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Friday, November 02, 2007

Is Korea ready for another girl group?

If you follow Korean music like I do, you must know that this year many new boy groups and girl groups appeared. Fierce rivalry already appeared before they even debuted and now with the year almost ended I look and see if there’s room for Korea. I would like to take the newest girl group and compare them with Morning Musume.

So Nyuh Shi Dae (Girl’s Generation)
Members: 9
Time since debut: August 2, 2007
Company: SM Entertainment
Age Range: 16-18

All 9 girls have trained separately for quite a few years. One of the members has actually trained 7 years before her debut. Almost all the members have done dramas, commercials, and modeling jobs individually. (Still are.) One member can speak Chinese and two members grew up in America and are able to speak in fluent English. Also, another member have debuted in Japan before and ironically participated in ASAYAN's "Korea Japan Ultra Idol Duo Audition". They are most likely going to get compared to this group because of the number of members.

These girls have loads of experience that I’m betting the Morning Musume girls never had done. Well, maybe the newer girls. You might say that Morning Musume will kill them instantly since they have so much history, but look at the girls. There is a language barrier. It’ll be harder to get close to the fans that love them so much there. You might also say that they aren’t competition at all. Who knows? What’s your opinion and how do you think Morning Musume will come over to Asia? What ways can they do to make them stand out. Music wise, not like events like they had recently.

This is more of 'if's' if they ever debut in Korea.

So Nyuh Shi Dae Debut MV:

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Anonymous said...

wow, maybe this will spark a new way that future MM members will be chosen? this group seems pretty talented, knowing that they just started working together.

it seems like ever since H!P has been having a hard time, other groups and labels have been stepping up their game.'

very interesting...

Mick a.k.a. jinryuichi said...

Interesting that you brought this question up. i forgotten about the existing groups in Korea (or Taiwan) at all. Then again, to me MM is always invincible~~~ (^_^)v
I guess the question for UFA is whether they are planning to dive into the existing Kpop market for fresh fans or build on the existing fans of Jpop in Korea. Either way, they're in for a challenge, methinks...

Anonymous said...

I totally dig both the look and sound of this group, and for someone who doesn't really like Korean that's saying a bit I think. I doubt that they would enter direct competition with MM, and I kind of hope it stays that way. Because honestly, these girls seem to fill a lot of gaps that I've been seeing in Morning, and I think others would feel the same way.

Garamon said...

I really like this song. I wonder though, could there have been some Auto-Tuning involved or something, cause the vocals seem almost too perfect in my opinion.

Vyvy said...

I believe that H!P preferred members without any previous ties in entertainment. I recall reading that there were many problems with Gaki and Mako-chan because they had careers before getting into Morning Musume. Something about their agencies...

That's why you don't see many girls in H!P that had previous careers...

Anna said...

@anonymous - The Korean music industry as far as I've known has always been like this. They are pretty competitive. ;] Maybe MM will step it up with them. :D That'll be interesting to see.

@mick - xD MM <3 I'm still wondering what Tsunku meant for the Asia Expansion. Is it music debut or just visiting them with some concerts with the fans they have now?

@anonymous - Glad you liked the group. ^-^ I see many similarities and differences between the two groups and I'm hoping both groups do well.

@garamon - The MV or the perf? I think that's their real voices. I've seen vids of them singing without the music and it sounds really good. Their perf I put up as one of the links, they lip synced. xD

@ vyvy - True. H!P likes to start from scratch. If we take a lot at the current Morning Musume it's Ai, Risa, Jun Jun, and Lin Lin that did something before MM. Also, some of the H!P eggs have modeled before too. I'm guessing they are letting some things slide now. I hope it's a good thing.

Rimino said...

I like SNSD, they're all great singers and very professional.

In terms of if they'd be competition or not; A little healthy competition never hurt anyone, but I don't see it ever being a MM v SNSD thing. If anything, there is much more of a AKB48 v MM thing atm and MM (and even C-ute) walk all over them.

I love SNSD's 'Into the New World' but I don't really like the new song. The video is great but the song is forgettable.

Boota Pouncer said...

I havent been much for the korean music scene, but these girls look like they really got it togather and tried their best. For a debut it is really good, which leads me to believe that future releases will put them in a position to out sell Morning Musume in Asia as a whole((Although I am a huge MM fan)).

Unless Morning Musume does something to up the Genki <3

Boota Pouncer said...

Oh I forgot >.<

Goodluck Anna!

Anna said...

@ rimino - I think it's about time MM has some good competition. Before it was with SPEED back then and it helped both groups a lot. I'm hoping a girl group and MM have some things go on. ^-^ Like what you said a little healthy competition. XD

Their new song is really bubblegum pop like, neh?

@ boota pouncer - Thanks! ^-^ Don't forget that SNSD isn't the only girl group in Korea. There are TONS more. o-o So, if MM are deciding to head for Korea then they have to do something "Genki+" xD

Rimino said...

Anna - What is your opinion of 'Wonder Girls'? I think that in Korea at the moment, the battle of the girl bands is between SNSD/GG & WGs.

MM would have to start releasing in Korean to go up against the two, perhaps Risa could do a Korean song, but MM as a whole would be a toughie. I think they'd be more inclined to release a song in Taiwan because of Junjun & Linlin.

Anna said...

I like the Wonder Girls. So far their music that they have been promoting (Irony and Tell Me) hasn't shown their vocal abilities. Tell Me became a great hit because it's so darn addictive with some funky moves that even I've tried to learn. I've listened to their album a lot and it is really something. ^-^ Their ballads are really nice.

Kara will probably come back soon. They gained lots of fans. (Break it, If you wanna, and Secret World) I'm sure they are preparing for an album or a new song too. ^-^ Goes for Baby VOX Re.V, too.

There's so many popular girl groups in Korea now (unlike Japan) that it gets competitive.

I've been thinking they would start with Taiwan first. Like Tsunku said before JJ and LL are key members for their expansion to Asia. It's more likely. They have to go against even more elite groups like S.H.E. There aren't many girl groups I know in Taiwan. ;p

KuS-KuS said...

I think that instead of trying to adapt to the Korean market by doing more R&B kind of songs maybe the key could be importing a new style from Japan. I'm not very much into K-Pop but I've heard that it's labeled as more 'sexy' while J-Pop leans more towards 'cute', and H!P is certainly good at the cute part so that could help. All that plus the exoticism factor, which could be turned against them(I don't really know how Korean feel about Japanese people), but it would surely differentiate them from the rest and make them stand out.

J-pop vs. Metal said...

That one girl is wearing a pot medallion...

They are alright, going for a more mature, urban thing tho, not the same as Momusu at all.

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