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Monday, November 12, 2007

Sooooo.... Goto Maki IS somehow... "involved"...

My PC is resurrected. Good.
But I have to reformat the hard disk. Bad.
Managed to salvage most of my "important data". Good.
But I have reinstall the drivers and softwares. Bad.
Managed to connect to internet and surf freely. Good.
But discovered more bad news on Goto Maki/Yuuki saga........ DAMN BAD.

As I just managed to revive my ancient machine, now was the only time I managed to crawl the net undeterred... and found more information that I have missed for the past week. I still haven't browsed around other blogs and forums enough, and most of you probably have known about these news, but I need to record it in this blog, just for... archiving purposes.

What I found out is that Goto Maki's brother, Yuuki will be prosecuted for a theft crime, involving cables. But what I missed out is how Gomaki is involved in the whole situation - it is said that Gomaki's lover happened to be Yuuki's partner in crime.

As noted by a commenter, Hello!Online has information that Goto Maki will quitting showbiz altogether. Other than that, the existence of a boyfriend. Of course I have no way of verifying it, cos I'm not in Japan. But take note - the info came from ever reliable and credible H!O.

The bit from the FLASH Magazine - the official site does make note of the headline scoop of discovering Gomaki's boyfriend and his involvement in the crime, additionally other sources notes it too. It was just as H!O reported, word for word. However, the latter source questions the credibility of the scoop, because it was sourced from eye-witnesses consisting of "close friends" and "neighbours".

And apparently, stemming from Yuuki's theft crime, there were... oh, how should I say... "whispers" that not only Gomaki's boyfriend (separated) was arrested..... Gomaki was also named. Lots of hecklers in Japan also seem to be riding on this ... "whisper", since Gomaki DID say "sorry for causing trouble for other (H!P) members". Probably they assumed from that statement Gomaki indirectly admitted her involvement?

Personally, I don't think Gomaki is financially troubled nor desperate for money. I'm thinking somebody must have misread "Goto Yuuki" as "Goto Maki" and coupled with the photographs in the papers and news sites, the fact became twisted as it passes from one person to another. However, I cannot comprehend how her brother's crime can become her burden and "cause trouble" to her fellow H!P members, but I can only sum it as being another one of Hello! Project's "Idol tradition".

H!O has given the heads-up for all of us on Gomaki's supposed departure from showbiz. I'm only waiting for the other news sites to confirm it to make it official. There's still hope for her rebound though. At the very least, that I do believe.


Web posted at: 2007/11/07 05:06
Written by コ○助

かつて「EE JUMP」のメンバーとして芸能界に身を置いたこともある、後藤真希の弟・ユウキ(後藤祐樹)が逮捕されたのは10月20日のこと。自ら「銅線窃盗団」を率い、転売目的で100万円相当の銅線を工事現場から盗んでいたという事実に、その一報を聞いた誰もが耳を疑ったなり。派手な芸能界から転落していく「元芸能人」が犯罪に手を染めるケースはあるにはあるなりが、モーニング娘。の中核メンバーだった後藤真希の弟であり、それなりに売れた「EE JUMP」のメンバーという抜群の知名度を誇る「元芸能人」の犯罪は、相当な衝撃をもって受け止められたなりよね。







Vyvy said...

Well I don't think Gocchin is "sick" *wink wink*

But maybe Yuki was the final straw. It was already hard enough for her to deal with people prying into HER private life, but having people pry into her brother's and supposed boyfriend might be a problem.

I don't think H!P will make any official annoucement for Gocchin's plans until after christmas when her contract expires. They want to see if this whole Goto Yuki business will blow over. Also, they probably ahve hope that Gocchin will change her mind and decide to renew her contract.

Sometimes you have to get some space and see what you're missing. Or well, maybe i'm just being too hopeful?

Anna said...

I seriously wish that Hello! Project would take some control into this situation and give us the entire info. We're relying on tabloids and rumors and I say the longer we wait without an offical word the more suspicions will pop up. T_T

Anonymous said...

Time to change the boyfriend for her. I am available.

Xacur said...

@Anna: the same as always, and I don't think they are gonna do something.

If i'm right, Maki is not in the oficial site anymore ad there's a "headline news" that stats she is out of H!P now, so I don't think they'll talk about her anymore.

Id be really sad if Maki is really involved in this crime.

wu-san said...

if 'she' really wants to quit then she has my vote, and in terms of possible other contracts with other companies, thats still possible is shes out of showbiz...she'll just need that little bit of luck and that will of hers.

but yeh, all this tabloid nonsense isn't making the 'true' reasons behind what Gomaki might do or the deep water she's in, or isnt in, clear for us, thats what annoys me.

Anyway, I'll be sad if Gomaki is forced to deal a hand she doesnt really want to make at this moment in time, and well, its not the best way to go, but if she goes she goes, and if by some miracle - as thats what it looks like it has to be at the moment - she's picked up by an agency and or quits and lives the happy life, and then possibly being picked up out of action then great...

but anyway, I've learnt not to set anything in stone, so the above is just floating conjecture...I'll wait for the truth.

Hotaru said...

Yay you revived your computer through tecnomancy!!
My goodness, this Gomaki scandal is confusing. I'm still not sure what to think! I'll wait a while until theres actual official news.

Anonymous said...

Hello!Online has a new update .

Maki is out of a contract .She wanted to leave in the summer and Upfront had other ideas. She did not want to leave the industry only her agency , however as it stands now she has no place to call home .

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