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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Goto Maki's Celeb Blog

Hello! Online has started something very interesting. Now these extraordinary guys at HPS translation team have gone and started a section that will constantly translate Goto Maki's celeb blog, and will update the Hello!Journal.

For those of you guys who don't know japanese but wanted to know what she's up to these days, go to Hello!Online and view it there. Oh, and sign up while you're there.

For those who do know japanese, visit her official blog here: and her official site here:

There has been a norm for celebrities to keep a blog for the fans to view. It's a simple and effective way of promoting themselves and self-appeal to the fans out there dying to know their daily thoughts. Goto Maki is not the first. Utada Hikaru had started one long time ago. There are many others, like Santos Anna (Bon Bon Blanco), Asuka Hinoi (Hinoi Team), Shokotan, even AV Idol legend Sora Aoi. Happy reading!

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