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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Tsunku, Yaguchi Mari and Iida Kaori in Politics..... ?!

This is just absurd.

I was wondering what this was all about...

Later I found out that Tsunku, Yaguchi Mari and Iida Kaori are part of the supporting team for the mayor election in Kyushuu. Source from WHG.

Now I hold nothing against what they are doing... but just where the heck is the connection?! Tsunku is from Osaka, Marippe is from Kanagawa and Kaorin is from Hokkaidou.

Something tells me that these are old pictures, cos' Marippe's hairdo wasn't like this in the recent "Yaguchi Hitori" show. If that's so, this means this ain't the first time they are doing this. (Or maybe Yaguchi has used extensions in her show)

Is Tsunku's appetite for exposure that strong, so as to be affiliated with politics as well? It's fine that Hello! Project participates in various promotions of other merchandise and public campaigns. But does Tsunku intend to allow Hello! Project to be available for bookings in political activities as well?

.... I don't know what else to say.


Radicalpatriot said...

Nice exclusive! It could well be that Tsunku and his H!P colleagues were simply paid to endorse this guy. It's been done before.

Xacur said...

I can't see what's bad with that. Maybe it's 'cause I study laws but i think people must promote his politic believes the way they can, as long as they respect others. I don't know japanese politic but I think that if they support this man is because they share some politic ideals. ^_^
Remember that the vary true intention of music is comunicate feelings, emotions and ideals.
That is just my opinion.

ahrjay said...

Those are not old pictures. That event just happened a week ago. Just check Mari's and Kaori's pages in Japanese Wikipedia.

Mick a.k.a. jinryuichi said...

thanks for confirming the news, guys... ^_^

@xacur.... I understand what you mean. And I apologise if i upset anyone on this but I just can't stand having H!P involved in activities that have political agendas. but that's just my personal opinion... :)

James said...

Is it H!P involvement?
Just because they're idols doesn't mean they are only ever in the public eye for their job.

Sure it could be Tsunku telling H!P they have to appear at an event he wants invovement in, but it could just as easily be 3 people who all want to support the same political party.

sniper said...

heehe they both kinda look like their old momusu days...but yeh marippe just got that hairstyle a while ago so it aint old.

Celedam said...

...she went back to her old hairstyle sometime some time in January. The hairstyle has also started to appear on her two weekly shows, as they work through their backlog of previously taped segments.

The jury is out on whether it's a good or bad move. Sure, she looked more mature and elegant with the long, dark hair (almost matronly, if you include the extra weight and the crocheted shawls), but I'm guessing she also lost a big chunk of her recognizability. -This- is the Mari that the general public remembers from a few years ago. The same goes for Kaorin: notice that she's growing her hair out again.

My hunch is that management finally realized they were diluting the brand too much and losing their mainstream (i.e., non-wota) fanbase. The 10th Anniversary campaign is their effort to reconsolidate the brand, and that includes asking the graduates to come back and help out.

Mick a.k.a. jinryuichi said...

Thanks for dropping by, celedam. ^_^

I prefer Marippe in short hair as well. She looks cuter that way. But Marippe in long locks is still fine by me. :)

Sometimes I wonder whose decision is it on the artiste's image and style. Is it the management, or the artiste's personal preference? (In Hello! Project of course)

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