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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Tsuji Nozomi Due to Deliver Baby in a Few Days

This came in a few hours ago.
In May this year, Tsuji Nozomi discovered to be 9 weeks pregnant and subsequently announced her marriage to Ultraman star Sugiura Taiyou. Now the time has come for the baby to greet the world. My God, has it been 9 months already? (*counting fingers, conceived in March, now November...*) Yeah, it has! Boy, how time flies~~~ (^_^)

On topic, while actor Sugiura Taiyou (20 yrs old) was in a talk show at Digital Hollywood University in Tokyo, in commemoration of the DVD release of his participation in the movie "Academy", he announced that his wife Tsuji Nozomi (20 yrs old) is currently at the last month of pregnancy and is expecting anytime soon. Obviously he is filled with the soon-to-be-father feeling.

He added that as part of the prenatal care, Tsuji had been listening to music a lot, and even danced to the concert live DVD. (Good God... is that wise, Tsuji?). Even the name of the bay has been decided, it was to be a combination of the parent's names. (Taiyou and Nozomi, 太陽 and 希美... I have no idea where to begin to guess, though it does potentially sound nice.)

Sugiura comments "Now it looks as if a watermelon had entered her stomach. I was there for her at nights where she had difficulty sleeping. Now I finally know how hard it is to be a woman". He is understandably very excited.

Gosh... Tsuji... now full-fledged woman..... (T^T)b
Wonder if they will be revealing the baby's picture or name later?



 この日、主演映画「アカデミー」のDVD発売記念トークショーを東京・千代田区のデジタルハリウッド大学で行った杉浦。子供の話になると自然と顔がほころぶようで、「(辻は)音楽をよく聴いてるし、希美のライブDVDとか見て自宅で踊ってる」とモー娘を胎教にしていることを告白。「名前? もう決めてます。2人の名前が合わさった、いい名前って感じです」と笑顔を見せた。


(2007年11月21日21時45分 スポーツ報知)

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Anna said...

Oh my~ Time flys! O_O I can't wait to see the baby. This is really happy news. :D I hope Tsuji has a save birth.

Xacur said...

I'm not ready for that I think.
My gush! 9 months, they passed like the blink of an eye.
And what about Iida? She's pregnant too, right?

Niccie said...

Oh geez... Can't believe this is really happening O_o All the best to you Nono! And btw, isn't Sugiura 26 years old?
Yeah, Iida will give birth in late January if I'm not mistaken :)

Strawberrie said...

TsuNOMI forums already started a game where we are guessing the birthdate. Thanks for the information.

Anna said...

Welps, the announcement is out. Aika will be the voice of the newest character in Kirarin; Gurou. I would have thought it would be Sayu since she created it, but more exposure for Aika!

XD We were all thinking big... too big. XDDD!

Mick a.k.a. jinryuichi said...

I think you meant to post this on this post of yours. ^_^

Any screen caps?

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