijryoijnet;roig

James said...

There is one obvious word for this in Japanese:

Anna said...

Random say:

Yossie is now listed as solo and MM's pic is w/o Yossie. As far as we know she has no single planned yet. Just plays and a dinner event. T_T Tsunku better not waste this talent! Have you noticed the werid happenings with 4th gen now? Rika may be next.....

Anonymous said...

I guess you can say Nono showed her 'true fangs' hehe

jim h said...

I just noticed Taiyo looks freakishly like a male Aibon...

Anonymous said...

Well, the big differences between Nono and Aibon are:

1) Kago's man is married. Tsuji's getting married to her man.

2) Kago's man is old. Tsuji's is her age.

3) Kago's giving herself lung cancer. Tsuji's only reproducing, which doesn't (usually) cause permanent damage.

So is it any wonder fans are less upset about Tsuji?

Rob said...

Boys and Girls be Ambitious, indeed!

At least Nozo-hime has not been caught smoking, which is a good thing considering her condition.

Is Mika Todd the only Mini Moni member to escape scandal? Where is she now, smoking? Pregnant? Both?

Anonymous said...

Well so far no scandals with Aichan, at least not yet

Ayumi said...

Mika was going to be a voice actor for a cartoon called 'Da Jammies' which I've been waitin for for like... half a year. Maybe that's her curse; not to get the chance to break into that sort of area.

A lot of people are bringing up the MiniMoni curse now; but we know this:

Either the Sakura Gumi curse is gone, or it only applies to totally bad news. Would that make Otome Gumi a good luck charm? Didn't Reina have a scandal that she got out of? Something small? Lucky~!

Any way you tink about it, theis does have some dsort of positive effect.

Anonymous said...

They probably have been having sex for long time but the condom slipped out of place in one of their....intimate session in February.

I bet Tsuji didn't realise it at the time too.


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