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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Kago Ai on Friday 2...... Clearer Scans

Welp... I went to the store alright, but nope, no latest issue of Friday (the one with Aibon), it seems like we are at least a week late over here. Apparently, it's already on sale in Okinawa, Japan. Probably that's where these scans come from.

Luckily for us, the larger and clearer scans are already up in the uploaders.

Other than having to break my vow of not purchasing Friday anymore since February 2006, yes I am happy for this news. But there are some things that I'm thinking about...

Just why... why has it got to be FRIDAY providing this follow-up news?

I had thought that UFA and FRIDAY would be sworn enemies after the smoking scandal, but no... their reporters even get served tea by Aibon. Something tells me that there is an underlying agreement between UFA and FRIDAY.

Okay, we all know that the paparazzi and the entertainment biz have to co-exist to stay alive. That one cannot live without the other. But shouldn't there be a line drawn somewhere?

I'll get to reading the scans now...


paul.thomas said...

Literally just recieved an email telling me of this article in Friday, truly great, and just after I'd prepared myself for her never to come back.

Time to quickly finish off what i'm doing and pop out and grab a copy and just generally be very happy.

sniper said...

i just saw the news on hello!online and thought i have to come here to see a bit more lol.
but im glad shes back an all yay! shell get to be in yossies grad 4th gen is back xD

i find it funny though that the UFA let the magazine that released gossip about what she did actually interview her...
well i just hope she starts singing soon

m said...

she sure did lose sum weight huh??


Xacur said...

I don't think entertainment biz and paparazzis have to co-exist. Paparazzis are just a made up need like the cream substitute.

Anna said...

I wonder how long it will take before the offical comeback? O_O As long as we know Aibon is back, I'm satisfied... (for now! XD)

Do you think Nono and Aibon will come back as W(double you)? Or something different? o_o;;

Jeff said...

I think the fact that she did an interview with Friday makes it seem like she's taking responsibility for the cigarette scandal, rather than blaming them for showing it... She apologized pretty sincerely, in the bits of the article that have been released. I'm still angry with the magazine, but I think that shows a lot of humility and maturity on her part.

I am so anxious for this to turn into a comeback. She looks great, but a little too skinny to me, in the umbrella picture. But it's def. Aibon, and she has the best smile in the world :)

Faramir, said...

After viewing the above pictures, I can't help but mention that Aibon is a real natural beauty, both physically and spiritually, especially the latter which shines through her countenance and enhances her already good looks.

Aqua ~アクア~ said...

woah thank you for the summery.. that site i linked to before has the colour photos from this article :)

Radicalpatriot said...

My God, she looks almost like she did years ago when she did that Tanpopo number with Yaguchi, Rika and Iida.

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