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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

HaroMoni@ Episode #3 - Summary

Because I enjoyed the last two episodes of HaroMoni@, I'm writing a short review on them. Man, it's tedious work making screencaps off of the show. Clearly it's not my forte, so I don't know if I'll ever do this again.

This Sunday is a monumental moment, where Yoshizawa Hitomi will be graduating in the Saitama Super Arena concert. I wonder if this week's HaroMoni@ will feature a graduation episode or just the regular one. Obviously they have pre-taped shows to air. So we'll see what happens.

Now... while I'm doing this summary, I find that the formating and style is eerily similar Arashi of hello!girl. In the interest of diversity, I have re-formated and rewrote my version. Also check out her reviews from a fangirl's point of view and more screencaps.


HaroMoni@ Episode #3 - Asagaya

Location: Asagaya
Mission item: Round shaped marble tablet
Owner: Isago-san

Song List
Opening / Closing
Cecilia - Simon and Garfunkel

Others Songs:
Mr Postman - Carpenters
Mrs Robinson - Simon and Garfunkel
Going Home To Mary Lou - Neil Sedaka
Mickey Mouse Song
The Little Old Lady from Pasadena - Jan and Dean
My Guy - The Supremes
A little bit of me, a little bit of you - The Monkees (spotted by Arashi ^_^)
Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da - The Beatles
Other songs I cannot identify...

The HaroMoni@ team arrives at Asagaya Station. We have an additional participant Tsuji Nozomi, wearing a sheep motif. Tsuji = Hitsuji = Sheep (Get it? ^_^)
Immediately, Nono began to try her luck in exploiting the show for food "I'm hungry, do we have any thing to eat?" ^_^

The first route is through Asagaya Pearl Center, at the southern entrance, about 700m long with approx. 240 shops.

The King began to give some history lecture, and this time the girls pay attention. In this case, the origin of Asagaya. It was an area of shallow swamps (浅い谷地 - asaiyachi) and the name somehow evolved into 阿佐ケ谷 Asagaya.

As the girls walked they were talking about food food food all the time, but due to monetary restrains they could only watch. But not Nono, where food is of paramount importance, she made the first request to stop at a fish shop "Totoya", where the shop owner seems excited with their visit. Kame immediately presented her with the HaroMoni@ ad-tissue. For those who don't know how the tissue looks like -->

Nono got a piece of minced cutlet (an Okinawan delicacy sold for 120 yen per piece). The others didn't buy it, and they do not know what meat it was. (Oh, Nono doesn't give a damn, as long as it's MEAT! ^_^) Actually, it is called くじら - Kujira, it's whale meat.

As the journey continues, the girls reminisce their school days by singing the Pikachuu rhyme. Mikitty and Reina noticed a banner with pictures of an old dude in bikinis and polka dot dresses. And in front they spot him walking around in a Minnie Mouse dress! Out of curiosity, the team sends Nono and Sayu to investigate. And they found him in a sporting goods shop "Takiguchi Sports". Nono curiously asked "Why did you dress like THIS?", to which sharp-tongued Sayu interrupted by saying "Ah, but it's no different from ours!", reminding Nono that they've got animal ears on their heads and a sling bag with a tail on it. The man was revealed to be 滝口正幸 Takiguchi Masayuki, 55 years old. Did cosplay for 20 years... ever since he fell out of love in high school. He did it because he loves the attention and he is famous around the area for this strange fascination. His son, however, thinks his Dad is cool. ^_^

Next turn, the north street in Asagaya where 200 shops line along the way. Next stop ... a second hand shop, discovered by Gaki-san. The shop collects old items, recondition and fix it, then resell it. Fixed an air-conditioner outside so people can see. My family used have one of those old black-and-white TVs at home. We switched the channels by twisting a knob, not like the push-buttons we have now. :)

After a while Nono shouts for food - Manjyuu (prosperity buns?) that sells for 10 yen perpiece. Reina excitedly agrees "That's so cheap!". It's got black sugar in it. You can hear the King banter with his favourite Ai-chan in the background.

Again it's Gaki-san's Disvovery time. She spots a sign on a pole that says:
Please do not break the 'gama', and do not put litter bins here.

Everyone wonders what "Gama" was while Yossie jokes that Sadako (the Ring) comes out of the covered concrete well. They send the Special Investigator Kamei to find out. The shop in front was closed, so she had went to another restaurant, where an old auntie answered her questions.

Kame's findings: About two years ago, there's Medaka メダカ or Japanese killifish, was in the well. Therefore the sign was there to prevent people from putting litter bins beside it. But Kame forgotten to ask what 'Gama' was. So she was instructed to RE-INVESTIGATE. This time she wisely pulled Mikitty along.

Apparently Gama ~ ガマ is a Cat-o'-nine-tails plant, the type that grows on riverbanks, and grows as high as 2m and turns orange in summer. Additionally, the King notes that the ol' shop auntie have "cool" hairstyle.

The team continued to walk on. Everyone was tired, and finally Ai-chan shows temper and shakes the baby-cart in fury, sending a shockwave to King Akachin. :)

Finally they arrive at the destination - a cake house "Sugar Rose", where Isago-san greeted them. The mission item was revealed to be a cake turntable, used to rotate the cake as while it is decorated with icing and stuff.

Isago-san demonstrates for all to see. The King notes Yossie's curious expression with a gaping mouth as she watched the chef go to work. Long time friend and fellow 4th gen member Nono knows that look, said that it is a "I WANNA TRY DOING THAT TOO!" face. The HaroMoni@ team were given a slice of cake to eat and went on their way.


So much for a "Summary". ^_^

And it's a show with lots of insight into Japanese urban culture and information from the eyes of the HaroMoni@ girls.

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LOL! Thanks for the plug XD You can add the Monkees - A little bit me, a little bit you to that list of songs.

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