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Sunday, November 25, 2007

RuRu's first!

I wonder if Jun Jun and Lin Lin already know this, but they aren't the first Chinese member to enter H!P. Back in 1999 T&C Bomber grouped up and consisted of a member from China, RuRu. The group disbanded after a year and split their own ways (Inaba is still with H!P) and RuRu had decent amount of songs outside of H!P.

Early this year she released an album under Avex. More like a cover album. It's nice that she has been given a chance in Japan still. Maybe there's even a better chance for Maki then. ^_^ It would have been nice if RuRu she was still in H!P today and give both JJ and LL a bit of reassurance since she was in their shoes.

Here's some nice info about her:

1. She has an amazing voice.

Other: Utaban

2. She has done some work in China.

Others: 愛してる | 美麗心情

3. She can dance.

Extra Links:
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Rikki said...

Thanks, Anna. They were all great dancers in T&C Bomber. Here they are teaching the Pop and Lock dance to Morning Musume: T&C Bomber teaching Pop and Lock. (

Boota Pouncer said...

I havent even looked a T&C Bomber things, although I knew they were once a group and have seen them in the Hawaii Battle. I had no idea that they were this talented, Im suprised RuRu hasnt gotten anything sooner, she really has an amazing voice and is talented.

Although Im not so sure LinLin or JunJun could pull off her vocals, I still thiking they will turn out to be something great if they just be themselves (( Well as much of yourself as you can be in H!P anyways...which Im not too sure of these days ))

Mick a.k.a. jinryuichi said...

T&C bombers have been the better dancers in all of H!P. I think they were directed at the mature audiences. Sadly they didn't last long enough. I'm surprised to hear that she joined Avex though. And yeah, I agree that if Ruru was still around, she would have been a great mentor to Jun Jun and Lin Lin. ^_^

Skyline said...

Hot damn. I knew she could sing, but had no idea she was -that- talented. For a moment I was surprised she hadn't been turned away on the basis of singing -too- well, but then I realized that this was before that policy had been initiated :P

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