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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Matsuura Aya..... and her Happiness

Couldn't sleep. All because of UFA/Hello! Project for no news on Aibon. So to occupy my mind before I go mad, I grabbed my guitar, played it for a while.......... then I recorded this song and made this video. Some mistakes here and there though.

Happiness by Matsuura Aya.
Combined the arrangement for Ayaya's Hello Pro Hour performance and her live rendition at Shinka no Kisetsu concert.

Love this song. Love the lyrics even more. One have to listen to Ayaya sing this one to realise that Ayaya is no longer that young cutie pie with cute demeanor of introducing her self with a high pitched "Matsuura Aya deeeesuuuu~~~". She is now a solid songstress in her own right, with great singing ability. A real woman. I prefer that she gets more songs like this in the future.

I wonder why they made Happiness is a B-side song. And what is furthermore baffling is that UFA is not capitalizing on her talent but kept her on a passive mode as noted by Mitsui of Ikimasshoi.

Was it because of her jaw injury? Okay so maybe... only maybe.... her injury in October have further delayed her possible next single release. And now she is not being kept inactive so as not to further aggravate her condition. But she seems to be okay now. Was it because of her participation as one half of GAM? The entertainment scene in Japan is not NBA. The media in Japan forget easily and will move on to the next focal point in an instance.

I for one, hope that Ayaya gets more opportunities to shine this year. UFA have been pushing Ayaya last year as a mature Jpop solo presense, and it's only logical that they follow-up much more closely in 2007. Otherwise, when the fans lost their interest, all their previous effort are wasted.

Ayaya in Hello Pro Hour

Ayaya in 2006 Fall Concert Tour ~Shinka no Kisetsu~


Cookie Holiday said...

Firstly, thanks for the links to the guitae tabs, I knew a coupleo f them but there was a few there which were new to me.

Personally I wouldn't be surprised if it was just poor decision making from UFA as to why Aya isn't in the spotlight as much as she should be. I'll be honest and say I'm not her biggest fan but I can still see that she sells and that surely is what's most important, there may well be something I'm missing but I wouldn't put it past UFA to just be havinga mad moment like this as it wouldn't be the first time.

Xacur said...

Well, it's my opinion.
Ayaya's naked song is one of the best works in hello!project (I would say the best) but is in some way different from what the fans could wait. I mean, it's not the common happy pop songs. The sales of the disk let us see this. I've loved "don't know why" since Nora Jones sang it, and now that I moved to J-Music I was really glad to know Ayaya has these good taste for music.
I would not say she is a solid songtress, but she is the way and with strong steps. I can see few of the H!P girls out of the Idol scene with succesful serious carrers and Matsuura Aya is one of this.
in addition she is one of the cutest girls I've ever seen.

Anna said...

Aya really made a bold move in her naked songs album. I really loved it. I didn't think her japanese fans were very supportive, since they were suspecting the same ol' happy poppy Aya songs.

I agree with xacur; one of the best works in H!P. She has really sharp vocals, but it seems right now its all about GAM.

A long time ago I read somewhere that because of the low album sales (Naked Songs Album), Tsunku made a new unit; GAM. I guess it was to regain Aya's popularity and Miki was there to remind us about her solo career? (+ being best friends) xD

Mick a.k.a. jinryuichi said...

Good points made, guys... ^_^

I have only recently noticed from that Ayaya has been scheduled as a regular on the Utawara show. I would hate it if Ayaya is being setup to move to being a normal tarento (TV personality) like Yaguchi.

If the GAM act is in the next push, I don't mind. (At least we can see some lesbian action ^_^ ) But I'm more interested to see Ayaya taken more seriously as a solo act.

Anonymous said...

Wait a second.
Aya had gotten a jaw injury?
How'd she get that?
We can't really find out about these things here...especially that I don't speak any Japanese. (I'm learning though)
So that's why she was off scene for a bit.
By the way, the way you played the song was amazing! It has such a nostalgic feel to it. *Saves to favorites*^^V

You think you can fill me in a little on the situation of Aya?
I really adore her.
She's my favorite Japanese singer!^^V

Thanks a lot!
And keep playing!


Mick a.k.a. jinryuichi said...

Thanks, I will.

That jaw injury was quite some time ago. I have posted the link in the article, here it is.

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