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Monday, November 26, 2007

Tsuji Nozomi Gives Birth to Baby GIRL! - Sugiura Noa

After the status report of Sugiura Taiyou and Tsuji Nozomi about their baby, it was made known that on this day 26 November 2007 12:45 a.m., Nono has given birth to a healthy 2730 grams baby. And it is a GIRL!!!

The couple christened the baby "Sugiura Noa" 杉浦希空(すぎうら・のあ). Literally meaning "Sky of Hope", this is a beautiful name. Proud father Sugiura revealed that the mother is safe and is deeply moved. Their respective agencies has been notified and the news was faxed to various news media.

And there we have it, our first Morning Magomusume モーニング孫娘 (Morning Granddaughter)!












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Anonymous said...

It does not make sense for me. When she got pregnant it was a scandal, now she is a mother and deserves all respect. Its the same Nono after all and there was nothing scandalous about it.

I am also moved and looking at the parents the child will be pretty and healthy...

BTW was Noa born in Tokyo?

Graham (Aust) said...

What wonderful news. A beautiful name. I,m glad to hear Tsuji is doing well. I wish her well. There should be more news like this.

Rob said...


pengie said...

Yaaaaaaaay! Thanks for the news, jin!

I'm so happy for her. :) I love the name, too! Very original.

Jeff said...

This made my day, although I still can't believe little Nono's a mom now.

Hanachan said...

Wow! I love the name, first off. Very pretty, and it reminds me of a certain man in horn-rimmed glasses...xD Tsuji has been so graceful and mature in handling such an unexpected event in her life that I feel nothing but happiness for her. :)

celestia said...

what a beautiful name. I'm glad everyone is healthy, and I hope that this young family can last.

Radicalpatriot said...

Great news. Will Nono be able to make a singing comeback as a mom?

Hotaru said...

Aw, this is great news. Even though it was a scandal when she was discovered pregnant, theres nothing anyone could really do about it, so everyone just ended up accepting it :D.

I'm happy for Tsuji and...Ultraman!

haku said...

I'm certainly happy for Nono, although I really hope that she'll devote her time to raising the child rather than working on a comeback to the entertainment industry--especially since I imagine Taiyou will be staying in it.

I'm also just disappointed in general that people are being so supportive of Nono for this while Kago's been criticized to no end for her decisions. I really hope that your post about Kago's possible return to showbiz will come true.

Gaki said...

Hey Mick , you scooped H!O you had it up long before they did .
I am glad that everything turned out well for the the two and their families .

Anna said...

Woot! I'm so happy for them! I can't believe it's a girl. :DD I wonder what's going to happen now.

Congrats!! and what a beautiful name!

Magi-Kat said...

Congratulations, Nozomi-chama! What a beautiful name for little baby.

Thanks for the news, Jin (lol at the "Morning Magomusume." Creative).

Xacur said...

Man, I can't be happier for Nono.
I wonder if Aibon will be there soon (^_^U)
I would like they could enjoy such a wonderful time together.
What a beautiful for the girl, I new she was gonna be a girl.
@anon: I dont think it was a "scandal" when she get pregnant, it was just some big news.
@Haku: It's not the same in many ways, but I agree that Aibon don't deserve been criticized so hard.

Anonymous said...

Jin, so Aya and Kaa-san's children don't count as Magomusume?

But all in all, I'm glad that everything went well for her.

Tomo said...

It's so great to hear about the healthy baby. Noa is such a wonderful name and really rare, or at least it's not common!
Thanks for the headups!
I'm still struggling to refer to Tsuji as Sugiura Nozomi. That'll need a little time to get used to!

All in all, I'm just happy and smiling all the time! I hope they'll reveil a photo later on - maybe not now, but in a few weeks or so!
That would be so great. As for Nono coming back to showbiz - that'll be a tough dicision. I mean first comes the baby, but I don't think Nono will stay at home and away from the showbiz. I just hope she's going to care for the baby first and come back later when the girl is a little older! I hope to see her back in a few years?
Anyway - Omedetou!

Mick a.k.a. jinryuichi said...

I questioned that myself - If Nono is coming back after this.

Given our familiarity with her character, I think she is dying to come back to sing and dance for the fans. But like some of you guys said, I also think that she should take some time off to nurture the baby or at least until things settle down. They say the first year was the most important for any newborn, I don't know if she will take THAT long to come back....

All I know is that Amuro Namie came back after having a kid and became better than ever. I'm sure Nono can do the same, if she wants to.

Mina.G said...

CONGRATs I am so happy for our Nono she will make a great Mom I bet and I know that baby is going to be the cats meow because Nono and her man are so lovely to look at im not that familiar with her husband but if Nono likes him I like him

Yay Babies

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