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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Full Translated Transcript of Tsuji and Sugiura Press Conference

I'm doing this because I'm still curious... and some of the bits are quite... cute and romantic, but intriguing to say the least. Yes, there are some cover-ups.

Here is the full translated transcript of Tsuji Nozomi and Sugiura Taiyou's press conference to announce their marriage.

UPDATE: Complete!!
Whew... it's a lot of work, I didn't think it would be this long. But in summary, a light hearted interview, with lots of funny bits. The press keep trying to dig some ugly info from them, but Tsuji and Sugiura answered them the best they can.

In a way, I can relate to Sugiura's feelings and the responsibilities that he have to undertake, because I am going to get married soon as well. Thought I hate it when I think of the havoc Tsuji has caused in everyone around for this shotgun marriage, I guess after being an avid Nono fan for so many years, I have no choice but to offer my best wishes and hope that she have a happy marriage and a healthy baby.


Sugiura: Hello, thanks for all for gathering here from your busy schedule. At this time, we would like to announce that I, Sugiura Taiyou and Tsuji Nozomi will get married. On March I have turned 26 of age. She is still 19 years old. Although she turns 20 next month, she will register in the family in welcoming her turning to 20 years of age. At this time, to everyone, especially to her related company staff, and the all fans, we have caused worry and inconvenience to you all. We offer our deep apologies. Truly sorry for this.

Tsuji: Hello everyone, and thank you very much. Because of this sudden state, for causing worry and inconvenience to all the fans and people, truly sorry for this. I, Tsuji Nozomi have decided to marry Sugiura Taiyou. I am truly happy. From now on, please watch over us warmly.

Sugiura: To elaborate my dating with her in detail, on April last year, it started and came to know each other through a mutual acquaintance, in the form of a group friendship, and started going out during summer. Through this association, we came fall in love with each other. Round about January this year, we started to think about marriage, and at the time of my birthday on 10th March, I proposed to her and gave her a ring as a present. Both our parents have given consent, have reported to both of our agencies in the beginning of April and received their acknowledgement. We thought of giving preference to marriage, but because we both have our own work, we thought of putting it on hold. However due to the change in her physical condition, at that time we came to realise that she was possibly pregnant. Of holding this press conference in a hurry, please be kind to us.

Tsuji (T)
Sugiura (S)
Press (Q)

Q: When exactly did the love relationship begin?

S: About summer last year.

Q: When did the notion for marriage start?

S: January this year.

Q: And Tsuji-san?

T: Because I have the feeling of love, I thought that it's nice to get married, but practically I haven't really thought about it.

Q: How many months pregnant?

T: 9 weeks pregnancy.

Q: What were the proposal words?

S: How embarassing! Because I love her smile, so I said "I want to look at your smile forever. Would you be with me for always?"
(Note: Sugiura proposed to Tsuji in Kansai dialect)

T: Honestly, when those words are said to me, my mind went blank. Tears came out emotionally, I was really happy.

Q: What kind of timing was it said?

S: It was my birthday, went for a drive in my car. At that time, I presented her a ring.

Q: What kind of ring?

T: I was born on June, it was a birthday stone.

Q: Have you thought about contraception?

S: It was life born as a result of love, we want to treasure life.

Q: You didn't think about how this will affect your work?

S: Regarding this matter, because we caused inconvenience, it was inexcusable, however, I am a man, and will properly protect her with my life, I even have a child so I am happy that I am allowed to watch over them.

Q: Tsuji-chan was diagnosed of pregnancy during the checkup of gastroenteritis, wasn't it? Were you aware that you were pregnant?

T: A while ago, though I suspected of it because of the change in my physical condition, I didn't think it will come to that extent.

Q: What do you think now that you know you're pregnant?

T: Quite recently, my sister just have given birth to a baby, it was right after that (about the pregnancy). When I looked at my sister, I came to have similar feelings and was very happy, because of the surreal feeling of having another life in my belly, the maternal instinct in me have came out.

Q: What did you do when Tsuji revealed it to you?

S: Well, I was told that probably she was pregnant. But I have decided to marry, so frankly I was happy.

Q: Was the morning sickness alright?

T: It has finally settled down. Now I'm okay.

Q: Aren't you surprised with the pregnancy?

S: Not knowing what to say to each other, we laughed. But it was filled with happy feelings.

Q: So you found out about the pregnancy during the checkup for gastroenteritis, wasn't it?

T: Initially, it was diagnosed and treated as acute gastroenteritis. It was known during a proper re-examination. It was on its 8th week, after frequent inspections it was on its 9th week when we came to know about it.

