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Friday, September 15, 2006

Bringing Back Aibon 3

Good lord, it's midnight now, and I'm still here, frantically searching for news about the fate of my girl, Kago Ai.

All my net buddies are all a panicky about Aibon's fate, and has believed that Tsunku's visit to Nara is to announce the retirement of Aibon. It seems the speculation about Aibon's future has gone wild.

The current situation is like this -> Aibon has gone back to her hometown in Nara, as urged by her father. And so far she has been a good girl helping the family out with chores, such as shopping and fetching her brother from school. But there are several points of concern:

- Aibon has not kept up with her dancing and singing lessons
- The management UFA have not released any development on the status of Aibon
- Aibon is not involved in the upcoming event of Hello! Project Winter Tour
- Her partner in W, Tsuji Nozomi has been given a new show called "Curious Nono", which shows that her own work schedule has been taken care of and is unaffected by the scandal

And with these few points and more, I believe that the Japanese media logically speculated that Tsunku's visit to Nara on a dinner show will include an announcement that Aibon be retired from showbiz.

However, I submit the following arguments to this fact, and that we all should be more hopeful.
- Aibon has not tendered resignation (she IS still under contract)
- Her profile have not been taken off the Hello!Project official site
- There is stil the case of a huge sum of money loss to be considered, should Aibon and W(Double U) be suspended, an estimated amount of 100 million yen worth of activities, CDs and tours.

There are other speculated possibilities of the outcome flying around the net:
- Aibon is suspended until she's 20 years old (the legal age of smoking in Japan)
- Nono will be teamed up with a new partner in order to continue W's works.
- Aibon is activated but given non-performance schedules. (Like Mari Yaguchi)

Therefore and nevertheless, I'm still optimistic, until the final verdict.

Now I'm surfing the Japanese sites for more news, in hopes of finding much genuine information, since Japan is closer to the situation then us here overseas. And so far nothing too negative has been found. All I have found so far has just echoed all that we have known by now. Wish me luck.

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