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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

New Columnist with HNPH

HNPH is pleased to announce that we will have another contributor with the site - Gaki.
You probably have seen his posted comments and views on a few articles lately. Now he will share more with his own analytical style that is similar to mine.

I will let his written works speak for itself. So please be kind with him and watch out for his new articles!

Peace ^_^


Anna said...

Woo hoo! Congrats Gaki!
Good luck and let's have a great time working together~

Rimino said...

Anna, now Gaki :D I'm so glad this blog is back! Good luck Gaki :)

Gaki-san2001 said...

I like Gaki's comments and I just wished for something like this. :)

Gaki said...

Thanks everyone for the warm welcome .First off , I know what the next post is about as I helped with the evidence .It is Jin and I goal to bust the myth that MM is at an end and provide a true picture and understanding of the Idol genre .

I have some other affairs to close up first, but I will be sharing my views here very soon, until that is completed some of what Jin plans to talk about will come from my support to him. I hope that you all will enjoy how I will present things.

Noncha said...

Welcome Gaki, Well that that there are 2 new contributor this site would be so up-to-date when it comes to news!

Noncha said...

lol that didn't make sense I said:

'now that there are 2 new contributors this site would be so up-to-date when it comes to news!'

Skyline said...

People good. Postings good. Inactivity bad. Skyline approves.

Xacur said...

Cool, good luck, Gaki.
It'll be good it the blog updates more frequently ^^

Gaki said...


You mentioned in an earlier post about opening up the coverage to the Korean fan base. I told Jin for you .

Gaki said...

My profile has been added , so let the fan/hate mail begin :)

Part 2 # 3 of the series busting the myth that MM is at an end is in a holding pattern. Jin is not feeling well and this is a joint article series .

In the mean time would you like a torrent report to be added ? It would cover TV, Radio and fan recorded audio of concerts by MM and other related videos of interest .

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