Q: We have here the news about commencing with the marriage registration on Tsuji-chan's birthday.

S: Well, in consideration that turning 20 years of age is about welcoming adulthood.

Q: Weren't the parents of your partner surprised?

T: Originally, the word about the marriage was told to family and the office. Isn't it a fact that getting married is a feeling that you will have when you are seeing someone? Dad and Mom understood this, and because we made this decision ourselves, they greatly approved of it.

Q: When will the marriage plans going to take place?

S: Tentatively, we considered to have it about next year.

Q: How did you tell this to the members of Morning Musume and your friends?

T: Told to each one of them by email, and everyone have replied with supportive words like "congratulations" and "although it's going to be touch, but keep your spirits up".

Q: Were they surprised?

T: Yes. Just as I thought, the older 'sister' said that she didn't think that Tsuji-chan will surpass her. She's 34 years old this year.
(Referring to Nakazawa Yuko)

Q: Will you be living together?

S: After registering into the family. We already have a living spot, will slowly discuss and decide on things from then on.

Q: What about the wedding?

T: After everything is settled down, will work on it wholly.

Q: Who decided on the marriage?

S: I think I'm all 'feelings'. We met by chance, and I felt that my destined one has to be this person. I felt that I will protect her for the rest of my lifetime.

Q: What made you think so?

S: Normally, we always tend to run into each other in places where we least expected. This is where we hit it off. We didn't think we would be going out together, but it came to a point where it felt like it was destiny for us to meet and be together.

Q: Where did you meet?

S: At a house of a 'friend', by chance. We just meet up.

Q: We have information that you encountered each other via Yaguchi Mari.

S: It has nothing to do with Yaguchi-san. It was completely a normal friend.

Q: What about you, Tsuji-chan?

T: His laughing expression, and he eats his food in such a delicious way. Things like that.

Q: Home-cooked food?

T: Yes. My specialty is stewed cooking, which I learned after recently taught to me by my mother, and also...

S: Sakuzenni, wasn't it?

T: Yeah, like Kinpira.

Q: What about work from now on?

T: Definitely because of my dropout from the theater and withdrawing from (3 person unit) Gyaruru, for causing inconvenience to everyone I am filled with regret, however because of the live in my belly that was given to me, nothing else is more important. Although it is regrettable, I will do my best in delivering this baby, and once I have settled down and able to work, I will start from scratch again.

Q: Meaning that you still want to work in the entertainment showbiz?

T: Yes. Now I'm in the state of taking a break, will think about it slowly and carefully.

Q: Previously, Sugiura-san said that former Morning Musume Yoshizawa (Hitomi) was his type, right?

S: It used to be. At that time she (Tsuji) was still about 14 years old.

Q: So you still haven't found someone like that which is your type, have you?

S: Yeah.

T: It appears so. I found out about this from watching TV. Even so, I asked him "Yocchan was your type, wasn't it?" on the phone.

Q: And how did Taiyou-san reply?

T: He said "At that time".

Q: Does Yoshizawa-san know about this?

S: Of course not.

Q: Does Yoshizawa-san know about this announcement?

T: She still doesn't.

Q: How do you call each other?

T: For me, because he is called Taiyou, I call him "Ta-kun".

S: As for me, I call Nozomi-san "Non" or "Non-tan".

Q: Was the dating process smooth?

S: It was really a group date.

T: We had meals with everyone.

Q: You've been to place like amusement parks.

S: Yes.

Q: Was it with a big number of people even at that time?

S: It was a group even at that time.

Q: You've even went skiing.

S: I went to an acquaintance's place. But due to lack of time, and my face is showing, so I went back.

Q: Did you wear today's outfit with a hint of wedding dress?

T: Yeah. Because I love white, I responded with my hope of wearing white, also my ring is also pure white, so it matches.

Q: Was Sugiura gentle to you after knowing you were pregnant?

T: Because he has a tender character by nature, and because he is gentle by nature, since he going to be a Papa, I want him to do his best towards being a Papa. And since I am going to be a mother myself, will draw example from my mother and mature up.

Q: Looks like Sugiura-san's sense of responsibility.have increased.

S: I feel this day by day. I can do nothing but do my best to watch over them, as a father and as a husband!

Q: Have you thought of any names yet?

T: Though I have read books, but since we don't know if it is going to be a boy or a girl, will think about it when we know.

Q: What kind of married couple would you like to be?

