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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Mitsui Aika Wins Game to Voice Gurocchan In Kirari Revolution

So last week's Haromoni's big announcement was nothing we had expected.

This week's Haromoni hosted a voice casting competition to decide who will be the one to voice the new cat character "Gurocchan" in Kirari Revolution, which was revealed on last week's Haromoni. Pity... since it was Michishige Sayumi who created the character, I thought it would be more appropriate for her to play the part. Oh well...

The competition began where the candidates, Takahashi Ai, Niigaki Risa, Tanaka Reina, Jyun Jyun, Rin Rin and Mitsui Aika. Each are required to deliver the best Yankee line as intimidating as possible... while sucking on helium. ^_^

And here is the winner... Mittsi!!


"Namennayo" (なめんなよ) literally means "Don't lick me", but this Japanese slang meant "Don't play with me" or "Don't look down on me". It is befitting that Mittsi wins this game, because "Namennayo" is also the name of a cultural boom that hit Japan in the 1980's involving pictures of cats in Yankee attire.

It all began when a man named Satoru Tsuda found an abandoned kitten at the dry cleaners and took it into his care. Although he hated cats, but this particular kitten changed his mind, and he gave it a name "Matakichi", after the dry cleaner's name. As his fondness towards the feline creature grows, one day the kitten was playing with some doll clothes and an idea struck him - he would dress up the kitten in doll clothes and took pictures of it. This gave birth to a nationwide boom called "Namennayo Cats". Since then he has been taking pictures of cats dressed in various costumes and attire. It was a big hit for men and women alike. One of his trademark was being able to make the cats/kittens stand on two legs when posing for the camera. I only look forward to the day he is able to train the cats to do Kishidan performances. ^_^
More information and pictures here.

My take: The decision to cast Mittsi to voice Gurocchan has gotta be pre-decided by the agency already. I mean, the association with Gurocchan as a cat character and the line "Namennayo" has to be more than a coincidence. In any case, I think Mittsi will do very well. But she better not be sucking helium every time she deliver a line for the cartoon character. ^_^

* In other news, Mittsi also won the voice casting role for the new T-Rex character in Robby and Keroppi, in which Niigaki Risa voiced Athena. This time she is required to put on a mohawk hairdo and some accessories, and deliver the baddest line she can. And here is the result:


* Fictional account. (^_^)v


Gaki said...

With Aichan on the production staff , it is possible that she knew in advance what the agency wanted to do and instructed the members on how to set the game up assuming that Mitsui didn`t know in advance as well.

I support your theory for a number of reasons, based on changes that i have seen since Miki left , to change their image and fan base .

Xacur said...

I had not seen the show when I open my igoogle and see this tittle in your feed, it was something spoiling :(
I had to download and watch the show in that second.
I thought that Sayumi was the one to make the voice for the cat Ô.ó, why Aika?
Is my idea or Risa looked specially good (gorgeous) in this show?

Gaki said...

Xacur look up this show to download
MIDTOWN TV (MaruMaru Aikora NamaYaguchi!!) #18

Aichan,Risa, Sayu and Linlin were on the show on the 22 .Risa has grown into a charming young lady .Sayu stole the show from the start with her reactions .

For Junjun & Eri fans look up the Ameba Studio video. It`s worth watching those two alone .

Overall the girls are developing a spirit and style that is different from their past ,that can`t be measured in chart numbers .

Vulpi said...

I haven't seen the episode yet, but somehow, I just know in my heart that Mittsi is perfect for this. She's pretty much the most awesome musume ever, at least in my book, haha.

ROFL, that macro rocks my world. XD

Radicalpatriot said...

Hmm. Nice insider glimpse of TV vis-a-vis Momusu stars. Risa has her radio, Yaguchi has her TV show, etc, ... you wonder if the music has become a sidelight for tehse girls. I was put off that Tsunku would put Risa's radio play as part of the Wonderful Hearts concert in Osaka last January. Maybe Risa should stick to radio if she likes it that much. Funny, Risda used to be my favorite. Now even Aika is mainlining the TV habit a little too much. Hey. it's easier than singing.

specktakus said...

RP - They have always had quite a few extracurricular activities outside Momusu. I think the current generation has actually been more dedicated to Momusu than previous generations. They were doing quite a few movies, TV specials, TV commercials, corporate promotions (similar to infomercials) and radio programs/voice acting around 4th/5th gen time.

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who thinks that cat looks terrifying o_0? looks like it was drawn by Eri rather than Sayumi

Gaki said...

Off topic and not sure were to put it . In Dec MM will be part of a Rock Festival .When they play those events the songs are mixed to rock style .

This is MM under leadership of Yoshizawa with Ogawa & Konno still in the group at one such rock festival. It`s not the MM songs that your use to seeing from them .

Anna said...

I kind of already suspected that it was all fixed and they wanted to be a bit playful for the show. xD It was cute though. More jobs for Aika. <3

Xacur said...

@Gaki: thanks, I will download it.
I don't understand what's so good about Aika, I don't hate her at all, but I'm waiting she does something great and I haven't seen it yet. In hm@ she is hardly seen. Even though it's good she have more work so she can show what's she made of.

Gaki said...

Xacur : Aika and Koharu are still in school , so they have limited TV time each week . This will help Aika grow .

Your welcome about the shows .

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