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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

GAM - New Single, New Outfit

So after the much discussed Gay Great Aya and Miki single "Melodies", they have a new song coming up and a new outfit. It is their 3rd single now, to be released on March 21st. It's called "Lu Lu Lu".

Had a listen of the radio rip of Lu Lu Lu, and the supposedly coupling song (B-side) Family, it's a rip from Mikitty's Dokimiki Night radio show.
[ Note: For preview purposes only. ]

"Lu Lu Lu". What a title... The good thing about it though, is that it is easy to remember, even if you don't remember/like the song. It makes you want to look for that phrase, and when it's found, you're halfway to the song already. (But I don't think the songwriter/lyricist think of it as complicated as I do ^_^)

Honestly, I like the song "Lu Lu Lu" (or "Lululu". Not sure which is right). Sounds like a nice song to be made into a soundtrack of a movie. One thing though - Mikitty has gotta start learning how to do harmonies. You can't leave it all to Ayaya all the time. As for "Family", this rock & roll piece ain't a family song. ^_^
Tom has pre-ordered the single, and I hope he enjoys it.

But you know what pops into my head when I saw the single cover? 90's duo and pop sensation - Wink. Somehow something is telling me that the current GAM is an after-millennium version of Wink. (Maybe it's the hat? ^_^) If that's true, GAM may be much more popular with the release of their 3rd single, just as Wink did with theirs. But I may be dreaming, cos' I'm not sure if "Lululu" can top the Oricon charts.

We'll see if a GAM-only concert ever take place, just as boldly declared by Ayaya and Mikitty in the Hello!Project 2007 Winter Shuugetsu! 10th Anniversary Concert. Maybe Aida Shoko (one half of Wink) can give the girls a few pointers. (Note that Aida Shoko is currently working with Up Front Works)

Lastly,..... mini-skirt one-piece for the outfit. Probably going for a 1920's kind of fashion, an era where the 'GAM' takes their name from.

What I don't understand is that if this outfit is for showing them legs, why are they are given high stockings that goes past the knees? Show the legs but cover 'em up again? What's the point?

Wink image taken from


freakboy_et said...

Hi!!!ur blog is amazing, really amazing!!! in mexico is sooo a trouble to know H!P news but u make it more easy 4 all thank you!!

U said that GAM its the newer version of WINK but remember that Double U cover sabishii nettaigyo, one of wink's singles before.

don't know, im only remember that

arigatou muchas gracias!!!

sniper said...

LULULU reminds me a bit of melodies, as for family well lets just say to me it doesnt seem right for GAM

Anna said...

Miki seems to completely take over Lu Lu Lu song...I really like Family too. It's a pretty decent single, with GREAT covers! xD

If GAM were to ever have its own tour and album what would happen to Miki and MM?

That also brings me to the point of..

Koharu Kusumi's upcoming album. I've recently listened to the album which were all awesome, but do you think there will be a tour for herself? Little girls squealing for their newest idol? xD

To me there should be a MM+GAM+Kirarin SUPER TOUR!!! XD

Also I made a little list of the dates of the albums being released the same as Kirarin:
Anna Tsuchiya inspi' Nana (Black Stones)

Ayumi Hamasaki:
[2007.02.28] A BEST 2 -BLACK- (Best Album)
[2007.02.28] A BEST 2 -WHITE- (Best Album)

Koharu Kusumi
[2007.02.28] Mitsuboshi

[2007.02.28] never+land

Olivia inspi' Reira (Trapnest)
[2007.02.28] Olivia inspi' Reira (Trapnest)

I have to much to say... gomen

paul.thomas said...

I've still hear the single, I never like listening to the radio rips, I generally leave it until I get the CD or I see the PV.

As for the knee high socks....I love legs...I love legs in knee high socks more, I love that pic, lol

Mick a.k.a. jinryuichi said...

@freakboy_et... thanks! ^_^ For me, before Miss Love Tantei was released, W was more like BaBe rather than Wink. Both are duos of cute and funny girls. Though I do have a drafted post comparing Wink and W, I find that it is difficult after all. Just my opinion. ^_^

@sniper... Yeah, Lu Lu Lu is a GAM material. Family is still OK to me though. Kinda like Mikitty's Boogie Train from way back... ^_^

@Anna... Daijoubu... post as long as you want! ^_^ Thanks for those info, I see Koharu is up against strong competition. For the super tour, maybe MM+GAM+Kirarin+W is much better, don't you think? ^_^

@Tom... Of course the radio rips are for preview only. ^_^ ........And girls with knee high socks are always difficult for me to strip..... :P

aud said...

Hi, I just wanted to say that the reason they're given thigh high socks is beccause that fashion's really popular in Japan right now. It actually makes it sexier than just wearing miniskirts with regular heels. :)

Oh, and I really like your blog:)

Xacur said...

Ayaya as cute as always ^_^
Aya is the greatest idol in H!P. I say it even when my favorite is Aibon.
I just can't take the duo with Miki. Miki.. I just don't like her... keep my opinion. For me, Gam is like the grat dilema, to like it or not to like it T_T.
Ayaya rules!!!

Faramir, said...

Hey xacur! Coincidentally, I also agree with your tastes with regard to Ayaya, Aibon, and Miki:

Ayaya is the top-selling soloist in H!P, Aibon has always been my favourite, and I also don't like Miki.

Mick a.k.a. jinryuichi said...

@aud.... Thanks for visiting. I see, so it's fashion, huh? ^_^

@xacur and Faramir.... Same for me also. ^_^ But lately, I'm beginning to like Mikitty. It's always fun to watch her in Haromoni.

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