S: Definitely I have the leadership authority. Because there are times that I am depended on, I will lead. Though someday this role may be reversed.

Q: Have you had quarrels?

S: Though we've had quarrels, but nothing serious.

Q: The reason to the quarrels?

T: It's me. I tend to keep him on a leash, and being selfish, things like that.

Q: Which one apologizes?

T: We both don't apologize, but after a night's sleep everything is like "Good Morning!" on the next day.

Q: If the baby was a girl, would you let her in Morning Musume?

T: Because I entered into showbiz as a Morning Musume after graduating from junior school, so maybe after she graduates from middle, or high school.

Q: So if it is a boy, then let him be Ultraman?

S: Definitely we'll do that. I dream of being Ultraman since junior school. I will show my child Ultraman.

Q: Any anxieties of being a mother?

T: Of course, there are things like 'what should I do' and 'what should I do in my free time'. However, I will ask other pregnant ladies and my mother of things that I can do during pregnancy. For my sake, I will find my own tastes at this time and mature up.

Q: A word to the fans?

S: At this time, although we have surprised a lot of people, I have been granted a new life, I can do nothing but to protect them. Because I am a man, I will protect my bride and my child with my entire life. For warmly watching over us, I am happy.

T: Definitely, to all the fans and all people that we have caused worry and inconvenience, we are truly sorry. But we have really made this decision after many considerations, from now on we will give our best with all our might. Everyone, please watch over us warmly.

Full press transcript in Japanese courtesy of Mainichi News
News from Mainichi News <-- pictures from the press event, 80 of them in all! Damn Nono is SO pretty. And Ultraman Sugiura is kinda cute actually, if I may say so myself.

EDIT: I found out that some people have trouble downloading the pictures because to the right-click is disabled by the site. So for those who don't have 'downloader' plugins, I zipped up them pics for you to download here -->


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the translation.

Anonymous said...

what is nice is that he says its got nothing to do with yaguchi san.

congrats to them

Anonymous said...

Thanks for quick translation. It answers questions.

Anna said...

i wonder if yuko will tease the kid when it grows up! xD
i can imagine yuko's and nono's chat..yuko will give her glare

its cute how if its a girl- morning musume
if its a boy - ultraman!

i'm positive this kid will be great no matter what! both of them look really great for each other! the guy does look a bit cute~

thanks for the translation~

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the translation, finally some answers!

Surprising that she still plans on staying in showbiz after all this

Anonymous said...

I guess tsuji's older ganguro sister also got married lol

Rikki said...

Well. If she's 9 weeks pregnant and he proposed on March 10th, she could not have known then that she was pregnant, so he did not propose for that reason. And they are not planning on actually gettng married until next year, so they are not even moving up the wedding as a result of the pregnancy. That means this is NOT a "shotgun wedding".
What I found most surprising is that they told their agencies of the marriage at the "beginning of April". So UFW knew when they announced Gyaruru that Nono was going to be a married woman. (And unless they are very dense, they knew she was not a virgin.) That would explain why they put her in a TNX group instead of a new H!P group.

Anonymous said...

Mick, aren't you already married?

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the translation! It's great that she got to have a press conference. It makes it a whole lot easier for fans to accept what has happened since we get to hear their sides straight from their mouths.

I wish aibon could have said some words regarding her issue too.

Anyway, congratulations to Nono!

paul.thomas said...

It's good to see that the interview was fairly lighthearted, I was worried that the press would give them a really hard time.

Cheers for the translation!

Mick a.k.a. jinryuichi said...

thanks for all the kind words peoples! Glad ya'll enjoyed this one. Like you guys, I learned a lot from this interview too, though I wished they could have spoken more about their agencies side of things.

And by the way, Anon at 8:59, actually i got engaged last year, registered my marriage early this year, and then the wedding ceremony will in a couple months time. Kinda like Tsuji's case. :) Which is why I can relate to their marriage situation. Also, I don't consider myself married until the wedding ceremony is over. ^_^

Julia said...

Ultraman there is WAY cute. Seriously, Nono, good job getting him and ugly restaurant guy.

Anonymous said...

"diagnosed of pregnancy" ...

Tomo said...

uh I'm kinda confused now. All in all , I think she's still in UFA; but is she still in UFA or am I missunderstanding something here? I mean, okay, she said, she'd start from the scratch again, but does that mean she's kicked out? I mean, up till the day before yesterday she was still listed on UFA as a solo artist.

... I'm confused... and tired of all this *sigh*

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one surprised to see them mention tsuji and sugiura's news at the end of this weeks haromoni@?

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