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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

What's it going to be THIS time?

What’s it going to be THIS time?

I don’t know how this one will turn out, but the last one (JJ and LL) still left some impact on the fans. The latest Haromoni@ (11/18/07) briefly mentioned a big announcement for next week’s episode. My first reaction; “-_-. Again? Really? I hope this is a good one.”

I then thought about possible announcements and tried to think outside the box a bit more, since I really don’t know what may be up. I rewatched Haromoni@ and I think that the preview for JJ and LL’s announcement had Tsunku’s VTR in it, but this one just had a simple text saying "ANNOUNCEMENT NEXT WEEK." So maybe it has nothing to do with Tsunku?

Here are just some ideas that might show up:

Kikkawa Yuu to Debut with °C-ute
She’s been busy lately as an H!P Egg and recently performed with them (and a few other eggs I think) on the °C-ute Cutie Circuit 2007 ~MAGICAL CUTIE TOUR~. Also, she isn’t on the list for the 3rd newcomer’s concert.

More visits to Asia or a tour
Seeing how this was a success of Taiwan and Korea went, I’m sure with or without the announcement it’ll come soon.

Revamping Haromoni@
Maybe the production team thought it’s a time for some new ideas? It is a bit dry. ^-^

Nice Girl Project
This could be old news to some and new to others, but maybe Tsunku will officially publicly about his new project now.

Maki Goto Update
Maybe there will be more info regarding about her?

Ogawa Makoto Comeback
Some people in forums mentioned this, but I doubt it. We know for a fact she’s keeps in contact with H!P though. There still might be a chance.

Hello! Project Kansai to Debut as a Group
They have been busy lately, so why not? Start off the New Year with another new group. xD

Oh yes, I just remembered wasn’t the JJ and LL news leaked out a few days before it Hello! Morning showed? So I guess we’ll find out about it before it shows, if it’s THAT big of an announcement. Also, I wonder what all of you guys think? Big news or small news?

P.S. – I wonder if DANCE☆MAN will start producing more H!P songs, since he recently did Ongaku Gata’s second single. [Check out their PV!]


Hotaru said...

Theres always the possibility that they'll be announcing the 9th gen auditions for Morning Musume. While I think thats a little bit too soon, its a possibility.

Rikki said...

I think all announcements on MM's TV shows have been about MM, not other H!P acts. So I think this is MM news. Some possibilities:
1. 9th Gen auditions.
2. Its been 10 and 1/2 months since the last graduation announcement, so this could be an announcement that someone will graduate in spring. Could be Ai-chan. But Koharu is a possibility, too. Tsunku has had her career track closely with Maki Goto's so far. If he keeps to the pattern, she's due to graduate in early 2008.
3. Format change for Haromoni.
4. Some existing H!P artist will be added immediately to MM, without auditions: Kikkawa Yuu is a possibility. So is Mano Erina who had a "star is born" success with the first Ongaku Gatas single.

Mick a.k.a. jinryuichi said...

Hehe... I wanted to write this post too. So i guess we're even now, huh? (^_^)v

Love your ideas, especially the Kikkawa Yuu and Ogawa Makoto part. I'm all for more fresh blood in the Nice Girl Project and H!P Kansai. It can only become more exciting.
But isn't Nice Girl a TNX venture?

As for me, I assume that it has something to do with Haromoni, or Morning Musume. So what I think is this:
1. 9th gen auditions - it's about time. Who knows, maybe they want a Korean girl this time.
2. Graduation - it's about time also, I'm thinking Ai-chan or Gaki-san or Reina. I have my reasons...
3. New sub-unit - Jun Jun and Lin Lin form Panda Moni. ^_^

Although highly unlikely, I also thought about the setting up of Hello! Project Taiwan or Up-Front Korea. They had Up-Front Hawaii already, so maybe another one's on the way.

EDIT: Just saw that Rikki added a comment... some similar thoughts there... (^_^)

celestia said...

Interesting ideas. I too hope it's good news. I doubt they would give a teaser for it if it was anything too bad, although "bad" news can be a matter of opinion.

Gaki said...

Tsunku`s recent comments about the members of MM all but rule out any graduations for some time .

Tsunku`s comments on the release of Mikan .

Junjun and Linlin are improving their Japanese a lot. And the both of them do possess singing ability and they will to be the voice of Morning Musume .

Due to the joining of Junjun and Linlin, after having Kouhais,Mitsui began to relax a bit and her singing is becoming less tense

Thanks to her experience as Kirari , her vocal expressions are shiny

Michishige has recently became very mature and is able to express herself more clearly, and perhaps due to being able to create a new character for herself in this autumn tour, her personality in the new song is also distinct.

Tanaka is without change, still ever as passionate about singing and vocal expression. She will also approach me time and again whenever she have a problem in singing.
This hardworkingness is what I believe connects to her singing ability.

Kamei's dance performance has gotten extremely well recently, And due to this, I feel that she is the one who is pulling the entire team together in the performance.

