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Monday, September 18, 2006

Unreleased W songs sung by Nono at a backstage or something...

Source from WHG

Conversation about the unreleased W(Double U) songs, with Tsuji Nozomi, Fujimoto Miki and a H!P staff, and Nono sang bits of it. The audio file is removed, but I have downloaded it. Will upload it somewhere and post the link.
EDIT: Here it is...

The unreleased songs seems to be quite good, hearing from the short bit sung by Nono there. I wish I was a H!P staff too so I can smuggle them out. It appears that Nono is still lamenting over the suspension of Aibon. She really wanted Aibon back, don't think she can accept a replacement for Aibon.

Translation below. Let me know if you find a mistake.

Tsuji: (It's a) single, a single
Fujimoto: Ah, it's a single eh?
Tsuji: (Singing)Hito suji na de wa chotto, te ni oemasen koto
Fujimoto: Sing that one more time?
Unknown Staff: Oh, that's *mystical. That's a *mystical song but surprisingly can be accepted/used.
Tsuji: Can it, really? I would really hate it if any other (girl) sing this.
Staff: Because it's THE infamous 'unreleased song".
Tsuji: Oh man, I really love this new song. (singing) Asa mo ha yo kara, sashi komu hikari
But then... (Fujimoto and staff saying something)yeah, yeah.... Furthermore, this song is sung together, not messy at all. It's no mixed up, sung there and then with one take.
Fujimoto: eeh~~, that's great
Tsuji: It's not like I'm here and she's there, and we recorded separately...
Fujimoto: uh huh...
Tsuji: Everything was recorded while looking at each other's face, matching (the rhythm of)our breath
Fujimoto: it OK now? our turn?
Tsuji: Yeah...

Note: *mystical - literally means "mystical" or "illusion" but that's not what it meant there. The meaning is more like "elusive". Like something you heard of or have imagined, but never really come in contact with... Bah! I can't find the right word for it.


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Anonymous said...

I'll admit I didn't see Tsuji as particularly desvastated by Kago's suspension T_T Maybe she's holding it all in? T_T

This sounds weird but I was hoping she'd be like more sad, protest, go emo lol jk

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