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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Aibon Fans Too Desperate For News...

... that they have to start digging the information graveyard.

Lately, I've been patrolling the Japanese domain for news on Kago Ai, and what did I found? Lots of people have been scavenging the old pics of Aibon, and after comparing her debut pictures and her recent ones, Aibon is suspected of undergoing plastic surgery.

Sure, we're all desperate for a teeny amount of update on Aibon's status, but no point coming up with stories like this to fill up the void. If we have compare any of our pictures back when you are 12 years old and ... say, 16 years old, OF COURSE you'll see a difference. People grow up. Girls for that matter, undergo a hundred transformation from puberty to late teens, in my opinion (And that's what make the girls so special ^_^ ). It's a time where you begin to show your facial similarities of your parents. Moreover, with that many weight changes in Aibon's lifetime, there's bound to be lots of differences. (And even if she did go under the surgeon's knife, so what? It's a common trend in the entertainment scene. No need to make a big fuss about it, correct?)
And I'm not posting any of those "comparison pictures", don't wanna ride the wrong wind.

Take myself for example. I'll be frank - that pic on my Blogger profile ain't recent. In fact it was taken about 4 years ago. Even though I am long past my teen years, I still look different now because of my rapid weight changes. See for yourself ->

Here's me 4 years ago:

Here's me today:

See the difference?

Okay..... I'm sorry. That's not me. But everyone is allowed to have fantasies, yes? ^_^
Besides, I think I've made my point already. \(^o^)/

NOTE: For those who don't know, that's Korean heartthrob and the star of "Winter Sonata" - Bae Yong Joon.


Anonymous said...

Well, I don't know if this comments are true or not, what I know is that these are so not new news. Two years ago, when I got to know about Morning Musume, a couple of girls (one from South Korea and another one from Japan) already told me about Kago and the surgery. I actually think it's true, since her eyes have changed completely. And well, I am not against surgery, but it's quite weird that you consider normal that kids (because she was a kid back then) get surgery to make them prettier. It seems it's something normal in Japan, but that doesn't mean that I like the idea (as I also don't like that they pose in an erotic way when day are under 18).

Xacur said...

Hahaha, I believe it at first sight, jaja, because I didn't know the artist.
Any way, I'm sure that this rumors and gossips are, as you said, just the need of fans for some Aibon news.
It dont even matter if shee has or has not.
People change a lot and some people does more then other. But, again, It doesn't matter. ^_^

sniper said...

heehe lol i actually thought WOAH is that rly? you even though ive seen a pic of that guy somewhere...

but yh people do change when they grow up i mean errmm take Tsuji her eyes used to be kinda a bit squinty now look how round they are and how her face has developed from the cute ness to a more older cuteness lol

Mick a.k.a. jinryuichi said...

\(^o^)/ Heh!
Maybe I should hide that last paragraph, so that everyone will think that this blog belongs to Yon-sama. ^_^

rob said...

Forget Aibon, more pictures of Jin! He is so hot!

Anonymous said...

Ha, That first pic looks like that guy from Rip Slyme! ^_^

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