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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Jin's Holiday and Reflection

First of all, many many many thanks to all who have been coming back to visit this blog! (^_^)v

I am in in the middle Chinese New Year celebration, and taking a long break in the process. Overall, I had an enjoyable timeout from work and stress, but rest assured I did not forget about this site. So thanks again to all. :)

I went back hometown to my parent's place. Coupled with lots of house visits and activities, I am totally cut off from the Jpop world. All my songs and CDs are in my hard disks and are 200 kilometres away from where I am typing here right now. It's a strange feeling of not getting my daily dosage of Jpop and Hello! Project goodness since Friday. But I'm sure that I'll be blasting my speakers away once I get back on Wednesday.

Now that I'm back online, I noticed a few things. One - the Jpop world has been considerably quiet now. Then again, so is everything else in the world. The first few months of the year has always been like this. So now I'm looking forward to see what would happen when summer comes. Two - other major Hello! Project based/related sites have major improvements. With lots of news, updates and features to cater for everyone, certainly taking all site visitors and surfers seriously. Also the blog world as a whole, cos' I keep finding new blogs popping up here and there from beginning of January till now. Is there a world phenomenon going on that I don't know about? Or the awareness of the power of blogging is picking up again?

SoOOOOoo....., what else? Ah yes, during this break, I took opportunity to do some reflection, on my life, job, .... and my blogging. (Gosh, this must be the n-th time I blog about blogging)

On blogging:
Firstly, I thought that I should improve this site. Perhaps improve it's user-friendliness by adding more widgets and the like. Secondly, generate revenue from site visits. Plus, I thought it would be great if I can help endorse Hello! Project merchandise. Just a little bit of support from a rabid H!P fan. But there are a few hiccups.

Adding widgets and stuff slows the site down considerably. It's times like this I wish I have registered my own so that I can host my own scripts/images locally. No doubt the migration will be darn painful, because Blogger don't have backup features.

Google Adsense rejected my application because of linking and copyright issues (newsgroups, video clips and images). And (English version) list of H!P merchandise is SO limited (compared to the Japan version). hasn't gotten back to me yet. Plus, I notice that some ads slows down the site too.

So I guess the conclusion is this: No ads. Minimal widgets.

In the end what I decided that this site is to stay true to my original purpose - a fan blog of Hello! Project and Morning Musume news.

So to everyone reading this, please continue to check back and visit again. Thanks for the support! v(^o^)v


Graham. Australia said...

I have to say that your site, as is, works very well for me. I have really appreciated your comments and articles since finding your blog last year. I came across it when looking, trawling for news on Aibon. I got so tired of all the silly and sick rumours going around that I only catch up on news of Aibon on your site and Ikimasshoi. I do hope that you will be around for a long time doing what you do. Many many thanks.

Xacur said...

Yeah, I wanna thank you too, Mike.
And I limited my searchs to Ikimasshoi and this blog too ^_^.
You are doing ell, but an improvement is always well apresiated, hehe.
Happy Holidays and congratulations for your good work in this blog.

Faramir, said...

"And I limited my searchs to Ikimasshoi and this blog too"
me too!

Frox said...

You´re doing great, I like the style. It´s great as it is.

And if you ever need some space on teh intarweb, just tell me.

Mick a.k.a. jinryuichi said...

Thanks for the kind words guys! ^_^

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