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Thursday, November 08, 2007

You'll get a chance!

Morning Musume's 35th single, Mikan

Here we have a nice and natural look for MM's newest single. At first when I heard the title I thought it was for once going to be a ballad. XD I know right? What chances are that. Lol. After I heard the radio rip I wasn't wowed immediately. It sounded like an ordinary album track or b-side. After I saw the promo images and pvs, it changed my mind completely. No wonder they call a PV, promotional video. It helps. ^-^

Their cloths in the covers and promos are really relaxing on the eyes. For once I think that EVERYONE looks decent. Ai looks really mature. Risa looks graceful. Eri looks like she's back to 15 again. XD

Sayumi's dress and colors reminds me of Saki of C-ute's latest outfit. Reina looks pretty much the same. She's fashionable and photogenic. Does anyone else think that Airi's light green dress and Koharu's light green sweatshirt/dress is a sign. XD Both are aces in their groups and wearing similar colors and styles. Maybe I'm overthinking. ;]

Aika looks so down to earth and looks so natural. Jun Jun still has that awkward poses and smile. She's still new and I'm liking her more. ^-^ Lin Lin has her cutie face on with a cute pose. Her colors remind me of a bumblebee. Hehe~

On with the PV:

First off, their costumes are really cool. They stand out a lot and look pretty normal for a singer's costume. I think that with these costumes or the photoshoot cloths they may actually get to appear on TV a bit more. Music Station would never let MM wear the ONSA costumes on TV. It would distract everyone. XD I remember that they use to wear normal cloths and then changed with the performance, but that was years ago I think.

I like the pairings within the song and PV. Putting Aika next to Koharu was smart. She got more exposure there from Koharu. ^-^ I was beginning to worry that Aika was being hidden from everyone since JJ and LL took her thunder. Then you see Aika again with JJ and Ai. Smart again. I really like Aika and hate to see her in the shadows.

The CG backgrounds made the song even livlier than it did with just the radio rip. It was cute how they added a "Mikan" (orange) in the background. It was nice to see so many different angles and scenes. They're on top of the world! :o Their eyes on the closeups are really cool. Nice light effect. Made them shine even more.

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Their dance is really jumpy. That's the only word I can think of right now. XD It's a good song to dance to for fun. Especially for kids. Wota's may get a "kick" out of this. A lot of people are thinking that the dance is a bit cheesy, but hey think about the song and it's beat. It works. It gets the crowd going.

Of course I have to talk about the baby pictures. They made the PV more personal then just a "PV". They put a bit of themselves into it and had a fun time. I bet a lot of other fans liked it because they found out or learned something new about their fave members. Reina always had curly hair. Risa looks the same from even a child. Same with LL. Eri was too cute. Aika's smile from then was already shining. And so on.

Overall I think this is one of the best PVs in years. It's so fun and it didn't blind the fans. Everyone looked fantastic and looked like they had fun. It seems like they put a lot of thought to this PV. Who ever thought of the pictures needs a raise. :D There were a lot of angles in the PV too. Usually we get 3-4 with same background and such. It's going to be some performance in this years's Kouhaku Uta Gassen.

OH YEAH! Why didn't they tell us that Ayaka was in MM?! Jk. It's hard not to imagine Lin Lin as Ayaka.

Random stuff I thought people might be interested in knowing:
Johnny's NewS recently released an album. One of their songs was arranged by Suzuki "Daichi" Hideyuki.
C-ute is nominated for Best New Artist at Best Hit Kayousai 2007.
Heike Michiyo gave birth to her first baby on Novemeber 1st. Congrats!


Tomo said...

Hey Anna! Thanks for the head-up!
I pretty much came to the same opinion you did when I first saw the PV yesterday. It really had a nice tune and made me smile. The Dance looks funny (I hope to get a TV appearance from them to see the whole dance routine) and the pairing in those close-ups pretty much rocks. I too thought they could bring forth aika a little more - well here she is! The pairing with the current "shining star" of MM Koha was a really good desicion. It kinda seems as though they shine even more together! Wasn't Aika the one who said she wants to be as popular as Koha or even more?! I think she's on the best way. I'm not a particular Koha fan either, so I'm on Aika's side here *gg*

Thou to one thing I really have to agree with you - JJ really looks strange in her poses and smiles. She looks so forced and not like she got lots of fun. Even in the PV there were parts were she kinda looked out of place, had arkward smiles or didn' really open her mouth to sing - even tho it was her line. That really botherd me a bit. But I think she's getting better if you look at her improvement! Well, hang on there JJ and LL!!! >_< LL the bumlebee *giggles*

Xacur said...

I agree with anna, this is one the best PV in years.
I don't really love the song so much but it's ok, and the dance is good, except for the jumping parts, they seem stiff or something.
I really like the costumes, I second the rise for the children pics idea, and LinLin really looks like Ayaka, I myself made that observation yesterday in my blog ^^ I actually confused her with Ayaka at first.
In the guitar solo part it'd had been cool that the PV changed a bit, it'd had been really, really, really cool if they raised the mm flag again, I think.

Rikki said...

I don't care much for the song, but the group is looking good. When Ai first cut her hair short, it didn't look good, but her hairstyle has been slowly changing for the better. This is the first time I'd say it looks as good short as it did long.

Djavan said...

The video is cool and all witthe bright colors and all but I thought the song itself isn't that good. I think they made the video that nice because the song isn't very good.

Yeah, Lin Lin looks like Ayaka alot. I had to rewind the video to double check.

Mick a.k.a. jinryuichi said...

Love the song... it's my kind of Morning Musume song! This PV seemed like the first time since a long while since UFA decided to spent some more money on producing the video, with lots of CG effects and stuff. (instead of just dancing around in a set with lots of closeups and stuff) ^_^ I predict more good things to come for MM! ^_^

Does anyone notice the intro dance? They're doing EXILE's "Choo choo train" ....hehe! -_^

Hotaru said...

I...had pretty much the same impression! I wasn't really sure if I liked the song at first, it was definitely catchy...but after seeing the PV, I knew I liked this single :D

Ayumi said...

I thought C-ute's latest PV was a good sign of things to come. Yay for a good Morning Musume PV that isn't scarily shiny or simple!

Thanks for the nice review, anna!

Anna said...

@tomo - Your welcome. Refreshing isn't it? *nods* Aika wants to overcome the miracle! <3
Each time someone comes over to Morning Musume they always look odd. XD Koharu did for a long time. We'll wait and see. :D

@xacur - The costumes are shiny! <3 Maybe LL and Ayaka are related =0? Jk. XD The PV got a cool and happy feeling.

@rikki - I think they thined out her hair and started to straighten her hair more. xD I wish for some of the other girls to start changing their hairstyles. I'm getting a bit tired of lookin at the same ones. *coughs: SAYUMI :end coughs* XD

@djavan - As long as the costumes don't blind the heck out of us. The song wasn't very WOW when I first heard it. It took the PV to help me like it.
I did so too! o-O

@mick - I think it gives that old MM feeling with its own flavor. :D
I thought of it, but didn't really analyze it. XD They should be in one line! <3 Do the choo choo everyone~

@hotaru - :D PV's sure help.

@ayumi - A very good year for PV's.

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