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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Kago Ai on FRIDAY! [ UPDATED ]

UPDATED 5:51 P.M. : From FRIDAY content listing, apparently this article will be published on 9th of March. But I wonder how the contents got leaked out...

m.m.p. has the article excerpts. Found the same the contents at 2ch, BUT I am unable to confirm the authenticity of the excerpts.

FRIDAY article excerpt:


Other excerpts and comments by Aibon herself:
・去年は実家で家事ばっかりやってた 友達にも会わなかった
・この前辻が事務所にケーキ持ってきてくれた 』

『復帰させたいとは思っているが時期も方法も未定 』

EDIT: Good man epifanes at Hello!Online have saved our time and went ahead to translate partially:
- currently, she is serving tea and taking phones at the agency (she served tea to the Friday reporter as well)
- "I feel bad for (what my action caused to) fans, staff and members, but I definitely want to sing again"
-last year she spent doing household works all the time, no time even for meeting friends. Currently she is living in Tokyo and cooking for herself.
- up until now, her life motto was "Let things flow", but it changed. She finally understand her mom's saying "You should open up(decide) your own life"
- she met the members after long time in Yokohama Arena, but as she lost weight, no one recognized her at first
- Tsuji brought her a cake to agency a while ago

Agency: We are thinking of wanting to let her (Aibon) return, but the timing and method is still undecided.

If this was for real, I don't mind Aibon working part-time or serving tea for a little while longer,.... until the shackles have been taken off, of course. ^_^

I'm still be going to the store to double check. At least NOW I know how the cover looks like.

Bring back Aibon! \(^o^)/

==================== @@@ ========================

UPDATE 3:32 P.M.:
Found the full text from 2ch ==> 上京、事務所で“お茶汲み”修行生活

"Going to an office in the capital city(Tokyo), 'serving tea' training life"
?? O_o ?? Man... she better not be working as a OL (office lady) or tea lady or something...

Additionally, I found out that lots of people having calling up the H!P fan club for news and....
.... you know what, I'll stop here and just stick to getting the magazine. It's all hear-say stuff anyways.

And I got a job to keep too...

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Published: 1:21 P.M.

Thanks to Anna for the headsup!

Found Kago Ai's picture on the FRIDAY magazine from the uploaders.

I could not find similar info/pic from the Internet FRIDAY website.
Usually, it's typical of FRIDAY to pre-announce their scoops and headlines before it hits the stores and online accounts. But I could not find anything there, and I don't have an account with FRIDAY.

So let's just analyse what we got...

Picture #1
: What we have here are only a few big readable words that I'm concerned about - 上京修行.
And a small "奈良 ->". We got "Going to the capital city from Nara to study". O_o
Can't make out the first two words from that line on the top right but it translates to "[ XX & Confession ] Scoop"

Picture #2
: Now, it's this picture of Aibon sitting down with a cuppa on hand that caught my attention. What is THIS? An exclusive interview? For the same magazine that caused her career??

I'm busy at work now, will go to the stores tonight. And if it is available, I suppose I will ...*sigh*... BUY the magazine, to confirm the news and to see what it's all about... AND to check if it is an old picture after all.

......*sigh*... so much for boycotting FRIDAY...

For those who have the mag and have more info on this, please share with us. Thanks!


Xacur said...

Ok, now I'm dying to know what's all that about.
And would like to know what is "tonight" for you (because of the hours difference) ^^U

Anna said...

xD Your welcome! I hope we get more info soon! :d

Anonymous said...

looks like Friday Magazine has nothing better to do and come up with some stupid report of Aibon to increase their viewership.

The 1st pics says she went to some cram school for revision in Nara.

Xacur said...

Man I'm definitively using your translation in some forum, I hope you don't mind ^^.
Thanks for everything.

Mick a.k.a. jinryuichi said...

no problem.... but if you are using the article translation, don't forget to credit epifanes of H!O.


Cookie Holiday said...

This is brilliant,to see any news at all tells me not to give up hope just yet.

Craig said...

If that's her situation then hey that isn't so bad... could be a good life experience for her (and make her return all that sweeter :) ).

Aqua ~アクア~ said... i found the hole article here, but i can't read any of it :(

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