Niigaki's singing ability in Morning Musume now is fighting for first or second position. In not far future, as she learns to be able to express more maturely, it will surely be a skill up for the entire team.

Takahashi has finally got to face her position as a leader and is more clear in expressing herself. I also feel the extreme professionalism in her singing and dancing.

And, Morning Musume is always constantly improving in this ten years.
They are constantly training everyday to bring everyone a better performance.

Please look forward to the best smiles, song and performance!

Gaki-san2001 said...

Thanks for pasting Tsunku's comment here! Where is this Tsunku comment from? I want to translate it to my language and I need the reference.

One more idea would be to add korean members to MM this time.

Gaki said...

Here is the link that you asked about

Tsunku comments about Mikan. He talks the theme for this song, the song's arrangement, its strong message, and little about each member.

Morning Musume is going to be at Ameba Studios on November 23 between 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m.( 11/23 Fri 12:30 - 13:30 (Japan time) )They have streaming video so you can watch them.

Ameba Studio's website is

Mick ,do you get to hear the radio shows that Aichan & Sayu ,Gaki & Kamei and Reina have each week ?

If not here is the latest episodes for download , to get a feel of the shows .
Aichan , Sayu & Sama-san hosting Young Town.
Sama-san brings out some interesting sides of the girls each week .

Risa & Eri`s GakiKamei Radio show , guest is Aichan .
Best way to describe their show , Much like the comedy they did on the old H!M show .

Sayu`s Usachan Peace show was an 80 min special in honor of Reina`s birthday .
Guests: Tanaka Reina and Kamei Eri.
The show turned into a studio party

Reina`s radio show , at this stage she is more DJ and still learning .Each week her talk segments get longer and the songs she plays are less .

Gaki-san2001 said...

Thanks for all the info!

pengie said...

Korean 8th gen member!! I am still cheering for this--I honestly felt, from the moment Linlin and Junjun entered, that Shimmin (the Korean H!P "exchange student" who was briefly a Gatas member and had her own blog) was meant to be the fourth 8th gen member. But she disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Maybe Tsunku has found someone else to complete his "Asia" theme, or maybe Shimmin is coming back?

Anyway, that's just my crackpot theory. :)

Tsukiki said...

Now THIS has me really excited. I can't wait until it's announced! Please let us know ASAP!!!

Gaki said...

Glad I could help with the info that you needed .

Yesterdays Sayu Usachan Peace show . she had a cold

Koharu,Sayu,Eri,Junjun,Aichan were funny and very happy looking on Ameba Studio. They will be on Utaban with KAT-TUN 29th , so little time again for them.They are funny enough for more time if Taka-san will give them a chance .

Mick, my vote is new members or longer TV time

Mick a.k.a. jinryuichi said...

@Gaki... Actually, I do listen to the radio shows, except for Young Town Douyoubi. Because sometimes I don't understand what Sanma is saying. His voice is a little too gruff and muffled. Know what I mean...? (^_^;)

My favourite is definitely GakiKame. It's like Manzai on radio, too funny! (^_^)

I didn't listen to Usachan Peace. Too much dosage of cuteness. Later, a friend urged me to do listen regularly, so later I find that Sayu does have a mature thinking and lots of thoughtful comments. She definitely is more than her looks and cute antics. But I lost the link to the uploader already. Do you have it?

I didn't really notice FIVE STAR until recently, so I haven't listened to Ayaya's nor Reina's radio show yet. But it's something to look into. Does Reina's Fukuoka accent get in the way?

You mean longer TV time in Haromoni or other variety shows too?

Thanks for the links, but I think I'm going off-topic here. ^_^
Please send me an email, something I'd like to ask you about.

Gaki said...

I mean a longer Haromoni .
GakiKame -yes I enjoy them also. Junjun is growing on me also .

Sanma-san is mostly trying to get them into dirty jokes , like he did with Miki. Aichan is proper and will not bite most of the time , Sayu has a dark side , much different then her Usachan . Don`t have the up loader link .I could ask around .

Reina is still learning and gets better each week .She is starting to talk more and admits she is still nervous and learning . not a lot of accent so far a word or two . Mostly she is Reina from TV right now .

Email on the way

Gaki said...

MM will be the Kindai Magazine January 2008 cover .All 9 members .

Gaki said...

We were all wrong . Watched the show on TV Tokyo this morning and here was the news.

Aika to voice Gurou-chan (Sayu`s cat drawing) in Kirarin Revolution.

No new members or leavings, next week they will have a Weii Fitness battle on the show .

Gaki said...

edit i meant to sat wii fit , not weii fit . Sorry for the typo

Mick a.k.a. jinryuichi said...

Well.... i guess that's still good. Though I think Sayu should be the one to voice cast Guroucchan. Pity... ^_^

And since MM is still 9 members on the 2008 Kindai magazine, meaning that there won't be new members any time soon...?

GAKI said...

You need to watch todays show as soon as you can to see how she won the right to be the voice .It was a helium battle .I have not seen anything about any line up changes +/- .The only thing that I know of for 08 is the Nice Girl Project to create rivals for H!P

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