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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Goto Yuuki Prosecuted... But where does Goto Maki fit in?

I'm still fresh from following this news compared to the rest of the world, having returning only recently. But where does Goto Maki fit in her brother Goto Yuuki's theft crime?

It's now official that Goto Yuuki have plead guilty for the crime of stealing cables from a construction company and will be prosecuted, his reason - "I needed money". (~A~) Bleh...

I'm still puzzled on how Gomaki come into the picture, I mean, how is she associated with her brother's mishaps. How come she is quitting Hello! Project at this time? Please, please, please don't tell me that she is actually involved in her brother's crime. On a dramatic scenario (but least likely methinks), perhaps Gomaki had pleaded her agency (UFA) to help her brother or she quits. But the puzzle still doesn't fit.

Because if Gomaki does want to leave H!P to plan her own life and musical path, she can very well negotiate peacefully with UFA. (Unless somebody upstairs in UFA doesn't want to release her, of course). With regards to her release contract, I wonder what further stipulations is involved. Many fans think that she may move on to Avex rightaway, but what if... just what if Gomaki's release contract stipulates that she may not perform under any other labels until the termination of her previous employment period? Such a thing IS possible if the contracts says so. Unless her next agency decides to overrule that clause (with some cash and conditions), will Gomaki face a long "holiday"? Seriously, I hope she's not in trouble or something... cos' there seems to be an outbreak of "acute-gastroenteritis" lately.

On the contrary, Yuuki's ex-partner in EE JUMP, Sonim, is doing quite well, having recently formed a duo unit with TV talent and model Osawa Akane. The unit is called "tomboy" and their first single "Super Star" is a cover of Korean group Jewelry 2005 hit of the same name. They're doing so good that the single has been chosen as the closing theme for a TV Tokyo variety show Sukibara, recomended to national karaoke companies, and "tomboy" will also debut Utaban. [Source]

Just ranting round... cos I'm still trying to resurrect my PC, but to no avail. And i'm in a blue, blue mood....


Anonymous said...

i think shes still part of h!p

Anonymous said...

she not in h!P..but still with upfront

HarimaKenji said...

Have a boyfriend and you're out. Smoke, break the law, you're out. Do bad things - out. Have a brother who does bad things - out. I'd say this is UFA's mentality, based on everything that happened already.
I find it difficult for her to decide to leave H!P and follow a different career plan... in UFA. That's ridiculous.
Well, until she announces something as to her future, it's all speculation. And I doubt the reason for her quitting H!P will be revealed.

Anonymous said...

Hello!Online has an update .
Maki left all of show business . Stalkers and a work schedule that was making her sick , is the public released reasons.

MM Aichan when she found out she broke down in tears left Risa in charge and left Korea immediately to say goodbye to Maki , Namie Amuro also came to support her.

Xacur said...

Man, those are very bad and sad news :(
I hope she rethinks and get another agency, out of UFA it could be good.
H!P really needs to reconsider it's rules or make a good effort for girls to be happy with them.
It seems like it's too much for some of them, and they are losing very important members.
They say rules are rules, but without girls you wount need any rules anymore and can take your rules and...
Well you know what I mean.
Still I don't think Maki was fired, but i maybe im too naive.

Anna said...

I think everything just had really bad timing. Maybe Maki was planning to graduate earlier, but had to keep quiet a bit more when her brother's scandal went up. People would then think that Maki was in with it, but I find that unlikely. Maki already gets paychecks. I'm sure sure, this is too vague to tell. T___T

^anonymous - I just read it and I'm pretty shocked and unshocked. With the way H!P is making her image like especially the latest album, what young girl would want that. They aren't proving anything, but saying that hey look she's sexy go buy her stuff. it's nothing more than a gravure model thing. Maki wants to be an artist. They pushed her too far and Maki isn't happy.

Vyvy said...

Have you noticed that the past year and a half, Gocchin hasn't gone on Utaban at all? Strange don't you think? Especially since she is Takaaki's favourite.

Actually she was there when Kaorin talked about her pregnanacy and Momosu was there for ONSA, but no solo time. =S Even with her new singles.

Mick a.k.a. jinryuichi said...

I hadn't thought about Gomaki being unhappy in H!P, but I guess she is feeling the burnout, being showbiz since 13 yrs old. Her future career path now is all a blur to me. We need her to tell us something more concrete.

And thanks for heads-up, Anon.

@vyvy, wow... really? Gomaki's time is really cut down big time. She's not... "sick", is she?

Anonymous said...

it's a japanese mentality if your famous and your family does something bad you take responsibility for that family member together. yeah weird, but the more famous you are the more likely it is for your name to be associated with the news and thus increases your responsibility for that family member. that's why Maki was constantly mentioned - because Yuuki is best known as 'Gomaki's brother'. stupid idiot...

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